Renovated Durango Hot Springs Resort and Spa Photos


Renowned for its geothermal soaking pools filled with mineral-rich, natural waters, the newly renovated Durango Hot Springs resort provides the ultimate environment for relaxation and rejuvenation.


  • Durango Hot Springs Resort in southwest Colorado underwent extensive renovations in 2019, enhancing its soaking pools, spa services, and exclusive experiences.
  • Natural hot springs are integrated with mountain views, outdoor adventures, and a vibrant local music scene.
  • The luxurious resort appeals to a range of visitors, with adult-only areas, family-friendly spots, group offerings, and special events.

An Oasis of Healing Waters

The heart of Durango Hot Springs lies in its geothermal waters, revered by indigenous peoples for centuries as “medicine waters.” Thirty-two minerals bubble up from deep within the earth, infusing the resort’s hot springs pools and spa treatments. Advanced oxium quantum fusion and mineral water filtration technology ensure these healing properties are preserved.

Soaking in the natural mineral hot springs promotes relaxation. The warm temperatures soothe muscle tension, while the therapeutic minerals absorb into the skin to nourish tissues. Visitors can customize their hot springs experience, with thirty unique soaking opportunities varying in size, shape, and temperature of the pool. The hot springs offers not only hot pools but also a cold plunge pool for those seeking the benefits of hot/cold therapy.

For ultimate tranquility, guests can reserve one of five private Japanese-style Ofuro cedar tubs. These open-air pools allow you to control the water temperature and take in views of the San Juan Mountains. The newly added hot springs day club also provides an exclusive, adults-only soak during daytime hours.

Pampering Body and Spirit

In addition to its thermal waters, Durango Hot Springs entices visitors with an extensive menu of spa services focusing on holistic wellness. The resort’s seventeen bodywork and spa treatments incorporate the beautifying and detoxifying properties of its mineral waters to nourish skin and calm the mind.

Signature services utilize the benefits of heat therapy, massage, and natural botanicals. The Magnesium Muscle Melt is a spa treatment that combines an exfoliating dry brush with a therapeutic soak in Epsom salts and essential oils. Reflexology walking paths and a mineral water rain tower provide alternative relaxation experiences.

For total rejuvenation, the new meditation garden offers a peaceful sanctuary amidst landscaped grounds, water features, and panoramic mountain vistas. This is an ideal spot to practice mindfulness techniques learned during wellness workshops and retreats.

Adult-Only Soaks and Family Fun

With special zones catering to adults, kids, and everyone in between, Durango Hot Springs provides something for all interests and ages. Those seeking a child-free oasis can indulge in the hot springs day club or access adult-only soaking areas open after 5 pm daily.

Families appreciate spots like the swimming and exercise pools where little ones can splash safely. Waterslides, climbing walls, and sandy beach areas give kids room to play while parents unwind in warmer soaking pools just steps away.

Accommodation options range from standard hotel rooms to spacious, two-bedroom suites with full kitchens and living areas. Many rooms include private balconies with hot springs views. On-site dining at The Springs Restaurant offers casual cafe fare, Southwest cuisine, and more.

Thrill-Seeking and Outdoor Adventure

While relaxation takes center stage at Durango Hot Springs, visitors can balance their self-care with adrenaline-pumping adventures in the surrounding San Juan Mountains. Less than ten miles from downtown Durango, the resort provides easy access to year-round recreational opportunities.

Summer brings hiking, mountain biking, paddling, and watersports to the area’s forests, lakes, and rivers. Adrenaline junkies take to the skies with parasailing, hot air ballooning, and ziplining. Winter ushers in skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, and more.

For those craving music and entertainment, Durango’s lively local scene hosts regular live performances, many of which take place outdoors during the summer months. The resort itself plans themed events aligned with holidays like Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

Planning a Hot Springs Getaway

The best times to visit Durango Hot Springs are typically April through June and September through October, when comfortable temperatures allow for outdoor lounging. Summer’s peak season brings crowds, while winter may require bundling up during dips in the springs.

Visitors can purchase day passes for access from 9 am to 10 pm. However, the exclusive hot springs day club remains limited to resort guests with existing room or spa reservations. Trimble Day Club passes grant entry to adult-only areas and extras like towel service.

Durango Hot Springs provides a relaxing basecamp to explore the wider Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop. This more than 800-mile route connects some of the state’s top natural hot springs destinations, many situated amidst incredible mountain scenery and fall foliage.


What is the best way to reach Durango Hot Springs?

The resort provides a free shuttle service to and from Durango-La Plata Airport (DRO), just 30 minutes away. Rental cars are recommended for those looking to explore the surrounding region during their stay.

Do children have access to all hot springs pools?

No, some pools are adult-only, while others have age restrictions. Families with kids can enjoy designated family pools. Consult the resort map for guidance.

What packages or deals are available for booking?

Seasonal specials offer discounted rates on lodging and spa services. Bundles like Soak and Stay, Spa and Stay, and Romance Packages combine multiple offerings into one booking.


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