Breckenridge Ullr Fest: A Winter Celebration


Breckenridge, Colorado, hosts an annual winter celebration called Ullr Fest, honoring the Norse god of snow, Ullr. This multi-day event attracts thousands of visitors to the ski resort town, offering a unique blend of winter sports, cultural traditions, and community spirit.


  • Ullr Fest celebrates Norse mythology and the god of snow, Ullr, through various winter activities and cultural events.
  • Visitors can participate in skiing, snowboarding, archery, the Main Street parade, ShotSki®, bonfire, and Viking helmet decorating.
  • The festival fosters a sense of community, bringing together locals and tourists to honor Breckenridge's skiing heritage and Norwegian culture.

Destination Overview

Breckenridge Ullr Fest Colorado is a renowned winter festival that pays homage to the town’s Norwegian roots and skiing heritage. Held annually in January, the festival offers a diverse array of activities and events that cater to both winter sports enthusiasts and cultural explorers.

Celebrating Norse Mythology

At the heart of Ullr Fest lies the celebration of Norse mythology, particularly the reverence for Ullr, the Norse god of snow. The festival’s activities and traditions are deeply rooted in this ancient belief system, creating a unique and immersive experience for visitors.

One of the festival’s highlights is the Viking helmet decorating contest, where participants adorn helmets with intricate designs and symbols inspired by Norse mythology. The selection of the Ullr King and Queen, who preside over the festivities, is another cherished tradition that pays homage to the festival’s Norse origins.

Winter Sports and Activities

Ullr Fest is a winter wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of snow-based activities. Skiing and snowboarding take center stage, with events and competitions catering to all skill levels. The festival’s archery events add a unique twist, allowing participants to test their skills in the snow-covered landscape.

The celebration of fresh powder and the snow season is a recurring theme throughout the festival. Visitors can revel in the joy of winter sports while embracing the natural beauty of Breckenridge’s mountainous surroundings.

Community and Tradition

Ullr Fest is more than just a winter celebration; it’s a testament to the strong sense of community and tradition that defines Breckenridge. The beloved Main Street parade brings together locals and visitors alike, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

The ShotSki® event, where participants ski down a slope while attempting to drink a shot of beer, is a quirky and entertaining tradition that embodies the festival’s spirit of fun and camaraderie. The symbolic bonfire, a nod to ancient Norse rituals, adds a touch of mystique and cultural significance to the festivities.

Environmental and Venue Highlights

Ullr Fest seamlessly blends Breckenridge’s natural beauty with its unique venues, creating a truly immersive experience. The East Sawmill Parking Lot and Blue River Plaza serve as central gathering points, offering stunning mountain backdrops that enhance the festival’s ambiance.

The Christmas Trees burning event, a sustainable and eco-friendly tradition, showcases the town’s commitment to environmental stewardship while providing a mesmerizing spectacle for attendees.

Historical and Cultural Figures

Breckenridge’s skiing history and the legacy of Ullr Fest are inextricably linked to the contributions of notable figures like Sigurd Rockne and Trygve Berge. These pioneers played pivotal roles in establishing Breckenridge as a premier ski resort and shaping the town’s winter sports culture.

Their influence can be felt throughout the festival, as their stories and achievements are celebrated and passed down to future generations, ensuring that the rich heritage of Breckenridge and Ullr Fest remains alive.

Future of Ullr Fest

As Ullr Fest continues to grow in popularity, its future holds exciting possibilities for innovation and expansion. While staying true to its roots and community values, the festival may explore new events, technological integrations, and creative ways to engage visitors.

Striking a balance between tradition and innovation will be crucial to ensuring the festival’s longevity and relevance, allowing it to evolve while preserving the essence of what makes Ullr Fest a truly unique and cherished celebration.


What is the significance of Ullr in the Breckenridge Ullr Fest?

Ullr is the Norse god of snow, and the festival celebrates his importance in Norse mythology and Norwegian culture, particularly in relation to winter sports and the snow season.

What are some of the unique activities and events during Ullr Fest?

Visitors can participate in skiing, snowboarding, archery, the Main Street parade, ShotSki® event, bonfire, and Viking helmet decorating, among other activities that honor Norse traditions and Breckenridge’s skiing heritage.

How does Ullr Fest foster a sense of community?

The festival brings together locals and visitors through various community events and traditions, such as the Main Street parade, ShotSki® event, and the symbolic bonfire. These shared experiences create a strong sense of belonging and celebration.

What role do environmental considerations play in Ullr Fest?

The festival incorporates sustainable practices, such as the Christmas Tree burning event, and celebrates the natural beauty of Breckenridge’s mountainous surroundings, showcasing the town’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

How does Ullr Fest honor Breckenridge’s skiing history and cultural influences?

The festival pays tribute to historical figures like Sigurd Rockne and Trygve Berge, who played pivotal roles in establishing Breckenridge as a ski resort and shaping its winter sports culture. It also celebrates the town’s Norwegian roots through various cultural events and traditions.


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