The Best Brunch Spots in Aspen


Aspen, Colorado, known for its stunning mountain views and world-class skiing, also boasts a thriving culinary scene, particularly when it comes to the best brunch spots in Aspen. With a variety of options ranging from cozy cafes to upscale restaurants, Aspen offers a brunch experience to suit every taste and occasion.


  • Aspen's brunch spots offer a diverse array of cuisines, from classic American fare to international flavors.
  • Many brunch locations feature outdoor seating, allowing diners to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery.
  • While some popular brunch spots require reservations, there are also walk-in options available.

The Culinary Delights of Aspen’s Brunch

Aspen’s brunch menus showcase the creativity and skill of local chefs, with offerings that cater to both sweet and savory preferences. A variety of breakfast favorites are available, including scrambled eggs, french toast, eggs benedict, and huevos ranchero.

For those with a sweet tooth, the famous Lemon Souffle Pancakes at The Little Nell has been a staple on the menu for over a decade. Other indulgent options include the gourmet waffles and pancakes at Poppycock’s, a local favorite since 1971.

On the savory side, some locations feature huevos ranchero, which is made with both red and green chilies and served with perfectly cooked breakfast potatoes. The aged goat cheddar omelet at Element 47 in The Little Nell is another standout dish.

Health-conscious diners can also find lighter options, such as the seasonal mushroom and kale omelets at Spring Cafe.

Brunch Beverages: Beyond the Basics

No brunch is complete without a delicious beverage, and Aspen’s brunch spots deliver on this front as well.

For coffee lovers, a local coffee house like ink! Coffee is one of the best coffee roasters in town. ASPENX Cafe offers a seasonal menu of gourmet pastries, Lavazza coffee, and premium wine and beer selections.

If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, many places in Aspen offer both mimosas and Bloody Mary drinks. Many places also serve unique wine and mocktail pairings alongside each brunch menu.

Atmosphere and Ambiance: A Brunch Experience

Aspen’s brunch spots offer more than just great food and drinks; they also provide a memorable dining experience thanks to their inviting atmosphere.

For outdoor dining, the secluded patio at Jour de Fete allows guests to enjoy their meal surrounded by nature. The patio at CHICA, located right off the ski lift, boasts breathtaking views of Aspen Mountain.

Cozy indoor settings can be found at places like Poppycock’s, which has been a local institution for over 40 years, and the restaurant at the St. Regis, which features mountain-inspired decor.

Brunch for Every Occasion

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly spot, a romantic destination, or a place to gather with friends, Aspen has a brunch location to fit the bill.

For families, Jour de Fete offers a welcoming atmosphere and a menu with something for everyone. Couples seeking a romantic brunch can head to Element 47 at The Little Nell for an upscale experience.

Planning Your Brunch Visit

In order to ensure a smooth brunch experience, it’s essential to plan ahead.

Some of the best brunch spots in Aspen include the Element 47 at The Little Nell. It is recommended to make reservations at The Little Nell. However, there are also plenty of walk-in options, such as a local coffee house and Poppycock’s.

Brunch hours vary by location, but most spots serve from mid-morning to early afternoon. To avoid long waits, consider visiting on a weekday or arriving early on weekends.

Many of Aspen’s brunch spots are conveniently located in the downtown area, making them easily accessible by foot or via public transportation.

Special Features and Events

Aspen’s brunch scene is always evolving, with restaurants offering seasonal menus, daily specials, and unique events.

At many restaurants you can enjoy a drink special during daily happy hour. For a truly unique experience, consider booking one of the Alpine Yurt dinners at the Velvet Buck Restaurant, which take place in a cozy outdoor setting.

Popular Aspen Restaurants For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Happy Hour

  • Paradise Bakery & Cafe
  • Aspen Hickory House
  • Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro
  • Ajax Tavern
  • White House Tavern
  • Bear Den Aspen
  • The Crepe Shack Aspen
  • Prospect at Hotel Jerome
  • French Pastry Cafe & More
  • Aspen Tap (Westy's Tap & Tavern)
  • CP Burger
  • Woody Creek Tavern
  • French Alpine Bistro
  • St Regis Aspen Resort Bar & Lounge


Are there any brunch spots in Aspen with stunning views?

Yes! CHICA, located right off the ski lift, boasts breathtaking views of Aspen Mountain from its expansive patio.

What are some lighter, healthier brunch options in Aspen?

Spring Cafe offers seasonal mushroom and kale omelets for health-conscious diners. Many spots also offer yogurt bowls and fresh fruit.

Can I make a reservation for brunch in Aspen?

Some popular spots, like Element 47 at The Little Nell, recommend making reservations. However, many locations, such as Poppycock’s and Jour de Fete, welcome walk-ins.

What are the typical brunch hours in Aspen?

Most brunch spots in Aspen serve from mid-morning to early afternoon, typically from around 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s always a good idea to check with individual restaurants for their specific hours.

Is there an Aspen restaurant near skiing?

Yes, the St Regis Aspen Resort offers a Bar & Lounge amidst mountain skiing.


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