Epic Mountain Sports in Colorado: Where to Go


At the heart of it all is Epic Mountain Sports Colorado, a leading provider of mountain gear rentals and an invaluable resource for travelers seeking to make the most of Colorado’s natural playground.

Colorado is renowned across the globe for its incredible mountain landscapes, abundant snowfall, and endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. From world-class skiing and snowboarding to mountain biking, hiking, camping, and more, Colorado offers exhilarating activities for adventurers of all ages and interests.


  • Colorado features iconic mountain routes like the Million Dollar Highway, as well as stunning scenic byways perfect for road trips.
  • Visitors can immerse themselves in local experiences like arts, cuisine, cultural events, and community interactions.
  • Colorado delivers year-round adventures, including skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, and seasonal festivals.
  • Families and groups have boundless options, from family resorts to summer camps to group adventure sports.
  • Renting quality adventure gear from Epic Mountain Sports enhances safety, performance, and overall experience.
  • Careful trip planning, including transportation, accommodations, and balanced itineraries, allows travelers to maximize their time.
  • Practicing sustainable tourism helps preserve Colorado's natural wonders for future generations.

Capturing Colorado’s Mountain Magic

The stunning snow-capped Rocky Mountains are the crown jewel of Colorado’s landscapes. Visitors flock from across the globe to marvel at majestic peaks, breathe in the crisp alpine air, and revel in the state’s natural beauty.

Beyond just looks, Colorado’s mountains facilitate endless opportunities for adventure and adrenaline. Skiers carve through fresh powder on world-famous slopes as snowboarders catch big air in the terrain parks. Mountain bikers test their nerves on thrilling singletrack, while hikers and backpackers find solitude in quiet alpine meadows. From rock climbing and mountaineering to river rafting and fly fishing, Colorado serves up a feast for outdoor thrill-seekers.

Yet there is more to this mountain paradise than sports alone. Quaint mountain towns charm visitors with local culture, arts, cuisine, and welcoming hospitality. Ghost towns and mining relics reveal Colorado’s rugged history and pioneer spirit. Diverse wildlife, wildflower-filled meadows, and colorful fall foliage provide nature’s own works of art.

Whether you seek hardcore adventure, relaxing immersion in nature, or something in between, the magic of the Colorado mountains awaits. Gear up and get ready to elevate your heart rate − or simply elevate your soul.

Connecting with Colorado’s Local Charm

While the natural landscapes certainly take center stage, the local culture brings Colorado’s mountain towns to life. Art galleries, community theaters, summer festivals, and farmer’s markets are proud traditions that give visitors a taste of authentic Colorado.

Local cuisine makes abundant use of the state’s plentiful beef, craft beers and farm-fresh produce. Signature dishes like bison burgers, elk sausage and Rocky Mountain oysters reflect Colorado’s ranching roots. Award-winning microbreweries and distilleries provide the perfect apres-adventure refreshment.

Visitors shouldn’t miss the chance to chat with the friendly locals. Lifelong residents have grown up exploring every mountain trail, river bend, and backcountry lake. They’re always eager to share a good fishing hole, wildflower meadow, or hidden gem.

Opportunities to interact with local culture and communities abound, whether learning about Ute tribal history, attending a rodeo, or simply sharing a drink with mountain folk at the local watering hole. Immersing yourself in the local charm is part of what makes a Colorado mountain vacation truly memorable.

Scenic Byways Showcase Colorado’s Best

Crisscrossing Colorado’s spectacular landscapes are approximately 26 state-designated Scenic and Historic Byways. These roads offer some of the most breathtaking drives in the country – and the world – winding past mountain vistas, roaring rivers, historic small towns and peaceful valleys.

One of the most iconic is the San Juan Skyway. This 236-mile loop in the southwest corner of the state serves up views of 14,000-foot peaks and the historic mining towns of Silverton, Ouray and Telluride. The aptly named Million Dollar Highway section clings to sheer cliffs above a dramatic gorge, serving up adrenaline along with vistas.

Independence Pass, crossing the Continental Divide at 12,095 feet, offers a high-altitude driving experience combined with off-the-charts scenery. Open during summer months, the road provides easy access to renowned hiking and fishing in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness.

From the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway’s panoramic vistas to the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway’s dramatic canyons, Colorado’s scenic drives offer road trip adventures beyond comparison. With so many options to experience the state’s natural diversity, scenic byways should top any Colorado travel itinerary.

The Perfect Playground for All Seasons

Colorado’s calendar is filled with seasonal events and activities to suit any interest. When the snow starts falling, skiers and snowboarders flock to resorts like Vail, Aspen, and Crested Butte to carve through champagne powder. Many resorts now offer winter mountain biking as well, with lift-accessed trails and fat bike rentals.

Come spring, rafting and kayaking meltwater rapids provide thrills while anglers cast for rising trout. Wildflowers carpet mountain meadows and valleys, presenting gorgeous hiking and photo opportunities.

Summer tempts outdoor adventurers with sunny skies perfect for camping, hiking the state’s 54 fourteeners, and mountain biking an extensive network of trails. Festivals like the Telluride Bluegrass Festival and the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival highlight the warm-weather season.

When fall foliage sets the mountains ablaze in gold, visitors have endless options for taking in the stunning displays. The scenic Mount Evans Byway, Guanella Pass, and Peak to Peak Byway offer front-row seats to Mother Nature’s annual show.

From skiing and snowboarding to hiking and biking, Colorado’s playground truly offers an adventure for every season.

Adventure Awaits Groups and Families

With its wealth of outdoor activities, stunning natural settings, and friendly hospitality, Colorado ranks as a top family vacation destination. Resorts like Beaver Creek and Breckenridge serve up all-season fun with kid-friendly attractions and entertainment options. Many resorts offer day camps for kids wanting to master new adventures like rock climbing, mountain biking, or fly fishing.

Dude ranches allow families to experience Colorado’s frontier spirit with horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and rodeos. At ranches like Vista Verde and C Lazy U Guest Ranch, kids can feed barnyard animals, square dance, and enjoy campfires under starry night skies.

The state also provides plenty of bonding adventures to bring groups together. Outfitters like Lakota River Guides offer whitewater rafting trips down rushing rivers followed by riverside barbecues. Jeep tours through the high country allow groups to playfully compete for the best wildlife sightings and photo ops.

From alpine hikes to scenic train rides, groups and families forge lasting Colorado memories through shared adventures in the state’s magnificent mountain settings.

Gear Up with Epic for Adventure

To fully experience Colorado’s breathtaking terrain, having the right adventure gear makes all the difference. That’s where Epic Mountain Sports Colorado steps in. As the leading provider of premium outdoor equipment rentals in Colorado, Epic ensures adventurers have quality gear to match the world-class natural playground.

Epic’s extensive inventory of skis, snowboards, mountain bikes, camping equipment, and more from the top brands enables outdoor enthusiasts to gear up for their perfect Colorado vacation. Expert staff help visitors select equipment specifically tailored to their experience level and chosen adventure.

With multiple locations across the state, Epic Mountain Sports offers convenient pick-up points on the way to trailheads or resorts. Travelers can snag their rentals right when needed instead of hauling bulky gear on flights or long drives. Epic’s gear swap program also allows equipment to be exchanged between locations as conditions or activities change.

Along with the freedom and flexibility of rentals, Epic provides assurance. Their gear meets the highest standards for performance, safety, and comfort. Just as importantly, it’s covered by insurance, eliminating worries over damage and repairs.

Here are a few items available to rent:

  • Snowboard Rental
  • Ski Rental
  • Mountain Gear
  • Bike Rental
  • Boots

Let Epic Mountain Sports outfit your Colorado adventure so you can focus on creating epic memories.

Planning an Unforgettable Colorado Vacation

A successful Colorado vacation takes some strategic planning. With countless attractions and activities competing for your time, setting priorities and balancing options is key.

Transportation merits careful consideration. Denver International Airport serves as the main hub, but many smaller airports offer regional access. Renting a car is often the best way to efficiently explore different areas of the state. Travelers may also consider utilizing the convenient bus and shuttle services many resorts provide.

Lodging choices should align with your interests and budget. Luxury resorts like The Broadmoor and Gateway Canyons Resort offer lavish amenities and easy access to activities. For a more rustic and affordable stay, Colorado state parks and national forests provide camping options immersed in nature. Vacation rentals like cabins, condos, and private homes allow for home-cooked meals and family bonding time.

Itineraries should strike the right balance of must-see attractions and open space for serendipity. Carving out blocks of time for iconic sites like Rocky Mountain National Park and Mesa Verde National Park prevents rushed experiences. Yet, leaving room for unexpected adventures discovered along the way often creates the most lasting memories.

Local travel resources like Choose Colorado provide detailed trip planning guidance. However, the state’s many helpful residents also willingly share their insider tips if asked. Blend these suggestions into your customized Colorado adventure for a truly unforgettable experience.

Preserving Paradise for Future Generations

With growing numbers of visitors flocking to Colorado each year, sustainable tourism practices are crucial for protecting beloved landscapes and ecosystems. By minimizing environmental impact, tourists play a vital role in preserving Colorado’s natural wonders.

Travelers should stick to designated recreation areas and trails to avoid damaging fragile alpine tundra. Properly disposing of waste keeps the backcountry pristine. Choosing public transportation or fuel-efficient vehicles whenever possible reduces carbon emissions.

Many local organizations provide opportunities to go beyond just minimizing impact and take active roles in conservation. For example, volunteer trail maintenance days clear debris and repair erosion damage on popular routes. River cleanup events extract truckloads of garbage after spring runoff.

Eco-conscious travelers may also opt to stay in certified sustainable lodging, choose tour providers focused on low-impact practices, or offset travel miles through donations. Every bit counts when it comes to helping Colorado maintain its unspoiled charm.

The health of these cherished natural landscapes depends on our shared commitment to caring for this special place. When travelers match Colorado’s awe-inspiring beauty with respect and stewardship, these mountain treasures will continue inspiring all who wander through for generations to come.

So come experience Colorado’s wealth of natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and local culture for yourself! With careful planning and an adventurous spirit, this mountain paradise promises memories to last a lifetime.


What is the best time of year to visit Colorado?

Every season provides ample reasons to visit Colorado. Summer offers warm weather for hiking, biking, camping and festivals. Fall delights with golden aspens and mild temps. Winter serves up epic skiing and snowboarding. Spring dazzles with wildflowers and whitewater rafting. The key is choosing activities matching the conditions.

What is there to do in the summer in Colorado?

Colorado summers over nearly limitless outdoor recreation, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, water sports, zip lining, rodeos, hot air ballooning, music festivals, farmers markets, and more. With over 300 sunny days annually and temperatures averaging 70s to 80s, conditions couldn’t be better.

Where are the best ski resorts in Colorado?

Colorado lays claim to over 20 world-class ski resorts like Vail, Aspen Snowmass, Telluride, Crested Butte, Steamboat, Winter Park, Copper Mountain and Breckenridge. Each mountain offers unique terrain, amenities and ambiance to suit different tastes and abilities. Epic Pass provides convenient access to many premier resorts.

What is there to do in Denver, Colorado?

As Colorado’s capital and biggest metropolis, Denver offers something for everyone. Urban adventures range from craft breweries to museums and pro sports to cultural attractions. Nature is still central, with 200 parks, miles of bike trails, and easy access to the Rockies.

How difficult is hiking Colorado’s 14ers?

The 54 peaks over 14,000 feet provide epic hiking challenges. Most require early starts to avoid afternoon storms, sure footing, high altitude conditioning and route finding skills. Novices should consider easier “walk-up” peaks before progressing onto more advanced ones with exposure. Guide services are available for most.

What is there to do in Colorado besides skiing?

Colorado is a four-season playground full of diversity beyond winter sports. Summer options include rafting, ziplining, horseback riding, camping, biking, festivals, and more. Take scenic drives over mountain passes bursting with fall colors, or relax at a mountain lodge or hot spring. The state truly has it all.


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