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From skiing and snowboarding in winter to hiking, biking, and water sports in summer, Durango offers boundless opportunities for adventure.

After an exhilarating day exploring the area’s natural wonders, nothing satisfies quite like Durango’s mouthwatering pizza. From family-owned parlors serving New York-style classics to innovative pizzerias crafting gourmet specialty pies, Durango’s pizza scene caters to all tastes.

This definitive guide explores the storied pizza culture of Durango. Discover the top pizza spots voted best by locals, the area’s signature styles, must-try pie and beer pairings, and the inside scoop on delivery, takeout, and family dining. With slices this good, Durango will quickly become your new favorite pizza destination.


  • Durango, CO, is an outdoor lover's paradise with incredible pizza to refuel after an adventure.
  • Top pizza joints like Homeslice Pizza, Father's Daughters, and Fired Up Pizzeria were voted favorites by locals.
  • Specialties include New York style and Chicago style signature pies

Durango Pizza Culture

Beyond the slopes and trails, Durango’s identity is intertwined with exceptional pizza. Locals passionately debate their favorite slices, with stalwarts like Father’s Daughters, Fired Up Pizzeria, and Homeslice Pizza perennial top contenders. Most restaurants procure ingredients from local farms and purveyors, creating pies brimming with regional flavor.

The friendly competition has bred innovation alongside classic New York and Chicago-style pizzas. Thai-Tanic Pizza’s Thai-inspired flavors and the Great Behemoth’s eclectic toppings make tasting the latest creations a can’t-miss experience. From family-owned parlors to critically acclaimed pizzerias, pizza here punches above its weight class.

Signature Styles

Durango pizza establishments excel at both traditional and novel pies. For classic New York style, head to Father’s Daughters or Diorio’s South Pizza. These family-run spots serve enormous, foldable slices with hand-tossed crusts that strike the perfect balance between crispy and chewy.

For deep dish aficionados, both Homeslice Pizza locations offer hearty, cheese-laden Chicago-style pies. Take in the exposed brick and classic checkered floors as you savor these molten masterpieces.

For more adventurous palates, innovative pizzerias like Steamworks Brewing Company and Fired Up Pizzeria craft fusion pies and gourmet specialty options. The Great Behemoth features elk sausage, caramelized onions, and bechamel sauce for a uniquely Coloradoan creation. Those craving Thai flavors will love Thai-Tanic Pizza’s marriage of Thai peanut sauce, chicken, and mozzarella. With so many styles on offer, return visits are a must.

Top Pizza Joints

Choosing Durango’s best pizza is no easy feat, but a few establishments stand above the rest in local polls. While new pizzerias continually up the ante, these mainstays remain the pinnacle of Durango pizza culture.

Homeslice Pizza wins rave reviews for its eclectic specialty and classic pies. Dine-in and delivery are available at both locations.

Father’s Daughters Pizza takes top marks for New York-style pizza by the slice. A Main Street favorite thanks to its laid-back atmosphere and secret family sauce recipe.

Fired Up Pizzeria dazzles with its chic, contemporary ambiance and mouthwatering Italian cuisine. Their blistering hot Neapolitan pies are baked to perfection in an imported Italian brick oven.

Family and Group Dining

From birthday parties to team dinners, Durango pizzerias pull out all the stops for group events. Spots like The Container Restaurant blur the line between indoor and outdoor space, with garage door walls opening to lively patio seating. Families appreciate the kid-friendly vibe and shared plates like cheesy breadsticks.

For larger gatherings, J. Bo’s Pizza and Rib Co. features an inviting sports bar atmosphere complete with arcade games for kids and plenty of screens to catch the latest games. All pies here are made from scratch, but locals rave about the Baby Back Rib pizza above all.

Those seeking a more upscale family dining experience can’t go wrong with Primipasta and Wine Bar. The elegant yet relaxed ambiance coupled with outstanding Italian cuisine makes for an unforgettable night.

Pizza and Local Brews

A booming craft beer scene magnifies Durango’s pizza appeal. Few pairings satisfy quite like oven-fresh pizza and cold, locally brewed beer.

Steamworks Brewing Company makes its own award-winning craft beer and specialty pies under one roof. Sip a pint of aptly named Longs Peak Scottish Ale alongside the Colorado Pie with smoked buffalo chicken, green chilies, and jalapenos for a quintessential Durango experience.

Pizza and beer make such a perfect pairing, thanks to the interplay of malty, bitter hops, and rich, savory pizza flavors. The casual, lively atmospheres at most Durango pizzerias and breweries only heighten the magic.

Delivery and Takeout

Between exploring trails and winding down après-adventure, who has time for dining in? Luckily, Durango pizzerias understand the need for quality delivery and takeout.

As a popular option for lodging, vacation rentals are prime spots for delivery nights in. Industry leader Homeslice Pizza offers speedy delivery service for both locations. Create the perfect stay-in meal with custom pies, oven-baked wings, salads and local craft beer delivered right to your door.

For grab-and-go meals, quick-service shops like Father’s Daughters Pizza, Mama Silvia’s Italian Kitchen, and Lone Spur Cafe pride themselves on feeding adventurers on the move. Swing by any of these spots for a steaming hot slice or full pie to satisfy your pizza craving in minutes.


Here are answers to some of the most common questions about Durango’s booming pizza scene:

What is the most popular pizza style in Durango?

While Durango pizzerias offer everything from Chicago-style to gourmet fusion creations, New York-style reigns supreme as the most iconic local slice. Hand-tossed pies with foldable crusts and sweet, tangy sauce are a mainstay.

Which restaurants are best for dine-in experiences?

Fired Up Pizzeria, Homeslice Pizza, and Steamworks Brewing Company all dazzle with inviting dining rooms perfect for gathering with friends and family over great pizza.

Where can I grab a quick slice downtown?

Father’s Daughters Pizza is a longtime favorite for New York-style pizza by the slice on Durango’s Main Street. Locals also rave about the lunch combos at quick-service spot Mama Silvia’s Italian Kitchen.

What’s the best spot for pizza delivery?

Homeslice Pizza offers speedy delivery for both their College Drive and North Main locations. From specialty pies to wings and salads, they have everything needed for an epic pizza night in.

Which restaurants accommodate large groups?

For big gatherings, J. Bo’s Pizza can accommodate with family-friendly dining complete with arcade games, while The Container Restaurant takes the party outside with spacious patio seating.

No matter your pizza craving, Durango has a perfect pie waiting. Let your appetite take the lead and discover your new favorite slice.

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