Fishing Adventures at Cherry Creek State Park


Encompassing over 4,000 acres centered around an 880-acre reservoir, Cherry Creek State Park offers a peaceful prairie retreat and outdoor playground right in Denver’s backyard.


  • At this Colorado state park, visitors can enjoy volunteer conservation efforts, water activities on Cherry Creek Reservoir, or peaceful off-season camping.
  • Cherry Creek State Park generously provides opportunities for hiking, boating, birdwatching, and unique activities like model airplane flying and horseback riding.
  • The park caters to families through playgrounds, interactive wildlife programs, and kid-friendly events like an annual Earth Day Celebration.

A Natural and Cultural Haven

Cherry Creek State Park stands out for its prairie landscape and its reservoir’s water activities. Birdwatching opportunities abound, especially during spring and fall migrations. At these times, over 300 species flock to the wetlands.

The park also hosts events that showcase Colorado-made goods and celebrate local arts and cuisine. Visitors can embrace the friendly community spirit by interacting with local producers and craftsmen.

Adventures for Thrill-Seekers

For adventurous travelers, Cherry Creek State Park is a dream come true. The reservoir allows motorboat rentals, sailboats, and other watercraft and is perfect for waterskiing or open-water swims. Miles of trails winding through wildlife habitats cater to hikers, bikers, and horseback riders.

Cherry Creek also offers one-of-a-kind activities rarely found in nature preserves, like a model airplane airfield, a shotgun shooting complex, and an equestrian center for public horseback riding along the shores.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Cherry Creek’s playgrounds, swimming beach, and interactive programs like fishing clinics and birding safaris allow families to bond in nature. Young visitors can join ranger-led programs to learn about prairie wildlife or volunteer in habitat restoration projects. Families also enjoy stargazing at the park. Campers can reserve sites with electric hookups to power air conditioning units and electronics.

Seasonal Transformation

Summertime favorites at Cherry Creek State Park include paddleboarding, waterskiing, swimming, hiking, horseback trail rides, special events like Independence Day celebrations, and family-friendly ranger programs.

In the winter, Cherry Creek undergoes a peaceful transformation. The reservoir becomes a popular ice fishing and skating destination, while snow-dusted trails allow cross-country skiing with winter evergreen vistas. Off-season campers bundle up to enjoy the solitude of the frost-lined evergreen woods.

Visitors can experience the full spectrum of Cherry Creek’s seasonal magic.

Conservation at the Core

Cherry Creek emphasizes environmental awareness through habitat restoration projects, sustainable park planning initiatives, and educational programs. Visitors can participate by donating to conservation efforts or volunteering for neighborhood park cleanups.

Protecting ecosystems extends beyond the park’s borders. Cherry Creek staff work with local leaders to balance urban development with green space conservation across the Front Range. By instilling an ethic of sustainability, the park hopes to protect its natural splendor and diverse wildlife.

Planning Your Escape

To access Cherry Creek’s trails, events, and amenities like off-leash dog areas and playgrounds, visitors should acquire park passes online or from self-service stations near park entrances. Passes grant same-day access, or you can purchase an annual pass that lasts the entire year.

Overnight guests can reserve campsites through the CPW Shop website and should review area-specific rules regarding fires and wildlife. Anglers need fishing licenses, and boats require registration with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to launch in the reservoir.

With year-round natural beauty, recreational variety, and community spirit, Cherry Creek State Park offers an accessible outdoor escape in the heart of the Front Range region near Denver. Visitors of all ages and interests are sure to find their perfect Rocky Mountain adventure.


What types of campsites and lodging are available in Cherry Creek State Park?

Campgrounds feature tent sites, RV hookup sites, and group camping areas that can accommodate large events. No lodging exists in the park, but hotels are available nearby in Denver and Aurora.

What is there to do in the winter?

Winter activities include ice skating, ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, winter birdwatching, and reserved campsite camping. Special holiday events also take place.

How can I participate in conservation efforts?

Visitors can donate directly to the Cherry Creek Conservation Fund, volunteer for habitat restoration programs, and attend sustainability workshops. Practicing in Leave No Trace ethics in the park also helps protect wildlife.

Do I need a park pass for day use visits?

Yes, vehicles entering the park must display valid park passes. These can be purchased online, via the mobile app, or from self-service pay stations located in the park.

Is there an Earth Day Celebration at Cherry Creek State Park?

Yes! On April 20th, you can participate in various volunteer projects at the park. Registered kids receive free kites.


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