Aurora’s Theaters: Local Performing Arts Venues


This small town in Colorado boasts a thriving theater scene with a diverse array of Aurora’s theaters and venues showcasing various performing arts. From intimate community theaters to state-of-the-art facilities, Aurora’s theaters offer something for everyone, contributing to the city’s reputation as a hub for entertainment and cultural enrichment.


  • Aurora, Colorado is home to a vibrant and diverse theater scene, offering a wide range of performing arts experiences.
  • The city's theaters host an array of events, including plays, musicals, concerts, and dance performances.
  • Aurora's theaters play a crucial role in the city's cultural landscape, fostering community engagement and enrichment.

The Historical Significance of Aurora’s Theaters

Theaters have been an integral part of Aurora’s cultural fabric for decades. The city’s earliest theaters paved the way for the development of a thriving arts scene. One example is the Fox Theatre, which opened in 1946. These historic venues not only provided entertainment but also served as gathering places for the community, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared experience.

Over the years, Aurora’s theater scene has evolved, with new venues emerging to meet the growing demand for performing arts. Today, the city’s theaters continue to play a vital role in its cultural development, attracting talent from across the region and engaging the community through various programs and initiatives.

Overview of Current Theaters in Aurora

Aurora is home to several notable theaters, each with its unique features and offerings.

Some of the most prominent venues include:

  • The Aurora Fox Arts Center: This historic theater, originally opened in 1946, has been beautifully restored and now serves as a multi-purpose performing arts venue. It features a 245-seat main stage theater and a smaller 65-seat studio theater, hosting a variety of productions throughout the year.
  • The Vintage Theatre: Located in the heart of Aurora, this intimate theater showcases local talent and offers a diverse lineup of plays, musicals, and special events. The Vintage Theatre is known for its commitment to supporting emerging artists and fostering community engagement.
  • The People's Building: This newly renovated venue is a hub for the performing arts in Aurora. It features a flexible performance space that can accommodate various types of productions, from theater and dance to music and comedy.
  • Larry D Carter Theater: Performing Arts Center at the Community College of Aurora.

Tickets for upcoming events can be purchased at the individual box office locations or theater websites.

There are also many movie theater locations in and near Aurora. Here are some of the popular movie theaters:

  • Cinemark Century Aurora and HD
  • AMC Arapahoe Crossing 16
  • Movie Tavern Aurora
  • Mojo2: Dinner Theater

You can view upcoming events and purchase movie tickets at the individual theater websites.

Types of Events and Performances

Aurora’s theaters host a wide array of events and performances, catering to diverse interests and age groups. Visitors can enjoy:

  • Plays: From classic dramas to contemporary works, Aurora's theaters showcase a range of theatrical productions that explore various themes and genres.
  • Musicals: Audiences can experience the magic of Broadway-style musicals featuring talented local performers and lavish productions.
  • Concerts: Many of Aurora's theaters double as concert venues, hosting musical acts from various genres, including classical, jazz, rock, and pop.
  • Dance Performances: From ballet to modern dance, Aurora's theaters provide a platform for dance companies to showcase their talent and creativity.

In addition to regular productions, Aurora’s theaters also host seasonal events and festivals that celebrate the performing arts and showcase local talent. These special events often attract visitors from outside the city, contributing to Aurora’s growing reputation as a cultural destination.

The Role of Performing Arts in Aurora’s Community

Theaters and performing arts play a crucial role in fostering community engagement and cultural exchange in Aurora. Many theaters offer educational programs and workshops, providing opportunities for residents of all ages to explore their creativity and develop new skills.

These programs are particularly important for Aurora’s youth, as they help nurture a love for the arts and provide a platform for self-expression. By supporting young artists and offering them opportunities to showcase their talent, Aurora’s theaters are investing in the future of the city’s cultural landscape.

Upcoming Shows and How to Stay Informed

To stay up-to-date with the latest shows and events in Aurora’s theaters, residents and visitors can:

  • Follow Theaters On Social Media: Most theaters have an active social media presence, regularly posting updates about upcoming productions and special events.
  • Subscribe To Theater Newsletters: Many theaters offer email newsletters that provide subscribers with exclusive content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and early access to ticket sales.
  • Check Theater Websites: Theater websites are a comprehensive resource for information about upcoming shows, ticket prices, and special offers.

Supporting Aurora’s Theaters: A Guide for Residents and Visitors

Supporting Aurora’s theaters is crucial for maintaining the city’s vibrant cultural landscape. Residents and visitors can contribute by:

  • Attending Shows And Events: The most direct way to support theaters is by purchasing tickets and attending performances regularly.
  • Donating: Many theaters rely on donations to fund their programs and initiatives. Consider making a financial contribution to support your favorite theater.
  • Volunteering: Theaters often need volunteers to assist with various tasks, from ushering to backstage work. Donating your time and skills can be a rewarding way to support the performing arts in Aurora.

Regular theater-goers can also consider becoming members or subscribers, which often comes with perks such as discounted tickets, priority seating, and invitations to exclusive events.


What are the most popular theaters in Aurora, Colorado?

Some of the most popular theaters in Aurora include the Aurora Fox Arts Center, the Vintage Theatre, and the People’s Building. These venues host a variety of productions and events throughout the year, catering to diverse interests and age groups.

How can I find out about upcoming shows and events in Aurora’s theaters?

To stay informed about upcoming shows and events, you can follow theaters on social media, subscribe to their newsletters, and regularly check their websites. These resources provide comprehensive information about productions, ticket prices, and special offers.

Are there any theaters in Aurora that offer educational programs or workshops?

Yes, many theaters in Aurora offer educational programs and workshops for residents of all ages. These programs provide opportunities to explore creativity, develop new skills, and gain hands-on experience in the performing arts.

How can I support local theaters in Aurora?

You can support Aurora’s theaters by attending shows and events, making financial contributions, and volunteering your time and skills. Regular theater-goers can also consider becoming members or subscribers, which often comes with various perks and benefits.

What makes Aurora’s theater scene unique compared to other cities?

Aurora’s theater scene is unique in its diversity and commitment to community engagement. The city’s theaters showcase a wide range of productions, from classic plays to contemporary works, and actively support local talent. Aurora’s theaters also play a crucial role in fostering cultural exchange and providing educational opportunities for residents of all ages.


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