Snowmass Mountain Chalet: Affordable Ski-In/Ski-Out Stay


The Snowmass Mountain Chalet, also known as the Mountain Chalet Snowmass, is a beloved ski-in/ski-out lodge that has been welcoming guests to the heart of Snowmass Village since 1967.


  • Snowmass Mountain Chalet offers a unique blend of affordability, convenience, and charm in the heart of Colorado's ski resort scene.
  • Accommodations range from cozy rooms to spacious suites, catering to diverse traveler needs and preferences.
  • Careful planning is essential to ensure an optimal stay experience, taking into account seasonal considerations and local attractions.

Understanding Snowmass Mountain Chalet

The Essence of Snowmass Village

Snowmass Village, a vibrant resort town in Colorado’s Pitkin County, is known for its world-class skiing, stunning mountain landscapes, and year-round outdoor activities. Snowmass Mountain Chalet, also known as the Mountain Chalet Snowmass, is an integral part of this picturesque village, offering guests a comfortable and convenient base for exploring the area’s many attractions.

Accommodation Options at Snowmass Mountain Chalet

The Snowmass Mountain Chalet Hotel features a variety of room type options and suites to suit different traveler preferences and budgets. There are standard room options, standard queen rooms, and the deluxe king room with kitchenettes. Guests can choose the perfect hotel room for their needs. The chalet also offers a range of amenities, including complimentary Wi-Fi, complimentary transportation, a fitness center, a business center, satellite television, complimentary breakfast and soup lunch, a heated outdoor pool, a hot tub, and a cozy lounge area with a fireplace.

Planning Your Stay

Seasonal Considerations

The best time to visit Snowmass Mountain Chalet depends on your interests and priorities. Winter months (December to March) are ideal for skiing and snowboarding in the Snowmass ski area, while summer (June to August) offers a range of activities like hiking, mountain biking, hitting the green at the golf course, and enjoying the swimming pool. Keep in mind that accommodation rates and availability may vary depending on the season.

Activities and Experiences

Snowmass Mountain Chalet provides direct access to the ski slopes, making it a perfect choice for winter sports enthusiasts. In the summer, guests can enjoy hiking trails, scenic gondola rides, and events like the Snowmass Rodeo and the Snowmass Balloon Festival.

Dining and Culinary Experiences

The chalet’s on-site restaurant, The Edge, offers a delicious selection of American cuisine for breakfast and dinner. Guests can also explore the diverse dining options in Snowmass Village, ranging from casual cafes to fine dining establishments.

Transportation and Accessibility

Snowmass Mountain Chalet is easily accessible from Denver International Airport and the Aspen Pitkin County Airport, with a range of transportation options available, including shuttle services and rental cars. Once in Snowmass Village, guests can use the free local shuttle to navigate the area and access nearby attractions.

Making the Most of Your Visit

Tips for First-Time Visitors

To make the most of your stay at Snowmass Mountain Chalet, be sure to plan ahead and book your hotel room early, especially during peak seasons. Take advantage of the chalet’s knowledgeable staff for insider tips on local activities and attractions.

Staying Connected and Informed

Snowmass Mountain Chalet offers complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property, ensuring that guests can stay connected during their stay. The chalet’s front desk staff can also provide up-to-date information on local events, weather conditions, and resort updates.

Beyond the Chalet: Exploring Snowmass Village

Local Attractions and Landmarks

Snowmass Village is home to a variety of attractions, including the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, the Snowmass Ice Age Discovery Center, and the Snowmass Rodeo. Guests can also explore nearby towns like Aspen and Basalt for additional cultural and recreational opportunities.

Shopping and Souvenirs

Snowmass Village offers a range of shopping options, from ski and snowboard gear shops to boutiques featuring local artisans and souvenirs. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home a piece of your Snowmass Mountain Chalet experience.


What are the best times to visit Snowmass Mountain Chalet for skiing?

The best time for skiing at Snowmass Mountain Chalet is typically from December to March when the resort receives ample snowfall and offers excellent skiing conditions.

Can Snowmass Mountain Chalet accommodate large groups or families?

Yes, Snowmass Mountain Chalet offers a variety of room types and suites that can accommodate groups and families of different sizes.

What dining options are available at Snowmass Mountain Chalet?

The chalet’s on-site restaurant, The Edge, serves American cuisine for breakfast and dinner. Guests can also explore the diverse dining options available throughout Snowmass Village.

How do I get to Snowmass Mountain Chalet from Denver International Airport?

Guests can reach Snowmass Mountain Chalet from Denver International Airport by shuttle service, rental car, or a combination of public transportation and local shuttles.

Are there any year-round activities at Snowmass Mountain Chalet?

While skiing is the main attraction during winter, Snowmass Mountain Chalet and the surrounding village offer a range of summer activities, including hiking, mountain biking, golfing, and cultural events.


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