Discover the Charm of Black Monarch Hotel in Colorado


This revived 1899 saloon and brothel has been transformed into a boutique hotel catering to paranormal enthusiasts and adventure seekers who appreciate spooky intrigue.

With four individually themed rooms, the Black Monarch leans into its reputation of being haunted by ghosts of the past. Guests can immerse themselves in nightmare-inducing decor while also exploring the area’s rich history and natural beauty. The hotel’s owner, Adam Zimmerli, had the vision to embrace the building’s legacy and turn it into an artistic display and hub for spooky tourism.


  • The Black Monarch Hotel is a historic former brothel in Victor, Colorado, operating as a boutique haunted hotel
  • Each of the four guest rooms has a unique creepy theme based on nightmares and the paranormal
  • Owner Adam Zimmerli transformed the 1899 building into an artistic, immersive horror experience
  • The hotel embraces its haunted reputation and ghost stories from the Gold Rush era
  • Guests experience local history and outdoor recreation along with scary accommodations

Destination Overview

Victor, Colorado exploded during the state’s Gold Rush in the late 1800s. As miners flocked to the area, the town became home to dozens of saloons, brothels, and gentlemen’s clubs to entertain and indulge the largely male population of the Wild West. The Black Monarch building operated as one of these establishments, with the upstairs rooms catering to various vices.

After the gold dried up, Victor was abandoned as a ghost town for decades. This once-forgotten place is now a thriving tourist destination thanks to heritage tourism and historic preservation efforts. Visitors come for the beautifully preserved Victorian architecture along Main Street and the many tales of ghosts that never left the defunct mines and decrepit hotels.

The revived Black Monarch Hotel now serves as a hub for these paranormal-loving sightseers. Its infamous reputation for hauntings makes it a popular overnight spot for amateur ghost hunters hoping to capture evidence. Others are simply drawn by the novelty and artistry of the themed rooms that provide a spine-tingling experience. In 2020, the hotel hosted the Haunted Writers Retreat event.

Local Experiences and Culture

Staying at the Black Monarch Hotel immerses guests in Victor’s unique local character. By day, visitors can learn about the area’s history at sites like the Victor Lowell Thomas Museum or take a guided tour of the many preserved buildings and landmarks around town. Popular attractions like the Victor Gold Mine provide first-hand experiences of what life was like for prospectors seeking fortune and glory in the mountains.

In keeping with its heritage, the hotel also offers historical saloon tours that educate guests about the Gold Rush era vice industry and the role that establishments like the Black Monarch played. This provides context for the hotel’s later incarnation as a themed haunted destination.

By night, visitors can check out other hotels and attractions in Victor that also riff on the town’s paranormal pastimes. Year-round ghost tours, including a Spirits of Sunnyside Cemetery walking tour, are also available for guests who can’t get enough of local lore.

Historical Significance

As a remnant of Victor’s glory days, the Black Monarch Hotel is a living piece of Colorado history. Originally known as the BandM Saloon, the building was constructed in 1899 to meet the needs of the growing red-light district. It operated as one of dozens of drinking establishments, gambling venues, and brothels patronized by newly rich miners flush with gold.

Many prominent historical figures passed through the doors of the BandM over the decades. Famous personalities like “Unsinkable” Molly Brown and Western showman Buffalo Bill Cody are rumored to have frequented the saloon during visits to Victor. The upstairs rooms hosted all manner of debauchery and violence as well, with tales of murders, suicides, and mysterious deaths still told today.

While neighboring buildings were torn down after Victor’s decline, the BandM Saloon remained abandoned for over 50 years. Locals came to believe angry spirits were the reason behind the many failed development attempts over the years. It wasn’t until current owner Adam Zimmerli purchased and renovated the structure that the haunted happenings were fully embraced.

By preserving and spotlighting the Black Monarch’s notorious history, guests can immerse themselves in Colorado’s unique cultural heritage. It offers an intimate glimpse into the state’s wild frontier era, which shaped much of the Rocky Mountain region.

Paranormal and Mystery

Of course, the primary draw of the Black Monarch Hotel lies in its paranormal prestige. Decades of reported ghost sightings and unexplained occurrences have cemented its haunted reputation. Previous owners and visitors have shared chilling tales of objects moving, strange sounds emanating from empty rooms, and the appearance of a mysterious female apparition in the window.

The current hotel plays into this with nightmare-inducing design features that lend themselves to wild imaginations. However, owner Adam Zimmerli believes the property is a hotbed of supernatural activity. As an experienced paranormal investigator, he set up cameras and equipment to capture evidence of lingering spirits. Guests can even participate in overnight investigation events to seek out the infamous ghosts.

Each uniquely themed room also has its own eerie backstory. The HH Holmes Room was inspired by America’s first serial killer, who built his own “murder hotel” for guests of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The Black Annis Room centers around rituals and witchcraft inspired by Old English tales of forest witches. The other rooms pay homage to well-known spooky figures like Nikola Tesla, Bela Lugosi, Lizzie Borden, Jack the Ripper, and Elizabeth Bathory.

While certainly gimmicky, the Black Monarch tempts visitors to contemplate the existence of ghosts. At the very least, the 19th-century building’s woeful past almost certainly left some psychic impressions behind. For paranormal enthusiasts or those just wanting a good scare, the hotel promises to bring their nightmares to life.

Art and Renovation

The Black Monarch Hotel represents owner Adam Zimmerli’s artistic vision to transform a decrepit building into an immersive horror experience. Driven by a passion for the paranormal and all things creepy, Zimmerli purchased the long-abandoned property in 2018. He then began restoring the structure while leaning into its haunted reputation with dramatic interior renovations.

Staying true to the building’s roots, Zimmerli accentuated original details like rustic wood floors, brick walls, and iron light fixtures. He then outfitted each guest room with a different disturbing theme, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. The decor ranges from eerie portraits to aged mining tools to ominous occult symbols, selected to unnerve and transport visitors.

By spotlighting the Black Monarch’s haunted history within its design, Zimmerli invented a hotel focused on historical preservation and fantasy. Guests can experience a real sense of Victor’s past while enjoying the Victorian-gothic environments tailored for nightmare fetishists. It’s dark tourism meets bespoke hospitality through an artist’s lens.

Adventure and Recreation

Beyond ghost hunting inside the Black Monarch Hotel, guests can also take advantage of Colorado’s natural splendor right outside. Situated at over 9,000 feet in elevation, Victor provides year-round access to alpine environments. Popular warm-weather activities like hiking, biking, rafting, and horseback riding offer incredible mountain scenery. Once winter hits, skiing, snowboarding, and more become available at resorts within a few hours’ drive.

Thrill-seekers can also explore the area’s many abandoned mines or try their hand at gold panning in local streams. Jeep and ATV tours are available for those seeking rugged adventures as well. The charming town of Cripple Creek is just down the road, providing casinos, restaurants, and additional tourist attractions to enjoy.

While the Black Monarch’s paranormal theming is the main draw, visitors should appreciate everything else the Colorado Rockies offer. The hotel can arrange outdoor excursions for guests to complement their creepy accommodations with natural beauty and excitement.

Unique Accommodation Experience

Upon entering, guests realize the Black Monarch Hotel stays true to its haunting hype. The lobby features memorabilia from the building’s history as a rowdy saloon, hinting at the supernatural secrets held within its walls. Disturbing design elements like a snarling wolf sculpture or a prominent display of an antique mortician’s table quickly set an eerie ambiance.

An intentional decision was made not to have televisions or phones in the rooms. The Black Monarch forces guests to soak in the creepy vibe or entertain themselves with provided ghost-hunting equipment. Seances, ouija board sessions, and late-night paranormal investigations mean boredom is never an issue. Visitors can let their imaginations wander through the hotel’s dark history by embracing the scariness.

Social and Economic Impact

The revived Black Monarch Hotel represents a major boon to the local Victor economy and heritage. After many stalled development attempts, Adam Zimmerli succeeded by honoring the building’s infamy instead of hiding it. His confident embrace of the haunted history provided the small town with a unique new attraction that draws tourists from around the country.

Reports indicate that visitors to nearby Cripple Creek casinos will tack on a side trip to see the “spooky hotel in Victor” after hearing about it. Rather than a hindrance, the ghostly reputation attracts adventure travelers seeking thrills beyond typical mountain sightseeing. This brings valuable tourist dollars to a community that is still rebuilding after near abandonment.

On a broader scale, the Black Monarch has garnered national media coverage as a model for saving once-doomed properties. Other historic towns can look to hotels like this for inspiration on merging heritage preservation with frightening fun. Breathing life back into decrepit buildings offers jobs, tax revenue, and community revitalization – even if ghosts stand guard.


What other haunted attractions are located near the Black Monarch Hotel?

The nearby town of Cripple Creek contains several other hotels and casinos with haunted reputations, including the Midnight Rose and Brass Ass/Bronco Billy’s. Many ghost tour companies also operate in the area.

Do guests have to book an entire room, or can they just tour the Black Monarch Hotel?

Walk-in tours are available for those who want to see the rooms and hotel but do not want to stay overnight. Special event tickets can also provide access to themed dinners, murder mysteries, and more.

What sets the Black Monarch Hotel apart from traditional bed and breakfasts?

Unlike most quaint B&Bs, the Black Monarch provides a one-of-a-kind scary and horror-based environment. With paranormal themes and an emphasis on fright over relaxation, it offers a thrilling alternative for adventurous travelers.

What amenities and services does the hotel provide?

The Black Monarch has selective modern amenities in keeping with its historic atmosphere. Rooms do not have televisions or phones, but heat/AC and Wi-Fi are available in common areas. Guests also enjoy daily breakfast and access to ghost-hunting gear.

Have there been any confirmed ghost sightings since the hotel opened?

Owner Adam Zimmerli claims frequent unexplained paranormal activity is witnessed by staff and recorded on equipment. Many guests have also reported seeing shadow figures and feeling unseen presences during their stays. Ghosts? You decide!


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