Telluride Emergency Services: Ensuring Safety for All


The town’s commitment to public safety and Telluride emergency services ensures the well-being of both residents and visitors. Telluride, a picturesque mountain town in southwestern Colorado, responds to nearly 1,000 calls annually for medical and trauma-related emergencies.


  • Telluride, located in San Miguel County, offers comprehensive emergency services, including EMS, fire protection, and search & rescue operations.
  • The Telluride Fire Protection District and Marshal's Department play pivotal roles in emergency response and public safety.
  • Residents and visitors are encouraged to utilize the CodeRED Emergency Notification System for real-time alerts.

Understanding The Telluride Emergency Services Framework

The Telluride Fire Protection District

The Telluride Fire Protection District provides essential services such as fire suppression, EMS, and rescue operations. With six strategically located ambulances, the district covers a wide area to ensure prompt response times.

In 2021, the district responded to a record-breaking 1,540 calls, up from 1,348 in 2020 and 1,524 in 2019. The first quarter of 2022 saw an even higher volume, with 545 calls compared to 368 in the same period of 2021.

Telluride Marshal’s Department

The Telluride Marshal’s Department is responsible for law enforcement, emergency service, and public safety within the town. They actively engage in community policing efforts and provide guidance on bear safety to minimize human-wildlife conflicts.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Telluride’s EMS providers are crucial in responding to the nearly 1,000 annual calls for medical and trauma-related emergencies, centrally managed by the Telluride Regional Medical Center. Their swift response and expertise ensure that residents and visitors receive the necessary care during critical situations.

CodeRED Emergency Notification System

The CodeRED Emergency Notification System is a valuable tool for staying informed during emergencies. By signing up for the system, residents and visitors can receive real-time alerts via phone, text, or email. These notifications may include information about severe weather, road closures, or other critical events.

Preparing for Emergencies in Telluride

Wildfire Preparedness

Understanding Telluride’s wildfire plan and staying informed during wildfire season is essential for personal safety and property protection. Residents and visitors should familiarize themselves with evacuation routes and have an emergency kit ready.

Emergency Notifications & Preparedness

In addition to signing up for the CodeRED system, it’s crucial to have a personal emergency plan in place. This may include designating a meeting place for family members, storing extra supplies, and keeping important documents easily accessible.

Road & Sidewalk Safety

Safely navigating Telluride requires awareness of potential road closures and adverse weather conditions. Visitors should exercise caution when exploring the town on foot or by vehicle, especially during winter months when snow and ice can create hazardous conditions.

Leveraging Telluride’s Public Safety Resources

Educational Materials and Resources

The Telluride Fire Protection District and Marshal’s Department provide educational materials on emergency preparedness for families and individuals. These resources offer valuable insights on how to effectively prepare for and respond to various emergency situations.

Emergency Contact Information

In case of an emergency, it’s essential to have quick access to important contact information. Residents and visitors should save the emergency assistance numbers for the Telluride Fire Protection District, Marshal’s Department, and local hospitals on their phones or keep a written record on hand.

Community Involvement and Support

Residents and visitors can contribute to a safer Telluride by participating in community programs and initiatives. This may include attending safety workshops, volunteering with local emergency response organizations, or simply being vigilant and reporting any suspicious activities.


What is the CodeRED Emergency Notification System, and how do I sign up?

The CodeRED Emergency Notification System is a free service that sends real-time alerts to subscribers via phone, text, or email during emergencies. To sign up, visit the official Telluride website and follow the registration instructions.

How does the Telluride Fire Protection District support the community in case of medical emergencies?

The Telluride Fire Protection District operates six strategically located ambulances to ensure prompt response times for medical emergencies. Their skilled EMS providers are trained to handle a wide range of medical and trauma-related situations.

What are some key tips for wildfire preparedness in Telluride?

To prepare for wildfires, familiarize yourself with Telluride’s wildfire plan, stay informed during wildfire season, have an emergency kit ready, and know your evacuation routes. It’s also important to create defensible space around your property by removing flammable materials.

How can visitors stay safe while exploring Telluride?

Visitors should be aware of potential road closures and adverse weather conditions when exploring Telluride. Exercise caution when walking or driving, especially during winter months. It’s also a good idea to inform someone of your plans and carry a means of communication in case of emergencies.

Where can I find emergency contact information for immediate assistance in Telluride?

Emergency contact information for the Telluride Fire Protection District, Marshal’s Department, and local hospitals can be found on the official Telluride website. It’s recommended to save these numbers in your phone or keep a written record easily accessible.


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