Bolder Boulder 10K: A Memorial Day Tradition


The Bolder Boulder 10K is the largest Memorial Day road race in the United States, attracting over 50,000 participants annually. It is a beloved tradition in Boulder, Colorado, that celebrates fitness and community and also honors those who have served.


  • The Bolder Boulder 10K is a premier running event held on Memorial Day in Boulder, Colorado.
  • It features an International Pro Race, a Team Challenge, and various entertainment along the course.
  • The race culminates with a massive Memorial Day Tribute at Folsom Field, the University of Colorado's stadium.

Destination Overview

You find yourself in Boulder, Colorado, a vibrant city settled against the majestic Rocky Mountains. Here, the Bolder Boulder 10K stands as a testament to the city’s active lifestyle and commitment to honoring those who have served. This annual event, held on Memorial Day, is more than just a running race – it’s a celebration of fitness, community, and patriotism.

Local Experiences and Culture

The Bolder Boulder 10K seamlessly blends Boulder’s local culture with the spirit of the event. As you make your way through the course, you’ll be greeted by enthusiastic spectators, lively entertainment, and a true sense of camaraderie. The race course is a vibrant showcase of the city’s creative spirit, from local musicians and dancers to unique Boulder-inspired art installations.

Memorial Day Traditions

At the heart of the Bolder Boulder 10K lies a deep reverence for Memorial Day traditions. The race culminates with the Largest Memorial Day Tribute in the United States, held at the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field. This moving tribute honors the sacrifices of those who have served, creating a powerful and emotional experience for participants and spectators alike.

The Race Experience

The Bolder Boulder 10K offers a unique race experience tailored to runners of all levels. The wave start system ensures a smooth and organized start, while the race bib and official timing chip provide accurate results. Participants can choose from various registration packages, including the BOLD SQUAD for Kids, catering to families and young runners.

International Pro Race and Team Challenge

For elite athletes, the Bolder Boulder 10K hosts the prestigious International Pro Race and Team Challenge. These competitive events attract top runners from around the world, adding an exciting dimension to the race. The International Team Challenge, in particular, fosters a spirit of friendly competition and global camaraderie among the running community.

Entertainment and Engagement

The Bolder Boulder 10K is a true fitness celebration, with entertainment and engagement opportunities at every turn. Along the course, you’ll encounter dancers, live music, and even the awe-inspiring sight of majestic skydivers. The BB Expo offers a chance to explore the latest in running gear and technology, further enhancing the overall experience.

Post-Race Celebrations and Memorabilia

After crossing the finish line at Folsom Field, participants can indulge in post-race celebrations and commemorative memorabilia. The race day expo offers a variety of vendors and activities, while those 21 and older can enjoy a complimentary Avery beer. Finisher Pix and personalized course maps allow runners to capture and cherish their Bolder Boulder 10K experience forever.


What makes the Bolder Boulder 10K unique?

The Bolder Boulder 10K stands out for its combination of a world-class running event, a massive Memorial Day Tribute, and a vibrant celebration of local culture and community spirit.

Can non-runners participate in the Bolder Boulder 10K?

Absolutely! The race welcomes walkers, joggers, and runners of all levels, with various registration packages to accommodate different abilities and interests.

How can I get involved in the Bolder Boulder 10K?

Registration for the Bolder Boulder 10K typically opens several months in advance. Visit the official website for up-to-date information on registration, volunteer opportunities, and event details.

The Bolder Boulder 10K is a true embodiment of Boulder’s active lifestyle, community spirit, and respect for Memorial Day traditions. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a spectator, this event promises an unforgettable experience that celebrates fitness, camaraderie, and patriotism.

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