Exploring Longmont’s Scenic Bike Paths


From leisurely family rides on bike paths to hardcore mountain biking on trails, Longmont caters to all levels of cycling enthusiasts. This article explores the rich biking culture in Longmont, Colorado, and provides essential information for cyclists and bikers looking to experience the charming, historic Rocky Mountain city next to Boulder.


  • Longmont features over 100 miles of bike paths, including scenic routes like the St. Vrain Greenway.
  • The city embraces a vibrant cycling community with events, clubs, shops, and bike-friendly amenities.
  • Maps, safety tips, and details on bike rentals, tours, and more can help you plan your perfect Longmont bike adventure.

Overview of Longmont Bike Paths

Longmont’s bike paths wind throughout the city, following tranquil creeks, neighborhood greenbelts, and roadside trails. The paved regional routes allow you to pedal for miles, crossing under highways and connecting parks, shops, and neighborhoods along the way.

For scenic splendor, the St. Vrain Greenway parallels the St. Vrain Creek on a paved path through wetlands and cottonwood forest. The trail links Sandstone Ranch to Golden Ponds, offering views of the St. Vrain Valley framed by the dramatic backdrop of Longs Peak.

The LoBo Trail winds six miles from northeast Longmont to the Boulder County Fairgrounds. As you ride, you’ll pass through the Great Western Open Space with sweeping views east across farm fields to the Rocky Mountain Front Range.

Longmont also provides access to Boulder County’s acclaimed regional trail network. From the St. Vrain Greenway, you can connect via the Left Hand Creek Trail to points beyond like Lyons, Boulder, and Fort Collins. There are truly few places in the United States more connected by fantastic biking trails than Boulder County.

Local Cycling Culture

Longmont embraces bikes as part of the local lifestyle. The Old Town district even offers complimentary bike valet parking at summer events so you can securely stash your ride while enjoying fairs and festivals.

Join the friendly cycling community for events like Bike to Work Day, when commuters sport silly costumes as they pedal to the office. Kid-focused Bicycle Longmont hosts an annual Bike Rodeo Safety Expo, teaching young riders skills like scanning, signaling, and navigating hazards.

Clubs like GO Bike Longmont organize weekly social rides welcoming all ability levels. Ride leaders ensure no one gets left behind, creating a fun, relaxed group experience. To try out electric bikes, join an e-bike social cruise and get a feel for these speedy, modern rides.

Family-Friendly Bike Paths

With miles of paved, scenic trails following creeksides and greenbelts, Longmont offers ideal terrain for family cycling. The bike paths feature regular amenities like restrooms, water fountains, and shaded rest areas perfect for short legs. Many routes connect neighborhood parks with playgrounds and picnic spots for refueling breaks.

The St. Vrain Greenway makes an excellent kid-friendly ride, as the paved path meanders through nature areas but avoids traffic crossings. Stop at Golden Ponds Park to spot turtles sunning on logs and butterflies fluttering through the wildflower meadows.

Another favorite family route is the Left Hand Creek Trail linking three area parks. Kids will love pedaling through wooded sections thick with cottonwoods and stopping to scramble over adventure playgrounds along the way.

Bike Shops: Rentals, Tours and Repair

Longmont provides everything you need to be prepared for cycling adventures. Top bike shops like Lee’s Cyclery, Vecchio’s Bicicletteria, and Crank Bicycles offer premium bike rentals so you can test models before you buy.

Join organizations like GO Bike Longmont to enjoy themed, guided rides where you can spot wildlife, learn about the area’s history, or enjoy the sunset with a picnic dinner. Scheduled public bike rides cater to all levels, some even providing e-bike demos.

The local bike shops also service everything from flats to drivetrain issues. If you’re interested in studying bike maintenance and repair, visit the nonprofit Longmont Bicycle Co-Op and learn to wrench on your own ride using professional tools. Expert mechanics teach repair clinics and guide you through diagnosing problems.

Hitting the Trails: Maps, Safety Tips and Regulations

Longmont provides excellent trail resources to help you navigate routes and to bike responsibly. Pick up a copy of the annually updated, GPS-enabled Longmont Bike Map for detailed information on all area multi-use paths, bike lanes, recommended roads, and even drink refill stations.

Observe all posted signage and local regulations for cyclist safety. Colorado law requires front and rear lights on bikes ridden 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes after sunrise. Helmets are mandatory for riders under 18 but recommended for all ages.

When overtaking pedestrians on a trail or bike path, announce yourself audibly as part of trail etiquette. For multi-use paths, stay right except when passing. Avoid distractions from headphones, and keep dogs leashed and under control at all times.

Trail Highlights in Longmont

With over 100 miles of bike paths traversing Longmont, you can discover a new trail and new route favorites every day. Here are some top trails to include on your must-ride list:

St. Vrain Greenway

Pedal seven miles along the riparian corridor from Golden Ponds to Sandstone Ranch. Look for herons fishing the ponds and falcons nesting on high cliffs.

Left Hand Creek Trail

Ride through forests and meadows linking three parks on this 8-mile wooded trail.

LoBo Trail

Cruise six miles from northeast neighborhoods through protected prairie landscapes to the Boulder County Fairgrounds.

Spring Gulch #2 Greenway

Escape into nature right in town, winding 2 miles through forests and wetlands from Main Street to Hover Road.


Where can I find bike rental shops in Longmont?

Top shops offering bike rentals include Crank Bicycles, Vecchio’s Bicicletteria, Lee’s Cyclery, Sports Authority, and Bicycle Longmont. Most shops provide hybrids and mountain bikes but Crank Bicycles also rents e-bikes.

What is the total mileage of bike paths in Longmont?

Longmont currently maintains over 100 miles of bike paths and bike lanes with plans to expand the network each year. Popular paved routes like the St. Vrain Greenway, LoBo Trail, and Left Hand Creek Trail add up to over 20 miles alone.

How can I access updated trail conditions?

Visit the Parks and Trails page of LongmontColorado.gov for real-time trail updates. Here you can view grooming schedules, closure notices, and detour maps for all trails and bike paths. During winter and flood seasons, this site provides critical path status notifications.

Where can I find cycling laws and regulations in Longmont?

The annually updated Longmont Bike Map summarizes key local regulations impacting cyclists. You can pick up a free copy at bike shops, recreation centers, and the Longmont Chamber of Commerce. The map indicates right-of-way expectations, helmet requirements for minors, and lighting necessities.

What type of bike is best for riding Longmont trails?

For paved regional trails, hybrid or comfort bikes work well. Front-suspension mountain bikes provide versatility for hitting dirt paths and neighborhood greenbelt trails. Fat bikes give stability and traction across snow-packed winter routes. Longmont shops rent all styles, and you can test models before purchasing.


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