Edelweiss Restaurant: A Culinary Delight in Colorado Springs


Specializing in authentic German cuisine, the Edelweiss Restaurant in Colorado has earned a reputation as one of the best European dining experiences in Colorado.

From the moment you step through its doors, the Edelweiss German Restaurant transports you across the Atlantic with its Bavarian decor, European flare, and the tantalizing aromas of Old World recipes. Using family traditions and time-honored techniques, Edelweiss’ master chefs craft specialty sausages, traditional German entrees, and decadent desserts that delight locals and visitors alike.


  • Edelweiss Restaurant offers an authentic German dining experience in Colorado Springs, featuring traditional cuisine and Old World charm.
  • Specialties include handcrafted sausages, schnitzel dishes, German baked goods, and European beer and wine.
  • The classic Bavarian interior and seasonal beer garden create an immersive culinary and cultural experience.
  • Edelweiss Restaurant Colorado receives consistent 5-star ratings for its family-friendly atmosphere, attentive service, and unique foodie appeal in the Colorado Springs dining scene.

Destination Overview

As the top German restaurant in Colorado Springs, Edelweiss stands out for its authentic cuisine, inviting atmosphere, and unique cultural experience that transports diners to the heart of Europe. Its Bavarian-inspired interior and beer garden offer the perfect backdrop to sample traditional dishes from schnitzel to sauerbraten to spaetzle. Beyond the food itself, Edelweiss creates an immersive experience, from German polka music to servers adorned in dirndls. For tourists and locals alike, it’s a can’t-miss destination to experience German culture and hospitality.

Key Attractions

Edelweiss’ key attractions stem from its authentic approach to German dining. This starts with the restaurant’s charming interior – a cozy, timbered dining room flanked by antique cuckoo clocks, mounted beer steins, and framed German posters. In warmer months, the adjoining beer garden, overflowing with flowers and lined with picnic tables, becomes the epicenter for live music performances and liter mugs of German pilsner. Of course, the true stars at Edelweiss are the traditional dishes – from hearty roasts to delicate pastries – crafted with Old World techniques. Beyond the food itself, Edelweiss offers weekend cultural events, from special Oktoberfest menus to performances by Alpine dancers.

Local Experiences and Culture

While Edelweiss transports diners to Bavaria through cuisine and decor, it also intrinsically ties into Colorado Springs’ culture. As a long-standing local business passed down through three generations, Edelweiss has become ingrained in the fabric of the community. Today, it stands as one of the most prominent family-owned German restaurants in the state.

Local Cuisine

At Edelweiss, German fare intertwines with Colorado cuisine and hospitality. While staying true to ancestral recipes, Edelweiss incorporates local ingredients – from Colorado craft beers to meats and produce from regional purveyors. This approach allows Edelweiss to offer an authentic taste of Germany while supporting the local food economy. Menus change seasonally to feature the best of what Colorado has to offer.

Cultural Events

Edelweiss provides the quintessential venue for experiencing German cultural events and traditions. Special menus and decorations transform the restaurant for iconic celebrations – from Oktoberfest complete with oom-pah bands, to Christmas markets brimming with handmade ornaments and gingerbread houses. Patrons can raise a glass on German-American Friendship Day or enjoy live polka music during Maifest. These lively events allow locals and tourists to partake in German heritage right from the heart of Colorado.

Authentic German Dining

As the leading German restaurant in Colorado Springs for over 30 years, Edelweiss takes pride in preparing traditional German cuisine just like Oma used to make. Executing recipes passed down through generations, Edelweiss’ master chefs ensure each dish reflects the flavors and culinary legacy of the old country.

Traditional German Meals

Edelweiss brings the classic dishes of Northern Germany to Colorado’s high country. Specialties range from schnitzel, the tenderized and breaded veal cutlet, to sauerbraten, the sweet and sour pot roast. Spaetzle and roasted potatoes complement hearty meat entrees, while cold cuts and sausage platters allow patrons to sample a variety of German charcuterie. Beyond the savory, Edelweiss’ pastry selection impresses with Black Forest cake and apple strudel, along with seasonal favorites like stollen and lebkuchen.

German Culinary Traditions

In crafting these iconic dishes, Edelweiss adheres to long-held German techniques that balance rich flavors. Sauces like the zesty Jägerschnitzel incorporate the interplay of sweet and tart. Roast meats, from pork to duck, remain tender through gentle braising. And cold cuts like fleischkäse marry textures through coarse grinds. Just as important is the underlying harmony of ingredients – from parsley and dill to balanced salt and spice. These traditions permeate the entire preparation process, right down to the homemade spaetzle noodles and warm German potato salad sides.

Handcrafted Sausage and Delicacies

While schnitzel and strudel may represent German cuisine at large, Edelweiss holds particular fame for its housemade sausages and charcuterie. As a German delicatessen and butcher shop, Edelweiss prepares an impressive array of specialty encased meats along with imported delicacies. This allows patrons to enjoy authentic German sausages just as they’d find in Munich or Frankfurt.

Handcrafted Sausage

Edelweiss’ sausage selection spotlights regional German styles crafted from old family recipes. Smoked favorites like bockwurst and knockwurst join cured sausages like fleischkäse and landjäger. There are also unique housemade creations, often seasoned with German beer. Specialties range from bierschinken, a raw ham wet-cured in pilsner, to roasted garlic sausages seasoned with Hefeweizen. Beyond the classical pork and beef sausages, Edelweiss also prepares game and poultry varietals, which are noted for their textures, such as the crispy skin of duck and chicken wieners.

German Sausage Delicacies

In addition to its homemade links, Edelweiss stocks over 100 imported items that offer a world tour of German charcuterie. From Bavarian weisswurst veal sausage to Westphalian ham hocks, patrons can sample regional German delicacies rarely found stateside. Beyond the sausages, Edelweiss also stocks traditional sides like sauerkraut, mustards, and pickled cucumbers. Together, these represent a full German butcher’s case that provides flavors and recipes to take home.

European Culinary Experience

While Edelweiss specializes in German fare, the restaurant also provides diners with a broader European culinary experience through its diverse menu. With family recipes stemming from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond, Edelweiss presents a tapestry of continental cuisine.

European Flavors

In addition to icons like wiener schnitzel and Black Forest cake, Edelweiss’ menu features specialties from across the Alpine regions of Europe. Dishes like the Swiss rösti and Austrian goulash provide new flavors for patrons to discover. Even familiar dishes demonstrate diversity – with spaetzle preparations ranging from the herb-flecked Bavarian style to the rich, cheesy käsespätzle. Sweet and savory crepes also join the menu, demonstrating the influence of France. Together, these European dishes create a culinary adventure for diners.

You can see the full Edelweiss German Restaurant menu on their website.

Authentic European Dining

Edelweiss’ dining room exudes continental charm. Servers clad in dirndls epitomize Bavarian hospitality, while French cafe music fills the timbered interior. German steins and cuckoo clocks adorn the walls alongside Swiss cowbells. Together, these details create an immersive European ambiance that transports diners across the Atlantic. In Colorado’s high country, there is a special taste of Alpine culture.

Colorado Springs Foodie Destination

While acclaimed for its authentic cuisine and inviting atmosphere, Edelweiss also holds appeal among Colorado Springs’ food-focused tourists. As a local institution, the restaurant provides visitors with a memorable meal that encapsulates the city’s cultural heritage.

Top Foodie Destination

Edelweiss remains an iconic destination for Colorado Springs gastronomes. Its adherence to German tradition and family recipes creates a one-of-a-kind dining experience sought after by foodies. Guests flock for classic dishes and specialty items like housemade sausages and a rotating beer list featuring German, Austrian, and local craft selections. This unique culinary experience – from classics done right to new flavors to discover – satisfies even the most discerning food enthusiasts.

Specialty Experience

In particular, Edelweiss’ artisanal approach to sausage and charcuterie attracts food-focused travelers. As one of few restaurants preparing their own encased meats, Edelweiss provides a rare farm-to-table experience centered around German delicatessen. Guests can taste one-of-a-kind sausages like the bierschinken ham paired with rare imports like Westphalian bacon. For charcuterie enthusiasts, it’s a culinary adventure off the beaten path.

Family Dining and Atmosphere

While acclaimed for its authentic cuisine and artisanal approach, Edelweiss also holds appeal as a family-friendly locale that brings German heritage to life. With its warm hospitality, lively ambiance, and interactive dining experience, it creates lasting memories across generations.

Family-Friendly Dining

Edelweiss offers an approachable, interactive German dining experience suitable for all ages. The restaurant’s schnitzel plates and housemade “wieners” entice kids, while classics like sauerbraten comfort parents craving familiar flavors. Servers happily accommodate substitutions like spaetzle in place of cabbage sides. Kids can also learn German phrases from the servers in dirndls or try a first bite of Black Forest cake prepared “kinder style” with extra cherries. These special touches make Edelweiss an ideal venue for family gatherings and celebrations.

Cultural Experience

Beyond the food itself, Edelweiss’ decor and frequent cultural events provide families with an immersive German experience. Kids delight in the engraved steins lining the walls or watching chefs assemble Black Forest cakes tableside. Special events like Oktoberfest bring oom-pah bands and Bavarian dancers, while Christmas markets brim with ornament decorating and gingerbread houses. These interactive experiences – a taste of German heritage and hospitality – create meaningful memories.

Culinary and Cultural Exploration

For nearly 40 years, Edelweiss Restaurant has offered Colorado Springs diners an authentic taste of German cuisine and culture. As the city’s connection to the traditions of Northern Europe, Edelweiss has become a culinary and cultural institution.

German Cuisine and Culture

Dining at Edelweiss provides patrons with more than just a meal – it represents a culinary journey where Old World techniques bring iconic flavors to life. Beyond showcasing German cuisine at its finest, Edelweiss also shares the culture and hospitality intrinsic to these dishes. From beer halls to Christmas markets, the restaurant provides a launching point to explore German traditions. Through its focus on education and authenticity, Edelweiss preserves German foodways for new generations.

Workshops and Events

Edelweiss offers several workshops and interactive events that provide patrons with a deeper connection with German cuisine and culture. Special holiday events like Christkindlmarkts offer ornament decorating, while Oktoberfest hosts Stein holding competitions. Their sausage-making and pretzel-rolling workshops let guests craft German specialties from scratch. Beer and food pairing events guide patrons through flavors – experiencing how doppelbocks contrast the bitterness of game meats while wheat beers balance the richness of sausage. These immersive experiences give locals and tourists alike memorable insights into German heritage.


How long has Edelweiss Restaurant been open?

Edelweiss first opened its doors in 1985 and has remained family-owned and operated for over 40 years. Founder Hans Weber brought the recipes and culinary traditions from his hometown in Bavaria, Germany, to share with Colorado Springs.

Does Edelweiss offer vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options?

While meat and breadcrumbs anchor most dishes, Edelweiss provides menu alternatives for restricted diets. Vegetarian options include the meatless schnitzel along with sides like spaetzle and roasted vegetables. Gluten-free diners can enjoy cucumber salad, roasted potatoes, even gluten-free beer. Vegan diners have fewer choices but can craft a meal from the salads and sides.

What is the dress code at Edelweiss?

While Edelweiss has no formal attire requirements, we encourage diners to don their lederhosen and dirndls to fully engage in the cultural celebrations!

Can I make reservations at the Edelweiss German Restaurant in Colorado?

Yes, reservations are recommended and can be made on their website or by calling the restaurant.


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