Idaho Springs Emergency Services Ensure Community Safety


Idaho Springs, a vital community within Clear Creek County, Colorado, is served by a robust network of emergency services that ensure the safety and well-being of residents and visitors. In 2022, the Clear Creek County Hazard Mitigation Plan was updated, demonstrating the county’s commitment to disaster preparedness and emergency care.


  • Idaho Springs is supported by a comprehensive emergency services infrastructure, including EMS, fire authority, and law enforcement.
  • The Clear Creek County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) coordinates activities to prepare for, respond to, and prevent natural and human-caused disasters.
  • Community outreach and educational programs are offered by emergency services to promote safety and preparedness.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Idaho Springs

Clear Creek EMS Overview

Clear Creek EMS provides a range of services, including advanced life support and community outreach programs. They are dedicated to ensuring prompt and efficient medical care for those in need.

Accessing EMS in Idaho Springs

In case of an emergency, dial 911 to contact EMS. Clear Creek EMS serves the entire county, with response times varying depending on the location of the incident.

Community Programs and Education

Clear Creek EMS offers CPR/AED training and basic first aid courses to the community. They also have a Community Paramedic and Licensed Crisis Clinician who work to address the community’s unique needs.

Fire Protection Services in Idaho Springs

Clear Creek Fire Authority (CCFA)

The Clear Creek Fire Authority (CCFA) is responsible for providing fire protection services to Idaho Springs and the surrounding areas. They have both volunteer and full-time firefighter resources to ensure rapid response to emergencies.

Fire Safety and Prevention

CCFA provides fire safety tips for residents and visitors, encouraging community involvement in fire prevention and safety. They also enforce fire codes and conduct inspections to minimize fire risks.

Specialized Training and Operations

CCFA firefighters are trained to handle wildland fires and urban interface situations. They also have specialized teams for swiftwater and ice rescues, ensuring they are prepared for a variety of emergencies.

Local Law Enforcement in Idaho Springs

Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office and Local Police Departments

The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office and local police departments work together to maintain public safety in Idaho Springs. They provide a range of services, including crime prevention, traffic enforcement, and emergency response.

Community Policing and Safety Programs

Local law enforcement agencies engage in community policing initiatives to build trust and promote safety. They also offer programs to educate the public on crime prevention and personal safety.

Emergency Management and Preparedness

Clear Creek County Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

The Clear Creek County OEM plays a crucial role in disaster preparedness and response. They develop and implement community risk reduction and mitigation plans to minimize the impact of disasters.

Preparing for Natural Disasters

Residents and visitors are encouraged to create an emergency go-kit containing essential items such as water, food, and first-aid supplies. Understanding local hazards and how to prepare for them is also important.

Stay & Plan: Ensuring Safety During Your Visit

Planning Your Stay in Idaho Springs

When visiting Idaho Springs, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with local emergency services and how to access them. Stay informed about potential emergencies by signing up for alerts and monitoring local news and weather reports.

Safety Tips for Outdoor Activities

Idaho Springs offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking and skiing. Take precautions by informing others of your plans, carrying appropriate gear, and knowing how to access emergency services in remote areas.


What is the best way to contact emergency services in Idaho Springs?

In case of an emergency, dial 911. For non-emergency matters, contact the appropriate agency directly.

How can visitors stay informed about potential emergencies in Idaho Springs?

Sign up for Lookout Alert to receive emergency notifications and monitor local news and weather reports.

Are there any community CPR/AED training sessions available for visitors?

Yes, Clear Creek EMS offers CPR/AED training and basic first aid courses to the community.

What should be included in an emergency go-kit for Idaho Springs?

An emergency go-kit should include essentials such as water, non-perishable food, first-aid supplies, a flashlight, batteries, and a radio.

How does the Clear Creek Fire Authority contribute to wildfire prevention?

CCFA conducts fire safety education, enforces fire codes, and performs inspections to minimize wildfire risks. They also have specialized teams trained to handle wildland fires.


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