Colorado Springs Moving Tips: A Relocation Guide


If you’re planning an upcoming move to this beautiful city within the Centennial State, here are some of the best Colorado Springs moving tips to help you with your move. Colorado Springs is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, attracting new residents with its unparalleled natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle. With the majestic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, this vibrant city offers a unique blend of urban amenities and easy access to world-class hiking, biking, and outdoor adventures.


  • Colorado Springs provides an affordable cost of living with proximity to natural wonders like Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods.
  • The city boasts a thriving arts and cultural scene, fitness-friendly amenities, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities.
  • Careful planning is essential for residential moving, considering factors like neighborhood selection, transportation, and community integration.

Destination Overview

Colorado Springs is a popular destination for those seeking an active, outdoor-oriented lifestyle. The city’s prime location at the base of the Rocky Mountains offers easy access to hiking trails, rock climbing, and scenic drives through breathtaking landscapes. Iconic attractions like Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods draw visitors from around the world, while the U.S. Air Force Academy adds a unique cultural element to the city.

Local Experiences and Culture

Beyond its natural wonders, Colorado Springs boasts a vibrant arts and cultural scene. The city hosts numerous festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating everything from music and film to craft beer and hot air balloons. Local cuisine reflects the diverse influences of the region, with a focus on farm-fresh ingredients and innovative culinary experiences.

Residents of Colorado Springs embrace an active, fitness-friendly lifestyle. The city’s extensive network of trails and parks encourages outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and running. Community events like the Mayor’s Community Bike Ride and Bike to Work Day promote a bike-friendly culture, while state-of-the-art fitness facilities cater to all levels of athletic enthusiasts.

Budget-Friendly Moving

Relocating to Colorado Springs can be a cost-effective endeavor with proper planning. Utilizing online moving cost calculators can help estimate expenses and create a realistic budget. Downsizing possessions by selling or donating items can significantly reduce moving costs and streamline the process.

If you need to acquire moving services, be sure to pack ahead of time as much as you can so that the mover will only need to move your items on your moving day. Depending on the moving company, your costs can go up a lot if you need to pay for packing. Pack as many of your own items as you can before the moving company arrives on your moving day in order to save the most money.

Using a local Colorado Springs mover may also help you save some money. Smaller businesses tend to be able to negotiate prices or price match better than the bigger moving services companies.

Some Colorado Springs movers are:

  • Sebastian Moving Colorado Springs
  • Colorado Springs Moving
  • Helping Hands Moving Inc
  • All My Sons Moving

Of course, you can save even more money by not hiring a moving service, but you still may need to rent a moving truck. Be sure you shop around for a deal, as many moving truck rental companies will price match or beat the competitor.

Neighborhood Selection

Colorado Springs offers a diverse range of neighborhoods to suit various lifestyles and preferences. Families may gravitate towards suburbs like Fountain, Monument, or Peyton, which are known for their excellent schools and family-friendly amenities. Those seeking a more urban vibe might prefer the vibrant downtown area or the charming historic district of Manitou Springs.

When choosing a neighborhood, consider proximity to outdoor recreation areas, cultural attractions, and employment centers. Walkable neighborhoods like Old Colorado City and the Westside offer easy access to local shops, restaurants, and parks, while more suburban areas provide a quieter, residential feel.

Outdoor and Fitness Lifestyle

Colorado Springs is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and fitness buffs. The city’s extensive trail system, including the iconic Pikes Peak Greenway, offers endless opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and trail running. Nearby natural wonders like the Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon Open Space provide stunning backdrops for rock climbing, photography, and scenic drives.

The city’s commitment to promoting an active lifestyle is evident in its numerous fitness facilities, community events, and bike-friendly infrastructure. From state-of-the-art gyms and yoga studios to organized group runs and cycling clubs, Colorado Springs caters to a wide range of fitness interests and skill levels.

Practical Moving Considerations

Before relocating to Colorado Springs, it’s essential to take care of practical matters such as voter registration, obtaining a Colorado driver’s license, and setting up waste management services. The city’s public transportation system, including buses and bike-friendly routes, can facilitate commuting and reduce reliance on personal vehicles.

Safety and Community Well-being

Colorado Springs prides itself on being a safe and welcoming community. The city’s crime rates are generally lower than the national average, and local law enforcement agencies work closely with community organizations to promote safety and well-being.

Initiatives like neighborhood watch programs, community policing, and emergency preparedness efforts contribute to a sense of security and resilience within the city. Additionally, Colorado Springs offers a wide range of healthcare facilities and services to support the overall well-being of its residents.

Integration into the Community

Newcomers to Colorado Springs will find numerous opportunities to integrate into the local community. Attending cultural events, festivals, and outdoor activities can be an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals and build connections.

Local organizations, clubs, and meetup groups cater to diverse interests, from outdoor adventures and fitness to arts and crafts. Volunteering with community initiatives or joining neighborhood associations can also foster a sense of belonging and engagement within the city.


What are the best neighborhoods for families in Colorado Springs?

Some of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Colorado Springs include Briargate, Northgate, and Pine Creek. These areas offer excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities, as well as a strong sense of community.

How bike-friendly is Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs is considered a very bike-friendly city, with an extensive network of bike lanes, trails, and dedicated bike paths. The city also hosts events like Bike to Work Day and offers bike-sharing programs to encourage cycling as a mode of transportation.

What are the job prospects in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs has a diverse economy, with major industries including aerospace, defense, healthcare, and tourism. Major employers in the area include the U.S. Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, and several technology and cybersecurity companies.

What is the cost of living in Colorado Springs compared to other cities?

The cost of living in Colorado Springs is generally lower than many other major cities in the United States. Housing costs, in particular, are more affordable compared to cities like Denver or Boulder, making it an attractive option for those seeking an affordable yet high-quality lifestyle.

What are some popular outdoor activities in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing, camping, and skiing/snowboarding in the nearby mountains. The city’s proximity to natural wonders like Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation.


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