Exploring the Natural Wonders of Denver, Colorado


Denver Nature and Colorado offers visitors a wide range of natural history, science, and cultural exhibits that highlight the region’s diverse landscapes, wildlife, and heritage. This tourist destination features award-winning wildlife dioramas, rare gems and minerals, ancient mummies, dinosaur remains, interactive science exhibits, and more – showcasing what makes the Rocky Mountain area unique.


  • Denver Nature and Colorado are comprised of attractions like the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Wings Over the Rockies, which offer science, nature, and cultural exhibits.
  • Key highlights include wildlife dioramas, dinosaur remains, gems and minerals, Egyptian mummies, and North American Indian cultures.
  • Interactive experiences like Space Odyssey and Expedition Health make learning about science, nature, and culture fun for all ages through informal education.

Overview of Denver Nature and Colorado

Denver Nature and Colorado encompasses several attractions and institutions that allow visitors to explore the natural and cultural wonders of the Rocky Mountain region through immersive, educational exhibits.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science houses an incredible array of wildlife dioramas, rare gems and minerals, ancient Egyptian mummies, and real dinosaur remains. Interactive experiences like Space Odyssey bring science education to life.

At the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, visitors can discover Colorado’s aviation history through the impressive collection of aircraft. Between these two institutions, one can experience everything from mastodons to manned spaceflight.

Other notable Colorado destinations inside and outside of Denver are the Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and the many national parks throughout the state.

Surrounded by the stunning natural landscapes of Colorado, including the iconic Denver skyline, these attractions offer an unforgettable showcase of the region’s natural and cultural heritage.

Local Experiences and Culture

In addition to world-class exhibits, Denver Nature and Colorado offers visitors authentic local experiences and opportunities to engage with the area’s living culture.

The rich heritage of indigenous peoples of the Rocky Mountain region is highlighted at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s exhibit on North American Indian cultures. From pottery to oral traditions, this exhibit connects museum-goers to the traditions carried through generations.

The region also has a vibrant arts scene. The Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art showcase creative expressions spanning ancient artifacts to avant-garde installations. Visitors can also explore local crafts, cuisine, and performing arts events during their stay.

Engaging with local communities and culture is an integral part of understanding what makes Denver Nature and Colorado a world apart from other destinations.

Wildlife and Natural Exhibits

Denver Nature and Colorado provides unparalleled access to Colorado wildlife and the natural wonders of the Rocky Mountains through detailed educational exhibits.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is renowned for its expansive collection of award-winning wildlife dioramas featuring animals like mountain lions, bison, elk, and bighorn sheep in meticulously constructed natural habitats. These lifelike scenes allow visitors to observe wildlife up-close.

In addition to showcasing over 90 native animal species, the museum’s exhibits, like Expedition Health, highlight the interconnectedness of human health and environmental conservation – deepening one’s appreciation for Colorado’s natural landscapes.

The Denver Botanic Gardens, a botanical sanctuary covering 23 acres, features a diverse array of plants from around the world. Highlights include the Japanese Garden and the Rock Alpine Garden, offering distinct thematic experiences. Visitors enjoy peaceful walks in a green oasis, combining leisure with opportunities for learning and relaxation to connect with nature.

From dioramas to interactive spaces, visitors come away with a memorable understanding of the Rocky Mountain region’s diverse flora and fauna.

Geological Wonders

Denver Nature and Colorado gives visitors a look into the geological diversity of the Rocky Mountains through exhibits of rare and dazzling gems and minerals, as well as immersive displays bringing Colorado’s landscapes to life.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science houses an acclaimed gems and minerals exhibit with one of the most comprehensive U.S. collections. From shimmering amethyst geodes to gold specimens, one can explore Colorado’s natural mineral riches.

Beyond minerals, the museum also uses creative exhibits to emulate the experience of standing on the Continental Divide or gazing up at the colorful strata of the Paint Mines. These interactive spaces allow visitors to engage with the regional terrain firsthand.

Here are a few great national park areas throughout the state:

  • Pikes Peak
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Chatfield State Park
  • Red Rocks Park
  • Mesa Verde National Park
  • Black Canyon
  • Bear Creek
  • Cherry Creek
  • Clear Creek
  • Mount Evans
  • Estes Park
  • Roxborough State Park
  • North Table Mountain

Through these world-class exhibits, Denver Nature and Colorado capture the splendor of Colorado’s geology from every angle.

Ancient History and Fossils

Denver Nature and Colorado offer remarkable insights into prehistoric life, including real dinosaur remains, dinosaur remains, and fossil specimens recovered across the Rocky Mountain region.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science houses an extensive assemblage of fossils through exhibits like Prehistoric Journey, allowing visitors to come face-to-face with dinosaurs like Stegosaurus and Allosaurus. Guests can even watch museum paleontologists work in the Prehistoric Journey Lab.

From fossilized leaves to petrified wood, these remains help illustrate the landscapes and inhabitants of the Rocky Mountain region over 65 million years ago. They tell stories of prehistoric environments and climate shifts long before human arrival.

These one-of-a-kind glimpses into ancient history through real fossils make Denver Nature and Colorado a must-visit destination.

Cultural Heritage Exhibits

In addition to natural history, Denver Nature and Colorado also celebrate the cultural heritage of the Rocky Mountain region and societies across the globe through human artifacts.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science holds an intriguing collection of Egyptian mummies and other ancient Egyptian artifacts in the Gates Expedition Hall. Visitors can learn about mummification processes and Egyptian views on the afterlife.

The museum also houses a spectacular exhibit on North American Indian cultures, featuring pottery, jewelry, clothing, tools, and art that demonstrate the rich diversity of indigenous groups across regions and time periods.

These exhibits provide memorable insights into different cultural worldviews and connections to the past.

Interactive and Educational Experiences

Denver Nature and Colorado offers innovative, interactive exhibits that make science and culture accessible and engaging for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s permanent exhibit, Space Odyssey, allows guests to climb aboard a model Space Shuttle, take a virtual spacewalk, and control a Mars Rover through hands-on stations and multimedia experiences.

For young children, the museum’s Discovery Zone integrates early learning concepts into interactive spaces focused on physics, weather, health, and more. This innovative informal science education makes discovering the world fun.

Through these cutting-edge exhibits, Denver Nature and Colorado are reimagining how museum-goers interact with science and nature.

Modern Attractions and Views

In addition to world-renowned exhibits, Denver Nature and Colorado also impress visitors with contemporary museum expansions and the spectacular Denver skyline views they offer.

Recent additions like the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s new Morgridge Family Exploration Center provide updated, tech-driven exhibits reflecting current science – from microbiome research to space exploration developments.

These new spaces complement the classic dioramas and more traditional exhibits, creating a holistic experience spanning natural history and modern science.

Panoramic vistas of the Denver skyline from the museum’s terrace and other vantage points also remind visitors that this destination seamlessly fuses urban delights with nature and science education.


How can I experience local culture during my visit?

The North American Indian cultures exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science offers great insights into indigenous heritage. You can also explore local cuisine, arts, and community events.

What is the main attraction at Wings Over the Rockies?

Wings Over the Rockies houses an impressive collection of aircraft, emphasizing Colorado aviation history. You can view over 50 air and spacecraft up close.

What fossils are on display at the Denver Museum?

Massive dinosaur remains, mineralized wood, petrified leaves, and ancient mammal fossils are just some of the remarkable rocks and fossils from Colorado’s prehistoric past you can discover.

Do these museums offer educational programs?

Yes, exhibits like the Discovery Zone and Expedition Health integrate interactive, informal science education for children and families. The Space Odyssey exhibit also has hands-on learning.


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