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Colorado is growing in popularity as a top relocation destination. With incredible natural beauty, vibrant cities, a strong job market across key industries, and endless outdoor recreation, Colorado offers an unmatched quality of life. This comprehensive Colorado moving guide covers everything you need to know about moving to and settling in the Centennial State.


  • Colorado offers stunning natural scenery and outdoor recreation along with thriving job opportunities.
  • Smart planning considering the housing market, cost of living, weather, and seasons can ease relocation. The state's 300 days of annual sunshine enable year-round adventures like hiking, biking, golfing, horseback riding, and water sports in the summer and skiing, snowboarding, and ice climbing in the winter.

Beyond the wealth of outdoor recreation, Colorado also offers thriving cultural attractions in dynamic cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Boulder. The state is rapidly growing as professionals and families are drawn to Colorado’s strong economic opportunities.

Colorado Relocation Services

Specialized relocation services in Colorado cater to the influx of new residents by easing state-to-state transitions. These providers assist with essential logistics like finding reputable movers, storage options, vehicle transport, and even temporary housing rentals.

Colorado Moving and Storage

Hundreds of licensed, professional moving companies provide local, long-distance, and international relocation services in Colorado. Full-service movers can handle all packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking needs. Storage facilities also offer climate-controlled options for temporary or long-term furniture storage.

Relocation packages help coordinate all required services, from movers and self-storage to utility and vehicle registration. Look for companies specializing in Colorado relocations that offer discounts for bundling multiple services.

Moving to Colorado Tips and Best Time

Properly timing your move can ease the transition to Colorado living. Smart preparation also prevents hassles with regulations and permits.

Colorado Seasonal Moving Considerations

While Colorado enjoys four distinct seasons, experts advise moving during the spring or autumn months when temperatures are mildest statewide.

If relocating in winter, beware of navigating icy mountain passes. Severe high-country storms can also close roads and delay travel.

Summer sees heightened traffic congestion around popular tourist destinations and national parks. Avoid moving long distances on holiday weekends when roads are busiest.

Colorado Moving Regulations and Permits

Check federal regulations for long-distance moves crossing state lines. Procure necessary paperwork for specialized items like firearms, hazardous materials, or large appliances.

Colorado requires certain vehicles to obtain permits before entering the state. This includes commercial transport trucks, oversized vehicles, and those carrying hazardous waste.

Cost of Living and Housing Market

While higher than the national average, Colorado’s cost of living varies greatly by region. Metro areas like Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins have elevated housing prices, while smaller communities boast affordability.

Colorado Cost of Living Considerations

Colorado residents spend around 5% more on everyday expenses than residents of other states. Housing accounts for the largest share, followed by food, utilities, transportation, and healthcare.

Western Slope towns like Grand Junction and Pueblo offer Colorado’s most affordable living costs. Major metros have the highest prices, especially resort communities near ski areas.

Navigating Colorado’s Competitive Housing Market

Limited housing inventory makes Colorado’s real estate market extremely competitive, with bidding wars common. The typical home price reached $594,000 as of January 2023, almost doubling over the past decade.

Renting provides more budget-friendly options, though availability is still low. Expand your search to farther suburbs and smaller towns to find cheaper homes or apartments in Colorado.

Choosing the Right Colorado Neighborhood

With such diversity across Colorado, selecting the right community to call home depends greatly on lifestyle needs and preferences.

Urban neighborhoods in thriving cities like Denver and Colorado Springs cater to young professionals with vibrant cultural attractions. Families prioritize affordability, school district rating, and amenities in safe suburbs. Resort towns surround travelers with like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

The state also boasts charming rural communities, quaint mountain towns, college-centered Fort Collins, and the peaceful San Luis Valley. Manitou Springs offers galleries and views of Pikes Peak, and it is near the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. Castle Rock is between Colorado Springs and Denver, which places you near city amenities while allowing you to live in a more rural setting with stunning Rocky Mountain views.

Denver Nuggets fans will want to live as close to Denver as possible–obviously!

Identify your must-have location features, from nightlife to nature, to choose a tailored neighborhood that will be the best place to call home.

Schools and Education

While Colorado spends below the national average per student, the state still offers quality education. Public schools consistently rank among the top in the nation thanks to strong academic programs, extracurricular activities, and community support.

Notable districts excelling in student growth and achievement metrics include Boulder Valley, Cheyenne Mountain, and Thompson. Colorado also leads in charter and magnet school options.

Higher education sees renowned institutions like the University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, and Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Plus, Colorado’s natural beauty and recreational opportunities attract students from across the globe.

Job Market and Leading Industries

Professionals flock to Colorado, drawn to diverse industries like tech, healthcare, bioscience, energy, and aerospace. Thanks to economic incentives, many top companies have launched or relocated corporate HQs here.

Unemployment in Colorado remains below the national average at just 3.4% as of December 2022. And high-demand fields like engineering, IT, construction, and business create ample job opportunities.

Metro regions like Denver and Boulder boast the strongest hiring activity. But even small communities need essential workers across sectors like education, hospitality, and transportation.

Final Colorado Moving Checklist

As move day approaches, check these last preparatory steps off your Colorado relocation checklist:

  • Pet relocation: Update vet records and arrange transport or boarding
  • Vehicle registration: Title and register vehicles in Colorado within 90 days
  • Utility setup: Schedule installs for internet, power, water, and waste
  • Health insurance: Transfer prescriptions and enroll in a Colorado plan
  • Driver's license: Obtain a new Colorado driver’s license within 90 days
  • Voter registration: Register with your new Colorado address

Review additional moving checklists to ensure no step is missed during this exciting life transition. Soon, you’ll be settled into your new home and enjoying everything spectacular Colorado offers.

FAQ About Moving to Colorado

What’s the best way to find movers and get quotes for my Colorado move?

Research and request free quotes from multiple licensed, professional moving companies. Get at least three quotes to compare pricing and services. Read online reviews and check ratings with organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

What documents do I need to register my car in Colorado?

Bring your out-of-state title, vehicle registration, driver’s license, and proof of insurance. You’ll also need to pass a vehicle verification, emissions testing, and VIN inspection. Check the Colorado DMV website to double-check vehicle requirements.

How much income tax will I pay living in Colorado?

Colorado has a flat personal income tax rate of 4.55% regardless of income level. Your exact tax liability depends on deductions and credits claimed. Use an online calculator to estimate state taxes owed.

What types of homes are available to buy or rent in Colorado?

Options range from downtown high-rise condos to spacious suburban single-family homes to mountain cabins. Condos and apartments offer more plentiful rentals, while competition is high among home buyers.

Start Your Colorado Adventure

With incredible natural landscapes, vibrant and diverse communities, and limitless outdoor recreation, Colorado offers an unmatched quality of life. Prepare for every step of your interstate relocation using this guide. Soon you’ll be thriving in the Centennial State.


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