Affordable Comfort at Denver Hostels


Denver, Colorado, is a vibrant city known for its outdoor adventures, craft beer scene, and thriving arts and music culture. For budget-conscious travelers or those looking to meet other young explorers, Denver hostels provide an affordable and social atmosphere without sacrificing comfort or amenities.


  • Denver hostels offer affordable private rooms and shared dorms starting at around $20 per night
  • Amenities include free Wi-Fi, fully-equipped kitchens, bars, outdoor terraces, and more
  • Hostels organize community events like pub crawls, bike tours, and volunteer activities
  • Eco-friendly initiatives, local partnerships, and cultural programs integrate hostels with the city

Overview of Denver Hostels

Spread throughout downtown Denver and trendy neighborhoods like Capitol Hill and LoHi, hostels cater to solo backpackers, groups, and families. Beyond saving money on accommodation, hostels facilitate unique social experiences and immersion in local culture. Most maintain excellent ratings for security, cleanliness, staff, and facilities.

Local Experiences and Cultural Exchange

Hostels organize regular events for guests to meet fellow travelers while discovering the city. Pub crawls, sports viewings, and group dinners connect visitors with Denverites in relaxed social settings. Many hostels also coordinate paid activities like brewery and street art tours. These community events allow guests to avoid tourist traps and see Denver’s thriving local scenes.

Hostels also engage with local artists, non-profits, and businesses to support cultural exchange. Many hostels integrate into the community through art installations, volunteer initiatives, and special discounts. Work exchange programs are also available for longer-term visitors who wish to offset accommodation costs by working at the hostel.

Diverse Lodging Options

Denver hostels offer diverse lodging arrangements to suit different budgets and group sizes. Most provide co-ed and female-only dorms with bunk beds for 4 to 10 guests. Many also have private single, double, and family rooms. Denver’s oldest hostel, 11th Avenue Hostel, offers guests private and shared room lodging.

Shared dorms start around $20 per night and represent the most affordable option while fostering a social atmosphere. Female dorms also cater to solo travelers wanting extra security among other women. Book an affordable private room with average nightly rates of $50-$70 for more privacy.

Some hostels even offer suites with multiple bedrooms for big groups and families. Make sure to browse hostel deals for special rates.

Amenities and Services

From basics like free Wi-Fi, linens, and lockers to social spaces and eco-friendly practices, Denver hostels provide extensive amenities tailored toward modern travelers. Ember Hostel, for example, has a hot tub and a fire pit for guests to use.

Fully stocked communal kitchens with cooking supplies facilitate saving money on meals. Onsite bars, lounges, and public areas like outdoor terraces serve as social hubs where travelers gather for impromptu potlucks or group dinners. Many locations also offer free breakfasts like pancakes and eggs.

Eco-friendly efforts like recycling, composting, and partnerships with environmental non-profits demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Bike storage and repair stations also promote green transportation for getting around Denver.

Convenient amenities like hostel parking, round-the-clock reception desks, coin-operated laundry, and luggage storage enhance the guest experience. Some even have on-site convenience stores, tour booking services, and theater rooms.

Fostering Community in Social Spaces

Far from crowded barracks crammed with bunk beds, Denver’s hostel culture facilitates genuine human connection. Stylish, modern interiors combined with community programming turn shared areas into the soul of a hostel.

Spacious lounges with plush sofas, communal tables, fully-stocked bars, and outdoor patios provide comfortable areas for interacting with fellow travelers. Hostels utilize these spaces for community activities like trivia and karaoke nights, open mic performances, group dinners, and sports watch parties.

Many also have public computers, board game collections, movie rooms, and musical instruments for guests to enjoy. Hostels allow travelers to skip superficial pleasantries and form authentic bonds by providing the settings for meaningful interactions.

Sustainable and Cultural Initiatives

Denver hostels implement eco-friendly practices to reduce environmental impact like comprehensive recycling and composting, water reduction systems, and partnerships with sustainability-focused non-profits. Some also utilize solar panels, harvest rainwater, and repurpose materials throughout their spaces.

Hostels also celebrate local art and culture through rotating installations, community partnerships, and cultural programming. Showcasing local artists helps travelers engage with Denver’s vibrant creative community. Collaborations on volunteer projects and fundraisers allow hostels to give back to the city.

Embracing eco-consciousness and cultural exchange enhances the guest experience while demonstrating a commitment to community integration.

Safety and Security

Denver hostels emphasize round-the-clock security to ensure guest safety. Features like secure front doors with keypad locks, lockers in every room, and 24-hour staffing of reception desks prevent unauthorized entry. Many also have security cameras throughout their properties and safes at reception for storing valuables.

Despite these precautions, hostels maintain a welcoming vibe, with friendly staff available at all hours to help with anything from booking tours to giving directions. Denver hostels enable guests to relax and feel at home by taking security seriously while avoiding an institutional atmosphere.

Tips for Booking Your Stay

Hostels offer unbeatable value with nightly rates averaging 20-50% below hotels. Here are some tips for booking your stay:

  • Compare prices online: Hostel rates fluctuate frequently. Denver hostel booking sites let you quickly compare rates across different locations and dates.
  • Book early for the best deals: Prices increase closer to travel dates. Booking early secures cheaper rates and your preferred room type.
  • Read reviews from fellow travelers: Hostel review sites provide transparent assessments of facilities, cleanliness, staff, atmosphere, and more. Reviews offer insider tips from fellow travelers.
  • Reserve group bookings for big parties: To coordinate Denver hostel group bookings for your crew, contact hostels directly for special rates and packages. Most offer dedicated booking agents for large groups.
  • Also, look into Homestay Denver where you can rent rooms in private homes.

Following these tips and planning beforehand, you can select the perfect hostel for exploring Denver on a budget.


What is the best Denver hostel location?

Most Denver hostels are centrally located downtown or in popular neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, LoHi, and RiNo. Downtown locations allow easy access to top attractions. Neighborhood spots immerse you in Denver’s local culture but may involve longer transit trips.

Do Denver hostels have age limits or restrictions?

Many hostels allow guests of all ages. However, some impose age minimums like 18+ for dorms where alcohol is served. Underage guests may need to book private rooms. Contact individual hostels to confirm policies, as restrictions vary.

Are hostels safe for solo female travelers?

Yes! Most Denver hostels cater extensively to solo female travelers. Women-only dorm rooms provide secure, comfortable accommodation. Reception desks are staffed 24/7 to handle any issues. Many hostels also organize free activities welcoming solo female travelers.

If you’re a solo woman traveler or you’re traveling with women friends, look into the Paris Room at Hostel Fish, which has amazing views of Coors Field, downtown Denver, and the surrounding mountains.

How do I get to Denver hostels without a car?

Nearly all Denver hostels are accessible via public transit from Denver International Airport and Union Station. They also provide complimentary bikes and free transfers to and from transit hubs. Many offer hostel parking for drivers as well.

Can I cook meals at Denver hostels?

Yes! Hostel communal kitchens, like the one at Hostel Fish, are equipped with appliances, cookware, refrigerators, and cooking staples like oil and spices. You can cook alone or collaborate on meals with other travelers. Some hostels also offer free community meals or have Denver hostel bars and cafes onsite.

Are youth hostels only for younger travelers?

Not at all! The term “youth hostel” originally came about because of the young average age of the clientele and not as a restriction on age. Youth hostels welcome travelers of all ages.


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