Top 10 Durango Coffee Shops to Visit


Durango is a charming mountain town known for its rugged natural beauty and adventurous outdoor spirit. From cozy cafes to sleek coffee houses, Durango’s diverse coffee shops are community hubs where artisan drinks and culinary delights meet rustic ambiance and cultural connection.


  • Durango's coffee shops showcase specialty roasts, latte art, and inviting patios against the backdrop of the San Juan Mountains.
  • Local coffee houses host live music, open mics, game nights, and other community events.
  • Top coffee spots like 81301 Coffee House craft seasonal drinks with local ingredients and accommodate digital nomads with WiFi and outlets.
  • When visiting, coffee shop hop to the best breakfast burritos, study spots, and coffee tastings Durango has to offer.

A Coffee Lover’s Paradise

For coffee enthusiasts, Durango is nothing short of paradise. The mountain town punches above its weight class when it comes to artisan coffee roasters and independent cafes.

The result is a vibrant coffee culture defined by attention to detail and community connection. Patrons savor the nuances of light, medium, and dark roasts, while baristas showcase their latte art skills by etching intricate fern-like designs into microfoam. Locals linger for hours over chess games on sunny patios with views of the Needles mountain range. Out-of-town visitors find solace from their outdoor adventures in cozy cafe nooks with steaming mugs and freshly baked goods.

Far more than a caffeine fix, Durango’s coffee shops are social institutions that reflect the essence of this rugged yet refined mountain town.

Brewing Community Through Coffee

Community is the lifeblood of Durango, and the local coffee shops exemplify this spirit through the events and gatherings they host. Musicians strum acoustic sets to the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans at 81301’s Saturday night open mics. Amateur poets bare their souls during prose slams inside SteamWorks Brewing Company. Families bond over hot cocoa and board games in the lounge areas of Durango Coffee Company and The Smiley Cafe.

Coffee not only helps spark these connections but serves as a conduit for community engagement. Shops like Animas Chocolate and Coffee Company display works by local artists that inspire conversation about Durango’s thriving creative scene. Hermosa Cafe hosts monthly book clubs that meet on the sunny patio, while the Rochester Hotel and Bar shakes up traditional networking with coffee and cocktail mixers.

From musicians to poets, creatives to careerists, Durango’s coffee shops draw community members from all walks of life. Over frothy cappuccinos and vanilla lattes, lasting relationships bloom.

The Craft Behind Durango’s Coffee Culture

While Durango takes pride in its small-town charm, there’s nothing quaint about the specialty coffee scene. Instead, meticulous care and craftsmanship fuel cafes like Durango Coffee Company and 81301 Coffee House and Roasters.

81301, a local favorite located right on Main Avenue, roasts premium beans sourced from around the globe in-house. Their seasonal coffee menu features tasting flights and single origin pourovers that showcase exotic offerings like Tanzanian Peaberry and Papua New Guinea Sigri. Not to be outdone, Durango Coffee Company specializes in small-batch roasting that brings out the subtle flavors of beans like Costa Rican Tarrazu and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

The focus on quality roasting and brewing has helped nurture a discerning coffee culture where customers appreciate the nuances of acidity, body, and finish in their morning cup of joe. Newcomers can enroll in barista crash courses over at The Rochester Hotel to refine their palates and learn how variables like grind size, water temperature, and brew time alter the flavor in every sip.

Durango’s passion for specialty coffee even shows up in the detailed latte art etched atop its espresso drinks. Keep an eye out for rosettas, tulips, and intricate feather designs as you cafe hop around town.

Coffee Shop Personalities: Experience the Variety

Just as no two coffee beans taste exactly the same, Durango’s cafes each have their own ambiance and aesthetic. At Kaslo Coffee Company, sip lavender lattes on an enclosed patio bursting with greenery and strung lights. Bring your laptop to Taste Coffee House to take advantage of the free WiFi and ample seating while sampling their nitro cold brew. For a pick-me-up during a downtown shopping spree, stop by the old-timey gas lamp-lit Durango Diner for a quick espresso shot.

If caffeine isn’t your cup of tea, places like Nature’s Oasis Cafe and the Healthy Hound have you covered with yerba mate drinks, golden milk chai teas, and other coffee alternatives. Or satisfy your sweet tooth with the house-made gelatos, fruit smoothies, and freshly baked pies served up at Cream Bean Berry.

With so many coffee shops oozing mountain town charm, you may just want to schedule a relaxing cafe crawl to experience Durango’s diversity of coffee, community, and culture all in one invigorating day.

Coffee Shop Culture Beyond Caffeine

While Durango’s coffee shops take great pride in their drink menus, most go beyond offering superb coffee by creating spaces for connection through shared passions.

At Bread, patrons chat over games of chess and checkers as artisan breads bake in a stone hearth nearby. Coffee lovers who want to give back can attend a latte art throwdown fundraiser for local causes at SteamWorks Brewing Company. If getting in touch with your creative side sounds more appealing, join a coffee and canvas paint night at The Lost Dog Bar and Lounge.

For music lovers, there’s no better coffee shop than the Rochester Hotel and Bar. Their “Coffee Jams” happy hour features local musicians like Lauren Monroe Trio and Ben Knighten performing lively acoustic sets. The cozy coffee lounge also hosts songwriting circles for aspiring musicians and open mics for poets and writers wanting to test out new material.

Whether you’re into art, music, games, or giving back to the community, Durango’s coffee shops offer invigorating spaces that align with your passions.

Coffee Shop Fare: Local Ingredients Shine

A trip to Durango isn’t complete without indulging in the local food and ingredients that reflect the region’s agricultural bounty. Lucky for visitors, many coffee shops incorporate Southwest Colorado’s natural richness into their menus in deliciously creative ways.

For the ultimate sweet and savory combo, pair a vanilla latte with a green chile breakfast burrito from Taste Coffee House. The family-owned shop gets its Hatch green chiles straight from New Mexican farmers. If you prefer a lighter start to your day, the Smiley Cafe delights with their gluten-free blue corn waffles topped with berries, honey, and whipped cream.

For those with dietary restrictions, Durango coffee shops offer plenty of vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. Stop by Nature’s Oasis Cafe for a slice of their dairy-free coconut cream pie or a hearty lentil wrap. At the Rochester Hotel’s coffee lounge, indulge in a gluten-free salted caramel brownie or vibrant superfood smoothie bowl.

No matter your dietary needs, Durango coffee shops dish out delicious fare that spotlights regional flavors and high-quality ingredients.

Coffee Shops for Digital Nomads

With its picturesque setting and vibrant cafe culture, Durango has become a popular remote work destination. Digital nomads flock to Durango coffee shops for the triple threat combination of top-notch coffee, fast WiFi, and beautiful mountain views.

For the ultimate work-from-cafe experience, head to Taste Coffee House. Their pet-friendly patio offers plentiful seating options, from couches to cafe tables to a standing rail counter overlooking Main Avenue. Strong WiFi, abundant outlets, and locally roasted coffee available all day make it easy to set up a temporary office with plenty of perks.

Other nomad-approved options include Bread and 81301 Coffee House, which offer spacious interiors, lots of natural light, and hearty toasts for fueling long work sessions. Coffee lovers wanting a quieter vibe should post up at Durango Diner or the Rochester Hotel’s coffee lounge, which have cozy nooks perfect for remote meetings and heads-down project focus.

Wherever you choose to work, Durango coffee shops will keep you connected, caffeinated, and inspired.

Planning Your Durango Coffee Experience

As a coffee lover visiting Durango, where do you even begin to experience the diversity of roasts, cafe culture, and community connection? These tips will help you get the most out of Durango’s coffee scene during your travels:

Coffee Shop Hop for Variety

– Durango’s coffee shops each have their own vibe and specialty, so cafe hop to get a well-rounded experience. Hit up 2-3 different spots for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee breaks.

Time Your Visits

– Mornings are peak times at popular coffee houses like 81301 and Durango Coffee Co. For a more relaxed experience, visit in the afternoon. Shops like the Rochester and Kaslo Coffee have great happy hours too.

Pair with Local Attractions

– Make the most of your time by combining coffee runs with visits to Main Avenue shops, riverside bike trails, and historical sites around town.

Enjoy Coffee Events

– Attend open mic nights, songwriting circles, latte art classes, and other coffee shop events to connect with the community.

Discover Hidden Gems

– Venture beyond downtown to uncover neighborhood coffee shops like the Smiley Cafe and Cream Bean Berry in residential areas.

With a seemingly endless array of coffee houses to explore, Durango offers boundless opportunities to experience specialty coffee against the rustic charm of the Rocky Mountains. From the craft behind locally roasted beans to the creative energy buzzing in cafe communities, Durango’s coffee culture awakens all the senses while warming the soul.

FAQ About Durango Coffee Shops

What are the top 5 coffee shops I must visit in Durango?

The 5 coffee shops you absolutely must visit in Durango are:

1. 81301 Coffee House and Roasters

2. Durango Coffee Company

3. The Smiley Cafe

4. Taste Coffee House

5. Bread

Where can I find the best coffee shop patios in Durango?

Some of the best coffee shop patios in Durango are:

  • Kaslo Coffee Company
  • Rochester Hotel and Bar
  • Nature's Oasis Cafe
  • Taste Coffee House

Which Durango coffee shops are open late?

SteamWorks Brewing Company, the Rochester Hotel coffee lounge, and Taste Coffee House have the latest hours for coffee shops in Durango. All are open until 9 pm or later most nights.

What coffee shops allow dogs?

Dog-friendly coffee shops in Durango include Taste Coffee House, Nature’s Oasis Cafe, and Cream Bean Berry. These cafes have outdoor seating where dogs are welcome to join.

Are there coffee shops suitable for studying in Durango?

Yes, Taste Coffee House, Durango Diner, and the Rochester Hotel’s coffee lounge offer quieter environments ideal for studying. Their seating, WiFi, and outlet access make it easy to hunker down for hours of distraction-free work.


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