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From cozy farm-to-table bistros to Michelin-starred fine dining, here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Aspen that offer plant-based cuisine spanning nearly every culinary tradition. While the sophisticated mountain town has no shortage of upscale steakhouses and seafood eateries, Aspen also boasts a surprisingly impressive array of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

Beyond everyday vegetarian fare, the city provides truly unique meatless dining experiences—from lavish vegan tasting menus paired with biodynamic wines to al fresco vegetarian barbecues on organic farms. For vegetarian foodies, Aspen is a veritable promised land.


  • The Aspen mountain area has an exceptionally vibrant vegetarian and vegan dining scene with farm-to-table bistros, Michelin-starred restaurants, and unique dining experiences.
  • Local culture and farm-to-table practices enhance the vegetarian cuisine with fresh, organic Rocky Mountain ingredients. Yet beyond the five-star hotels and celebrity sightings lies an unexpected vegetarian dining scene.
  • Aspen's farm-to-table ethos and organic agriculture translate to fresh vegetarian fare sourced straight from the lush Roaring Fork Valley. Trendy plant-based eateries satisfy vegetarian foodies and casual diners alike.
  • Even Aspen's upscale fine dining restaurants cater to herbivores with elaborate vegetarian-tasting menus. From the quaint bakeries of downtown Aspen to the cozy bistros of Woody Creek, meatless menus abound.

Local Experiences And Culture

Aspen’s vegetarian dining scene intertwines with the community’s agricultural traditions and sustainability efforts. Many of the best restaurants maintain their own organic gardens or source straight from local Rocky Mountain ranches.

Seasonal vegetables and mountain-foraged mushrooms make frequent appearances on menus. Several establishments even host “farm-to-table” nights, where entire meals are sourced from ingredients grown within ten miles. These hyper-local dining events provide opportunities to meet area farmers and learn about regional food culture.

Some restaurants, like the Woody Creek Tavern, even offer summertime barbecue nights, serving grilled veggies alongside live music and stunning valley views.

Aspen also holds several vegetarian-focused culinary events each year. The Food and Wine Classic, which takes place every June, hosts acclaimed chefs to lead cooking demonstrations focused on plant-based cuisine.

Aspen’s also home to Meatless Mondays, a weekly event where downtown restaurants unite to serve creative vegetarian dishes. Even the Aspen Saturday Market gets in on the action, as local farmers hawk their organic produce while food trucks dish out falafel, vegan doughnuts, and more.

Nutritarian Cuisine In Aspen

Several Aspen eateries could be considered “nutritarian”—a portmanteau of “nutrition” and “vegetarian” that emphasizes wholesome, plant-based foods packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Nutritarian cuisine avoids processed ingredients, focusing instead on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Spring Cafe, a sunny downtown Aspen bistro, serves nutritarian breakfasts and lunches, like quinoa bowls brimming with roasted veggies and leafy greens. Their cold-pressed juices—like the Aspen Athlete with kale, parsley, cucumber, and Granny Smith apples—deliver a hearty dose of micronutrients.

Vegan Options In Aspen

While nutritarian establishments aim to nourish, Aspen’s upscale vegan restaurants seek to indulge. Element 47 at the Little Nell Hotel holds the distinction as Aspen’s only Forbes Five-Star restaurant, thanks partly to their extravagant vegan tasting menu. Diners can expect artful preparations like salt-baked celeriac with black garlic emulsion, maitake mushrooms, and toasted hazelnuts.

For a more casual atmosphere, Meat and Cheese offers an extensive vegan menu, including jackfruit carnitas tacos, cauliflower buffalo wings, and even house-made cashew cheese. Downtown bakery Paradise Bakery delights vegans with its iconic chocolate chip cookie, which is made dairy-free.

Vegetarian And Vegan Meals Throughout The Day

From sunrise to sundown, Aspen provides meatless options at all hours. Early risers can fuel up on breakfast burritos stuffed with tofu chorizo at the Aspen Cafe or the gluten-free, coconut-milk chia pudding parfaits at Spring Cafe. For lunch, vegetarian staples like avocado toast with radish sprouts and veggie paninis satisfy midday cravings at bakeries and cafes around town.

Locals flock to the Woody Creek Tavern to feast on their epic veggie burger topped with grilled portobello and Chimayo chili strips.

As the mountain air cools in the evening, pine-scented bistros like AJAX Tavern at the Little Nell Hotel serve warming dishes like cauliflower steaks with cashew cream and caponata relish.

Night owls can indulge in French Alpine Bistro’s decadent plant-based desserts, like their coconut milk-based creme brûlee with berries and sorbet. For late-night nibbles, Jing’s pan-Asian small plates include vegetarian dumplings, spring rolls, and lettuce wraps.

Sweet Treats: Vegetarian And Vegan Desserts In Aspen

Satisfying one’s sweet tooth poses no challenge for Aspen’s veggie-loving visitors. Gluten-free bakery Paradise Bakery crafts indulgent desserts like their flourless chocolate torte and lemon poppyseed cake. Their iconic chocolate chip cookies even come in a vegan iteration sweetened with maple syrup.

Locavore’s favorite AJAX Tavern tempts tastebuds with their rotating vegan ice cream flavors incorporating local fruits and herbs. Meat and Cheese impresses with its from-scratch vegan sweets menu, which runs the gamut from brownies to banana cream pie. For a nutritious post-dinner treat, Spring Cafe’s chia seed pudding parfaits blend coconut milk, berries, and dark chocolate.

Vegetarian And Vegan Dining Experiences In Aspen

Beyond Aspen’s year-round restaurants, visitors can savor the city’s plant-based cuisine through immersive culinary experiences. During the summer months, meatless barbecues hosted on biodynamic farms in Woody Creek offer al fresco dining with fresh veggies straight from the garden.

Aspen Food Tours leads guests on walking adventures to sample vegetarian dishes from local eateries. Aspen Meadows Resort hosts vegetarian cooking classes using seasonal ingredients from their on-site organic garden.

Their annual Vegetarian Food Festival also showcases acclaimed chefs preparing elaborate meatless menus paired with natural wines and craft beers. For quicker bites, a rotating cast of food trucks dishes out falafel, vegan doughnuts, and jackfruit tacos at locations throughout town.

Vegetarian And Vegan Fine Dining In Aspen

While Aspen boasts no shortage of laidback vegetarian eateries, several upscale venues also cater to herbivorous diners with fine vegetarian fare. Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant Element 47 crafts lavish tasting menus upon request, like their decadent potato-leek soup with white truffle and Miyagi oyster mushrooms.

Relais and Châteaux member The Little Nell, also offers an upscale vegetarian menu at their legendary Ajax Tavern, featuring dishes like sweet potato gnocchi in a pecan cream sauce.

At Matsuhisa, Nobu’s iconic sushi outpost, diners can feast on meatless maki rolls and handcrafted tofu and vegetable dishes. Wellness-focused Aspen Meadows Resort even provides personalized plant-based menus through its “Eat Well” program.

Here are a few more of the best restaurants and best food options in Aspen:

  • Crepe Shack
  • Mi Chola
  • Highlands Alehouse
  • Las Montañas
  • Paradise Bakery & Cafe
  • Pine Creek Cookhouse
  • Aspen Public House
  • Bangkok Happy Bowl Thai Bistro
  • White House Tavern
  • Aspen Tap House
  • Limelight Lounge (The Lounge at Limelight Hotel)
  • Grateful Deli


What is the best vegetarian restaurant in Aspen?

While many excellent vegetarian restaurants exist in Aspen, Element 47 at The Little Nell Hotel stands above the rest. Holding the distinction as Aspen’s only Forbes Five-Star restaurant, Element 47 crafts indulgent vegetarian tasting menus showcasing seasonal Rocky Mountain ingredients.

Where can I find the best vegan food in Aspen?

Meat and Cheese restaurant offers exceptional vegan fare, from jackfruit carnitas tacos to house-made cashew cheese. Their extensive vegan menu incorporates organic ingredients from regional farms.

What is the most romantic vegetarian restaurant in Aspen?

The French Alpine Bistro sets an elegant, romantic ambiance with its flickering fireplaces, pine-wrapped interior, and Alpine mountain views. Their vegetable-focused menu spans classic French cuisine to modern vegetarian fare. The three-course prix fixe option allows diners to sample an array of plant-based dishes.

Where can I take a vegetarian cooking class in Aspen?

Aspen Meadows Resort hosts acclaimed guest chefs to lead seasonal vegetarian cooking classes utilizing ingredients straight from their on-site organic garden. Students can learn inventive culinary techniques to implement at home.

What types of vegetarian food trucks operate in Aspen?

Vegetarian food trucks roam Aspen, serving globally inspired meatless street food. Favorites include the Falafel Cab food truck dishing out falafel pitas and hummus bowls. Veggo’s Crepes prepares sweet and savory vegetarian crepes, while Stella’s Vegan Donuts serves fluffy, dairy-free donuts in flavors like blueberry glaze and chocolate chip.


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