Beaver Lake Lodge: Your Ultimate Colorado Retreat


Surrounded by the stunning peaks and forests of the White River National Forest, Beaver Lake Lodge provides access to world-class outdoor recreation along with comfortable accommodations and charming hospitality.

From hiking and fishing to stargazing and wildlife watching, Beaver Lake Lodge is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The area also boasts a vibrant local culture and rich mining history, with historic sites like the Marble Mill Site Park and the magnificent Crystal Mill. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, wellness retreat, or an off-the-grid escape, Beaver Lake Lodge has something for everyone.


  • Rustic lodge providing cabin rentals and eco-friendly stays near Marble, CO
  • Gateway to hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and winter sports in White River National Forest
  • Experience local culture through arts, cuisine, and community events
  • Discover historic sites like the Marble Mill and scenic drives to Aspen
  • Ideal for outdoor adventures, wellness retreats, and off-the-grid escapes

Experiencing Authentic Local Culture

The town of Marble and the surrounding Crystal River Valley provide a window into Colorado’s rich cultural heritage. Artisans in the area carry on traditions like quilting, leatherworking, and woodcarving. Visitors can browse the local shops displaying these homemade crafts.

The restaurants in Marble also highlight regional cuisine using fresh ingredients from local purveyors. Dishes like rocky mountain trout and elk steak capture the spirit of the mountains. Signature huckleberry desserts and craft brews quench your thirst after a long day on the trails.

Throughout the year, Marble hosts community events celebrating the town’s mining origins. The Marble Festival includes gold panning demonstrations, mining history tours, and lively music performances. Getting to know the hardworking local community is an essential part of the Marble experience.

Adventures in the Great Outdoors

With Beaver Lake Lodge situated right in the White River National Forest, adventure is never far away. The lodge provides easy access to over 2,500 miles of hiking trails catering to all ability levels. Scenic paths around Beaver Lake and the Crystal Mill reward hikers with gorgeous alpine scenery.

The many lakes and streams surrounding the lodge also offer premier fly fishing. Catch your limit of rainbow and brown trout right on Beaver Lake, or seek bigger trophies in the Crystal River. Complimentary fishing gear and guided trips are available to lodge guests.

When the snow falls, the recreation options expand even further. Beaver Lake Lodge maintains an extensive network of groomed cross-country ski trails that wind through peaceful forests. Snowshoers can explore off-trail to find untouched powder and unique vantage points. The lodge also offers backcountry ski tours, reaching steep pitches on nearby peaks.

Discovering Rich History and Culture

In addition to nonstop outdoor recreation, Beaver Lake Lodge provides opportunities to immerse yourself in local history and culture. One highlight is visiting the historic Crystal Mill. This picturesque wooden power plant harnesses the Crystal River’s energy and represents an engineering marvel dating back to the late 1800s. Photographing the mill is a favorite activity along the scenic drive connecting Marble and Aspen.

Learning about the region’s marble mining heritage is another memorable experience. The Marble Mill Site Park contains remnants of the mill foundations, tunnels, and quarry pits that produced the world-famous Yule Marble. Visitors can also tour the quarry itself to witness modern extraction methods and the stone’s stunning colors and patterns firsthand.

Nearby ghost towns like Crystal provide glimpses into late 19th-century life during Colorado’s mining boom. Wandering these abandoned settlements transports you back in time. Interpretive signs detailing the historical significance enhance your understanding of the area’s cultural evolution.

Finding Your Perfect Lodging Escape

Offering a range of accommodation types, Beaver Lake Lodge has options tailor-made for each visitor’s needs. The traditional lodge rooms exude rustic charm with exposed log beams and stone fireplaces. For extra seclusion, individual cabins nestled amongst the pines surrounding Beaver Lake. Every room enjoys views of the spectacular mountain scenery.

In keeping with its tranquil setting, Beaver Lake Lodge also operates as a wellness retreat. Visitors can relax with yoga sessions in the forest clearings, indulge in therapeutic massages, or meditate peacefully along the lakeshore. The property’s remote location, clean air, and stunning night skies promote complete rejuvenation.

Eco-conscious travelers will also appreciate the lodge’s sustainability initiatives. Energy-efficient building design, responsibly sourced cuisine, and conservation activities let you reduce your environmental impact. By supporting Beaver Lake Lodge, you support the local habitat and community.

Enjoying Four Distinct Seasons

One of Beaver Lake Lodge’s standout qualities is providing exceptional experiences regardless of the season. Summer is ideal for boating, swimming, and fishing on the lake. Families make lasting memories hiking through wildflower meadows and enjoying cookouts under the stars. Autumn brings vibrant displays of golden aspen leaves set against craggy mountain peaks. Visitors photograph the intense colors and savor hearty comfort foods after brisk walks.

As winter approaches, the landscape transforms with blankets of snow. The cross-country ski trails offer top-notch Nordic skiing through snow-laden forests. Guests can admire over 300 inches of annual snowfall while snowshoeing or relax after a day outdoors in the lodge’s sauna. No matter when you visit, Beaver Lake Lodge captivates your senses.

Planning an Unforgettable Beaver Lake Vacation

Thanks to its diversity of activities and rich amenities, Beaver Lake Lodge excels as a destination for memorable vacations. Families appreciate having outstanding options for both adventurous excursions and relaxing downtime. The knowledgeable staff helps craft custom itineraries, balancing kids’ excitement with parents’ relaxation.

For travelers seeking off-the-grid serenity, Beaver Lake Lodge’s remote setting fits the bill perfectly. The cabins eschew devices and distractions, making this an ideal landscape in which to unplug. Let your worries wash away as you find harmony with nature. Few mountain escapes offer this level of peace and quiet.

No matter your vacation style, visiting Beaver Lake Lodge promises magnificent scenery, cultural immersion, and four-season fun. Get a taste of the authentic Colorado outdoor lifestyle far from crowded resorts and tourist hotspots. Create adventures, forge memories, and reconnect with what matters at this special mountain sanctuary called Beaver Lake Lodge.

Why Choose Beaver Lake Lodge?

When choosing your next vacation destination, look no further than Beaver Lake Lodge for an idyllic mountain getaway. The unmatched variety of outdoor recreation options brings the best of the Rocky Mountains right to your cabin door. The rich cultural and historical offerings connect you with Colorado’s proud heritage. Four distinct seasons provide ever-changing beauty and excitement. Top it off with deluxe lodging, and you will have the complete package. If you desire access to boundless alpine adventures, rustic charm, and local culture, then Beaver Lake Lodge is the obvious choice. Start planning your Colorado vacation today!


What are the top things to do at Beaver Lake Lodge?

The top activities at Beaver Lake Lodge include hiking the extensive trail network, fishing for trout in the lakes and rivers, mountain biking on scenic single-track, cross-country skiing in winter, snowshoeing through powder-filled forests, wildlife watching, photography, wellness activities like yoga and massage, and exploring historic sites.

What is there to do on a rainy day?

On rainy days, guests can tour the Yule Marble Quarry and learn about local mining history, browse the local artisan shops in Marble, relax at the lodge’s spa with a massage, or enjoy craft beers from local breweries. The lodge also has puzzles, books, and board games available.

What type of fishing is available?

Beaver Lake Lodge offers fly fishing, spin fishing, and ice fishing. You can catch rainbow trout and brown trout from Beaver Lake year-round or cast for bigger trophies in the Crystal River. Guided fishing trips are available.

Is Beaver Lake Lodge family-friendly?

Yes! Beaver Lake Lodge caters to families with child-specific programs like the Junior Ranger program, family yoga classes, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, movie nights, and campfire sing-alongs. The setting provides plenty of space for kids to explore safely.

What is the best time of year to visit?

Beaver Lake Lodge offers spectacular scenery and activities year-round. Summer provides warm weather for boating, swimming, and hiking. Fall brings amazing golden colors with crisp air. Winter transforms the landscape for top-notch skiing and snowshoeing. Guests rave about the area’s beauty each season.


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