Otero County

Known for its wide open spaces, panoramic mountain views, and abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities, Otero County offers visitors an authentic experience of small-town life combined with big adventure.

La Junta, Colorado: A Hub of History, Education, and Recreation

Learn about La Junta, Colorado's rich history, community-focused education, and diverse activities.
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Swink, Colorado: A Snapshot of Agriculture and Community Life

Learn about Swink, Colorado's rich agricultural roots and tight-knit community in our detailed article.
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Manzanola, Colorado: Small Town with Rich History and Culture

Learn about Manzanola, Colorado: a small town rich in history, agriculture, and community spirit.
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Cheraw, Colorado: Attractions, History, and Events

Experience Cheraw, Colorado: A blend of Wild West heritage, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultural events for a unique getaway.
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