Explore Glenwood Springs Resort: A Relaxing Colorado Getaway


Glenwood Springs has been a popular tourist destination since the late 19th century when the town’s renowned hot springs began drawing visitors to soak in its therapeutic mineral waters. Today, this tradition continues at establishments like the massive Hot Springs Pool and the more intimate Iron Mountain Hot Springs.

Beyond soaking, Glenwood Springs serves up year-round outdoor recreation thanks to its prime location. Skiing and snowboarding take center stage in winter at family-friendly Sunlight Mountain Resort. Come summer, visitors flock to the area for hiking, biking, horseback riding, golfing, rafting, and kayaking on the Colorado River, and more.

No matter the season, tourists also indulge in the town’s dining scene, shopping districts, and cultural attractions like the Frontier Historical Museum and Railroad Museum. From luxurious mountain lodges to quaint inns, a wide array of accommodations also cater to vacationers.


  • Known for hot springs, outdoor recreation, dining, and small-town charm
  • A popular year-round destination with seasonal activities
  • Offerings range from luxury to quaint authenticity

Relaxation and Renewal: Wellness Retreats

With its roots as a destination for rest and recovery, it’s no surprise Glenwood Springs also excels at relaxation. The town offers an array of spas and hot springs ideal for soothing sore muscles after adventurous days.

The pièce de resistance is the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool. At over two blocks long, the giant Hot Springs Pool maintains a cozy 104°F temperature perfect for melting away stress. For a more intimate experience, Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers relaxation caves and waterfall massages.

The Yampah Spa also beckons visitors with its legendary Vapor Caves. These geothermal steam baths situated in natural caves are the only ones of their kind. With the rejuvenating waters and massages available in town, Glenwood Springs has relaxation down to a science.

Seasonal Fun: Winter and Summer Activities

While beautiful year-round, Glenwood Springs sees the most tourist traffic during summer and winter. Warmer months bring droves drawn to the hiking, biking, paddling, and outdoor concerts on hotel lawns and in the parks.

Come winter, the skiing and snowboarding take center stage at Sunlight Mountain Resort. With over 700 acres of runs spanning ability levels, it offers something for all riders to enjoy. Local outfitters also provide snowshoe and cross-country ski tours for those seeking peaceful mountain exploration.

From family-oriented New Year’s Eve celebrations to summer festivals like the Bluegrass Festival, Glenwood Springs’ lineup of events entertains kids and adults alike. The seasonal happenings crescendo with the Strawberry Days Festival each June.

The Flavors of Glenwood Springs

The dining scene in Glenwood Springs tantalizes taste buds with its blend of local ingredients and global influences. Downtown, visitors can explore chef-driven restaurants, brewpubs, cafes, and even an old-fashioned soda fountain.

For fine dining, Hotel Colorado‘s restaurant prepares elegant Rocky Mountain cuisine paired with its own wines and spirits. More casual eateries serve up local specialties like rainbow trout and elk flank steak.

Local purveyors like the Glenwood Canyon Brewpub craft hometown brews to perfectly accompany a meal on their patio. Beyond downtown, the numerous ranch restaurants create memorable dining experiences in spectacular wilderness locations.

Lodging: Resorts to Boutique Hotels

Since the Victorian era, Glenwood Springs’ lodging scene has attracted everyone from presidents to celebrities. The town offers diverse accommodations ranging from luxury resorts to quaint inns.

Echoing the town’s early history, Hotel Colorado brings Gilded Age glamour with its expansive lobby, ornate decor, and relaxing hot springs pool. Other lodges like Glenwood Hot Springs Resort and Glenwood Springs Inn nestle guests conveniently downtown.

Smaller boutique hotels and creekside cabins offer lower-key rustic elegance perfect for families. Resort rentals also provide vacation homes for those seeking extra amenities. Whether you crave pampering, convenience, or affordability, Glenwood Springs has diverse lodging options for you.

Planning Your Glenwood Springs Getaway

With so much to experience, planning a trip to Glenwood Springs may seem daunting at first. The best approach is to identify your must-do activities and build flexibility into your itinerary around them.

Peak visitor seasons run from June through August and December through March. For smaller crowds and lower prices, aim for April through May or September through November. Secure lodging well in advance, no matter when you visit.

Must-see attractions like the Hot Springs Pool, Iron Mountain Hot Springs, and Hanging Lake often require reservations. Leave extra time for spontaneous discoveries. You never know what hidden gems you may uncover!


What are the top things to do in Glenwood Springs?

The top attractions are the Hot Springs Pool, Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Hanging Lake hike, and rafting/kayaking the Colorado River. Sunlight Mountain Resort offers winter skiing and snowboarding. Downtown offers shopping, dining, and cultural sights.

When is the best time to visit Glenwood Springs?

June-August offers warm weather for summer sports and festivals. For smaller crowds and lower prices, visit in April-May or September-November. December- March brings crowds interested in winter activities.

What kind of accommodation options does Glenwood Springs offer?

Glenwood Springs has diverse lodging options, from luxury resorts like Hotel Colorado to budget motels to vacation rentals. Reserve early, especially for peak summer and winter seasons.

What is there to do in Glenwood Springs besides outdoor sports?

The downtown area offers shopping, dining, museums, an arcade, and other attractions. Cultural festivals happen year-round. Most lodging properties also have spas and mineral hot springs pools perfect for relaxing.

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