Arvada Moving Tips: What To Know


If you’re ready to make the move to Arvada, these Arvada moving tips will help you plan out your move. This western suburb combines small-town charm with easy access to big city attractions, offering new residents the best of both worlds.

With excellent schools, ample parks and trails, and a vibrant historic downtown, Arvada provides a high quality of life for families and professionals alike. However, relocating to this Colorado community does require careful planning and preparation.

Whether you’re looking at local moving or long-distance moving, this comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to make a smooth move to Arvada when it comes to residential moving. From selecting a moving service or moving company to packing tips to integrating into the local community, we will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. Read on to learn insider information that will make your Colorado relocation a breeze.


  • Research professional Arvada movers, storage options, and truck rentals to find affordable, reliable services in Arvada.
  • Start early with a detailed moving checklist and timeline to stay organized.
  • Properly pack and label all belongings, and consider downsizing non-essentials.
  • Obtain necessary moving permits and make arrangements for parking moving vehicles.
  • Connect with local groups and make a moving announcement to settle into the Arvada community.

Planning Your Relocation Timeline

The key to successful moves is starting early with thorough preparation. Plot out all major tasks on a timeline, working backward from your target move-in date.

Aim to finalize moving services six weeks in advance of moving day. The peak season for relocations to Arvada is May through September, so book with a professional Arvada moving company or mover even earlier to ensure availability.

Moves are not easy and shouldn’t be rushed. Four weeks out, begin purging and downsizing belongings, then organize items room-by-room. Make an inventory list of every box and piece of furniture labeled with the destination room.

Schedule disconnection and connection of utilities two weeks prior to all moves. Alert important contacts of your new address and arrange for mail forwarding with USPS.

In the final week, pack an essentials box with items needed right away in your new home. Confirm all details with moving companies or a mover, truck rentals, etc.

Creating a Moving Checklist

Don’t let important tasks fall through the cracks – create a master checklist to keep everything on track. Here are some key elements to include:


  • Research moving companies and read reviews.
  • Book a professional mover and storage unit.
  • Reserve moving truck/equipment rentals.


  • Update address on IDs, accounts, and subscriptions.
  • Forward mail with USPS.

Home Prep:

  • Sort/purge/donate items room-by-room.
  • Photograph electronic connections.
  • Label boxes by room and contents.

Special Items:

  • Schedule vehicle transfer of registration.
  • Arrange pet boarding/travel needs.
  • Backup computers and transfer files.

Choosing Moving Services in Arvada

You’ll need to decide whether to hire professional Arvada movers or tackle a DIY move. Long-distance relocations generally require a moving company, while local moving may be manageable on your own. Depending on where you are moving from or to, you may want to look into various American moving companies. There are many reputable Denver movers, Lakewood movers, Breckenridge movers, Boulder movers, Broomfield movers, as well as many commercial moving companies.


When looking for a mover, seek recommendations from neighbors and read online reviews for Arvada movers. Get in-home estimates from at least three Arvada moving companies before selecting your mover. Avoid peak season price hikes by booking early with your moving company.

Truck Rentals

For DIY local moving, U-Haul, Penske, and Budget Truck Rental have convenient pick-up locations in Arvada. Reserve larger trucks further in advance.

Storage Facilities

If needing temporary or long-term storage, Extra Space and CubeSmart offer climate-controlled units near Arvada. Price comparison rates start around $60 monthly for a 5’x 5′ unit.

Packing Tips and Downsizing Advice

Packing and downsizing are two of the most crucial parts of moving preparation. This is especially true for a long-distance move. Follow these tips for smooth sailing:

Pack Room-by-Room

Tackle one room at a time while packing with an assembly line system. This prevents feeling overwhelmed with packing and also lets you continue using items from unpacked rooms.

Label Everything

Clearly label each box you are packing by room and contents using a color-coded system. This keeps your mover and helpers organized.

Essentials Box

While packing, be sure to pack a dedicated box of immediate essentials like toilet paper, soap, snacks, basic tools, etc., to unpack first. This will help moves be a lot less stressful!

Purge Before Packing

Be ruthless in decluttering unnecessary items before packing. Anything not used in over a year can likely go. This reduces moving costs and hassle.

Document Valuables

Photograph expensive items and electronic connections before packing. Keep jewelry, heirlooms, and important files separate.

Special Moving Tips and Considerations

Relocating families, seniors, businesses, or from long distances all pose unique challenges for moves that require extra planning:

Long-Distance Moving

For interstate relocations, schedule an advance scouting trip to house hunt. Hire reputable long-distance movers with experience traversing mountain passes. You definitely don’t want your mover stuck somewhere with your items while you’re waiting at your new home!

Seniors/Assisted Living

Senior moves require evaluating accessibility needs and healthcare transitions. Request a specially trained mover to assist.


Get copies of vet records and arrange for travel needs like crates and pet-friendly lodging along the route.


To keep operations running smoothly, ship essential inventory separately and set up connectivity prior to computers/tech arriving.

Preparing for Moving Day

Don’t leave critical moving day tasks like parking permits and truck unloading to chance:


For moves that require certain oversized vehicles, a permit in Arvada may be necessary. These are issued by the Public Works Department.


Scout parking areas ahead of time. Have a plan for where moving trucks/equipment will be loaded, unloaded, and parked.


Schedule early connection of utilities like power, water, and internet. Expect service technicians onsite to activate.


Confirm final costs and tipping policies with your mover and rental companies. Have cash or check ready for payment.

Emergency Kit

Planning for emergencies during moves is important. Pack an emergency “oops” kit with tape, box cutters, zip ties, trash bags, and other useful items for unexpected issues.

Settling into the Community

Once moved in, take these steps to feel at home in Arvada’s community:

Change Address

Update your address with USPS, accounts, employers, etc., to prevent missed mail.

Meet the Neighbors

Introduce yourself to neighbors with a card or small gift. Exchange contact info for future needs.

Explore Local Groups

Check NextDoor, Facebook Groups, MeetUps, and community boards to find local events and groups to join.

Unpack Slowly

Don’t feel rushed to unpack everything immediately. Tackle boxes room-by-room over a period of weeks to stay organized.

Additional Resources

For specialized relocation guidance, try these Arvada moving resources:

  • Arvada Economic Development Association – Services for businesses
  • Arvada Visitors Center – Community info and events
  • Arvada Storage – Moving and storage solutions
  • Two Men and a Truck – Local professional mover

Whether moving across town or across the country, this guide covers everything needed for a smooth relocation to Arvada, Colorado. With proper planning and preparation, your move will be organized, efficient, and as stress-free as possible. Welcome to your new home!


How much do movers charge in Arvada?

Local moves in Arvada cost an average of $100-$150 per hour, while long-distance moves charge by weight, from $5,000-$10,000 total. Get in-home estimates from your local mover ahead of time.

What size storage unit will I need?

A 10′ x 10′ unit can hold the contents of a 1-2 bedroom home. For partial storage needs, a 5’x 5′ unit fits 1-2 rooms worth of belongings.

When should I start packing for my move?

Aim to finish packing non-essentials 2-3 weeks before moving day, leaving out only what’s needed until moving out. Start earlier for large homes.

What moving paperwork is required in Arvada/Jefferson County?

You may need oversized vehicle permits issued by Arvada Public Works. There are no other general paperwork requirements.

What moving supplies do I need?

At a minimum, have bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, permanent markers, utility knives, labels/stickers, and plenty of boxes ready for moves.


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