Centennial Airport: An Overview


​​Centennial Airport, also known as KAPA, is a major general aviation facility serving the Denver–Aurora Metropolitan Area and the Dove Valley CDP in Colorado. It is operated by the Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority and provides U.S. Customs services, air traffic control, and an instrument landing system.


  • Centennial Airport offers various aviation services and is a significant general aviation hub in the Denver metro area.
  • The airport serves as a base for corporate aviation, flight instruction, air taxi services, and private aircraft operations.
  • The airport plays a vital role in supporting the local economy and transportation needs.

Airport Overview

Measuring 10,000 feet, Centennial Airport’s Runway 35R is one of the longest general aviation runways in the United States. This length accommodates numerous aircraft operations, including single-engine and multi-engine aircraft, private jets, and helicopters. The airport is home to aviation companies like Key Lime Air and the leading air medical transportation provider Air Methods. Key Lime Air has its corporate headquarters on-site.

Aviation Services

In addition to its extensive runway facilities, Centennial Airport offers a comprehensive range of aviation services. Flight instruction is available for those seeking to obtain a pilot’s license or enhance their skills. Air taxi services provide convenient transportation options for individuals and businesses. The airport also supports military aviation operations, with various units utilizing its facilities for training and other purposes.

Weather and Safety

Aviation safety is a top priority at Centennial Airport. The airport’s weather monitoring systems and air traffic control procedures ensure safe operations under various conditions. Additionally, the airport maintains a social media strategy to keep pilots and the community informed about weather updates, runway closures, and other important information.

Economic Impact

Centennial Airport plays a crucial role in supporting the local economy. It serves as a hub for corporate aviation, enabling businesses to efficiently transport personnel and cargo. The airport also contributes to the region’s tourism industry by providing access to private and charter flights. Furthermore, the aviation-related businesses located at the airport generate employment opportunities and contribute to the area’s overall economic growth.

FBO and Fuel Services

Centennial Airport offers a range of fixed-base operator (FBO) services, including aircraft fuel services, maintenance, and hangar facilities. Competitive FBO fuel prices and efficient refueling operations ensure that airplanes and other aircraft can quickly and affordably replenish their fuel supplies. This minimizes downtime and supports seamless operations.


What types of aircraft operate at Centennial Airport?

Centennial Airport accommodates a diverse range of aircraft, including single-engine and multi-engine aircraft, private jets, helicopters, and military aircraft.

Is Centennial Airport open to commercial passenger flights?

No, Centennial Airport is a general aviation facility and does not accommodate commercial passenger flights. It primarily serves private, corporate, and charter aviation operations.

How does Centennial Airport contribute to the local economy?

The airport supports the local economy by serving as a hub for corporate aviation, enabling efficient transportation of personnel and cargo. It also contributes to the tourism industry and provides employment opportunities through aviation-related businesses located on-site.

How far is Centennial Airport from downtown Denver?

It’s about 17.8 mi via I-25 N from Centennial Airport to downtown Denver.


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