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Your definitive guide to Colorado’s endless adventures and cultural gems. From the ski slopes of Aspen to the historic streets of Denver, we’re here to illuminate your journey through the Centennial State.

Our experts at Ready Colorado bring you the best of every season—cozy winter lodges, vibrant summer festivals, and the must-visit destinations of spring and fall.

We’ve got the inside scoop on all the essentials: top-rated accommodations, exciting outdoor activities, and the finest dining experiences.

Discover the rich history, dive into the vibrant events, and navigate the state with ease, whether you’re hiking through the Rockies or enjoying a round of golf under the clear blue skies.

Ready Colorado is your portal to the wonders of this majestic state, with travel tips and local insights just a click away.

About Us


Since moving to Colorado in 2019, I, Ransom Patterson, have developed a profound connection with the state. My daily explorations have deepened my understanding of its bustling cities and serene natural landscapes. This continuous curiosity and my active engagement with the community have made me an authentic voice on what it truly means to experience Colorado in all its diversity.

My expertise in Colorado life extends beyond just residing here; it’s also about living actively within the community. I spend my time cycling through Denver’s trails, experimenting with local cuisines, and immersing myself in the local music scene. These activities give me a unique perspective on the cultural and outdoor offerings of Colorado. This hands-on approach allows me to provide insider tips and personal recommendations that resonate with both locals and visitors alike.

At ReadyColorado.com, I bring this extensive knowledge to my writing, offering readers a comprehensive guide to the best experiences Colorado has to offer. My articles are a mix of personal anecdotes and professional insights, ensuring that the content is not only informative but also imbued with the passion of someone who truly knows and loves their subject. Whether it’s uncovering hidden gems, detailing the most scenic bike routes, or highlighting the latest dining spots, my work is an essential resource for anyone looking to truly explore Colorado.

As a seasoned journalist and Colorado native, I, Shannon Persad, bring a deep-rooted connection and comprehensive understanding of Colorado to my work at ReadyColorado.com. My appreciation for the state’s rich history, vibrant culture, and pressing environmental issues drives my commitment to exploring its evolving landscape—from the bustling urban centers to the tranquil mountain towns.

Throughout my career, I have focused on covering local news, where I have sharpened my skills in investigative reporting and feature writing. My expertise now spans critical areas such as environmental conservation and urban development, which are essential for understanding the challenges and opportunities that define Colorado today. I excel in linking local events and trends to a broader statewide context, offering our readers a detailed and nuanced view of what it means to live and thrive in this diverse state.

At ReadyColorado.com, my articles merge journalistic rigor with deep local insights. Whether I’m reporting on new legislative changes, crafting guides to outdoor activities, or profiling key community figures, my writing aims to be both authoritative and engaging. My deep roots and professional background uniquely position me as a definitive voice for all things Colorado, making my stories not just informative but also essential reading for anyone looking to fully appreciate and understand the state.


About Us

I’m James Ranson, editor, traveler, and fan of the great outdoors. I’ve been to all 48 continental US states, and my drives through Colorado’s rugged peaks and snowy forests (not to mention whiskey tastings in Denver!) still stand out in my memories. I’m excited to use my ten years of editing experience to develop engaging and informative guides and articles that enhance the outdoor experiences of both Colorado residents and visitors. Whether a piece is about exploring the best ski resorts, uncovering scenic trails for hiking, or finding the most inspiring drives through the Colorado Rockies, my aim is to provide comprehensive and accessible content that encourages adventure and exploration.

As the author of “Don’t Write A Crappy Book!” and a Wall Street Journal bestselling editor, I hold myself to the highest standards of editorial excellence. My commitment is to ensure that every piece of content on ReadyColorado.com not only meets these high standards but also captures the spirit of Colorado’s vibrant outdoor culture. Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, I look forward to helping our readers discover the best of what Colorado has to offer.

As Simone Aliya Weisman, my deep appreciation for nature and active living strongly aligns with the vibrant outdoor culture of Colorado. My enjoyment of yoga, hiking, and exploring scenic trails provides me with a unique perspective that I bring to ReadyColorado.com. This personal passion enriches my ability to connect with and inspire our audience, whether they’re local residents or visitors seeking to explore all that Colorado has to offer.

I am particularly drawn to the way nature intersects with daily life in Colorado, from the sprawling nature trails that beckon for exploration to the numerous festivals that celebrate the state’s rich heritage and stunning landscape. My articles aim to guide readers through Colorado’s best hiking spots and scenic routes, providing tips on how to maximize the natural experience. Additionally, I cover local festivals, highlighting how these events blend cultural experiences with outdoor enjoyment, offering something truly unique to both newcomers and seasoned locals alike.

Through my work at ReadyColorado.com, I am committed to sharing insights that not only inform but also enhance the well-being of our readers. By showcasing the best places for yoga retreats, detailing the top trails for hiking adventures, and giving a local’s perspective on must-see festivals, I hope to encourage an active, engaged, and environmentally connected lifestyle that mirrors my own.

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