Pueblo Zoo: Engaging Exhibits and Conservation Efforts


Pueblo Zoo, spanning 25 acres, is home to over 400 animals representing more than 125 species, making it a significant wildlife attraction in Colorado.


  • Pueblo Zoo is a mid-sized zoo in Colorado, known for its unique exhibits and rare species, such as sun bears, Sichuan takins, and maned wolves.
  • The zoo plays a crucial role in conservation efforts, focusing on supporting groups that help threatened species like red pandas, parrots, and American bison.
  • Pueblo Zoo offers a variety of educational programs and workshops, engaging more than 10,000 children annually.

Engaging Family and Children Activities at Pueblo Zoo

Pueblo Zoo offers a range of interactive exhibits and educational programs suitable for children and families:

  • The Islands of Life exhibit features ring-tailed lemurs outdoors and various species endemic to islands inside.
  • The zoo's Reptile House is small yet nicely presented, showcasing a diverse collection of reptiles.
  • Special events and activities are organized throughout the year, catering to family bonding and fun.

Discovering the Aquatic World: The Aquarium Section of Pueblo Zoo

Pueblo Zoo’s aquarium section is home to a variety of aquatic species:

  • The African penguin exhibit has seen significant breeding success.
  • The zoo participates in the Seafood Watch program, designed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, to promote sustainable seafood choices for a healthy ocean.

The Role of Zoos in Conservation: A Closer Look at Pueblo Zoo’s Efforts

Pueblo Zoo is committed to supporting conservation efforts for endangered species:

  • The zoo sponsors "Forest Guardians" through the Red Panda Network, which works to save wild red pandas and preserve their habitat.
  • Pueblo Zoo supports the World Parrot Trust, which helps parrots survive in the wild and flourish in companion care.
  • The zoo contributes to the conservation of American bison, a native icon of the Great Plains.
  • Interactive exhibits and educational programs teach visitors about the importance of biodiversity, wildlife conservation, and environmental stewardship.

Educational Opportunities and Programs at Pueblo Zoo

Pueblo Zoo offers a variety of educational programs for different age groups:

  • The zoo reaches out to schools, engaging more than 10,000 children annually through various programs.
  • Special tours and behind-the-scenes experiences are available to enhance learning.
  • Pueblo Zoo plays a vital role in promoting wildlife education among the community.

Zoo Information: Credentials of Pueblo Zoo

  • Pueblo Zoo attracts around 100,000 visitors annually, making it one of the top attractions in the city.
  • The zoo remains owned by the City of Pueblo, while the Pueblo Zoological Society manages its operations.
  • Pueblo Zoo has been accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) since 1992.

Supporting Pueblo Zoo: Membership, Donations, and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Becoming a member of Pueblo Zoo supports the zoo's mission and offers various benefits to members.
  • Donations contribute to conservation efforts and the well-being of the animals at the zoo.
  • Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals who wish to contribute their time and skills to support the zoo.


What are the must-see exhibits at Pueblo Zoo?

Some must-see exhibits at Pueblo Zoo include the Islands of Life, ring-tailed lemurs and various island-endemic species, the African penguin exhibit, and the Reptile House.

How can I get involved in conservation efforts through Pueblo Zoo?

Visitors can support Pueblo Zoo’s conservation efforts by making donations, becoming members, or purchasing products with the Conservation Collection symbol from the zoo’s gift shop.

What educational programs does Pueblo Zoo offer for children?

Each educational program or workshop at the Pueblo Zoo is designed for young learners, engaging more than 10,000 children annually. They teach children about subjects like environmental stewardship, endangered species, and wildlife conservation.

Are there any special events at Pueblo Zoo that are suitable for the whole family?

Yes, Pueblo Zoo organizes annual special events and activities that cater to family bonding and fun.

What facilities are available for visitors with special needs at Pueblo Zoo?

Pueblo Zoo provides accessibility and facilities for visitors with special needs, ensuring an inclusive experience for all guests.


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