Local Wineries and Vineyard Tours in Durango


Durango, Colorado, is home to a thriving wine scene, with over 6 wineries and cideries in the area. The high-elevation vineyards and unique climate of the region contribute to the production of exceptional wines that are gaining recognition both locally and nationally.


  • Durango's wine scene is growing, with a variety of wineries and cideries offering diverse tasting experiences
  • The high-elevation vineyards in the area contribute to the unique quality and flavor profiles of the wines
  • Visitors can enjoy wine tastings, tours, and special events at the various wineries in Durango

Exploring the Landscape of Durango Wineries

The history of winemaking in Durango and the surrounding areas dates back to the early days of the Wild West. The rugged terrain and adventurous spirit of the region have influenced the local winemaking practices, resulting in bold and distinctive wines.

Some of the prominent wineries in Durango include:

  • Four Leaves Winery: A boutique winery offering a wide selection of wines, from dessert and fruit wines to classic reds and whites
  • Yellow Car Country Wines: Specializing in small-batch fruit wines, crafted by husband and wife team Jean and Jim Wooton
  • Fox Fire Farms: An award-winning high-elevation vineyard known for its sophisticated wine varieties
  • Sutcliffe Vineyards: Renowned for their elegant wines, with a new tasting room in Downtown Durango

The Wine Tasting Experience in Durango

Wine tastings in Durango offer a unique opportunity to sample the diverse flavors of the region. Many wineries incorporate local produce into their wines, creating distinctive flavor profiles that reflect the terroir of the area.

Visitors can expect a welcoming and informative experience during their wine tasting, with knowledgeable staff guiding them through the various offerings. Seasonal events and special releases add to the excitement of exploring Durango’s wine scene.

Pairing Scenery with Sips: Vineyard Tours

The picturesque settings of Durango’s vineyards make them ideal destinations for both wine enthusiasts and nature lovers. Vineyard tours allow visitors to combine their appreciation for wine with the stunning natural beauty of the region.

Many vineyards also host special events and weddings, providing a memorable backdrop for celebrations amidst the vines. The combination of wine, scenery, and festivities creates an unforgettable experience for guests.

Beyond Grapes: Cideries and Other Local Beverages

In addition to traditional grape wines, Durango is home to several cideries that produce artisanal ciders using local ingredients. The rise of fruit wines and honey wines has also added diversity to the region’s beverage offerings.

EsoTerra Ciderworks, for example, crafts premium ciders using heritage apples from the orchards of the wild southwest. These unique beverages showcase the innovative spirit and commitment to local ingredients found in Durango’s craft beverage scene.

Culinary Complements: Food Offerings at Wineries

Many Durango wineries offer light bites and food pairings to complement their wine selections. From charcuterie boards to chocolates, these culinary offerings enhance the overall tasting experience.

Some wineries also host food trucks and local culinary events, providing wine lovers with a chance to sample the best of Durango’s food scene alongside their favorite wines. For a truly immersive experience, some wineries even offer the opportunity to make your own wine and create custom labels for special occasions.

Durango’s Breweries and Distilleries: A Complete Local Experience

Durango’s wine scene is complemented by a vibrant craft beer and spirits industry. The synergy between wineries, breweries, and distilleries creates a diverse and exciting landscape for those exploring the local beverage scene.

From the award-winning brews at Steamworks Brewing Company to the grain-to-glass spirits at Durango Craft Spirits, there is no shortage of options for those looking to expand their palate beyond wine.

Planning Your Visit: Practical Information for Wine Enthusiasts

When planning a visit to Durango’s wineries, it’s essential to check the seasonal hours and reservation policies of each establishment. Many wineries require reservations for tastings, especially during peak seasons.

Transportation options, such as designated drivers or local tour services, are recommended to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Visitors should also consider the proximity of wineries to other attractions and plan their itinerary accordingly.

FAQ Section

What are some must-visit wineries in Durango for a first-time visitor?

First-time visitors seeking local wineries and vineyard tours in Durango should consider visiting Four Leaves Winery for their diverse selection, Sutcliffe Vineyards for their elegant wines, and Fox Fire Farms for their award-winning high-elevation vintages.

Can visitors participate in the winemaking process at any Durango wineries?

Four Leaves Winery offers the unique Durango wine experience for visitors to make their own wine (in quantities of 28 bottles) with guidance from their expert staff, complete with custom-designed labels.

Are there any vineyard tours that include food pairings or culinary experiences?

Many Durango wineries, such as Four Leaves Winery and Sutcliffe Vineyards, offer light bites and food pairings to complement their wine tastings. Some wineries also host food trucks and local culinary events for a more immersive experience.

What are the options for cider enthusiasts visiting Durango?

EsoTerra Ciderworks is a must-visit for cider enthusiasts in Southwest Colorado, offering premium artisanal ciders crafted from heritage apples in the orchards of the wild southwest. Fenceline Cider in Mancos is another notable cidery, having won awards at the New York International Cider Competition.

How can someone plan a special event, like a wedding, at a Durango winery or vineyard?

Many Durango vineyards, such as Four Leaves Winery, offer stunning settings for special events and weddings. To plan an event, contact the vineyard directly to inquire about their event services, availability, and pricing. Be sure to book well in advance, as popular dates can fill up quickly.


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