Bison Peak: A Cyclist’s Haven in Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs is a mecca for cycling enthusiasts, boasting an extensive network of bike trails and infrastructure that caters to riders of all levels. With its stunning natural landscapes, year-round favorable weather, and a thriving cycling community, the city offers a unique and unforgettable experience for those seeking adventure on two wheels.


  • Colorado Springs has an impressive array of bike paths, including off-street trails, bicycle boulevards, and protected bike lanes.
  • The city's Bike Master Plan has played a crucial role in shaping the cycling infrastructure and promoting a bike-friendly environment.
  • Cyclists can explore diverse recreational opportunities, from mountain biking to road cycling, and take advantage of various community events and initiatives.

Destination Overview

Colorado Springs is a cycling paradise renowned for its extensive network of bike trails and infrastructure. The city’s commitment to promoting cycling is evident in its Bike Master Plan, which has paved the way for the development of a comprehensive cycling network. From off-street paths to bicycle boulevards and protected bike lanes, Colorado Springs offers a variety of options for cyclists of all skill levels.

Mapping and Navigation

Navigating the city’s bike routes has never been easier, thanks to the integration of technology. Cyclists can utilize tools like Google Maps, GIS mapping, and OpenStreetMap to plan their routes and explore new trails. Additionally, the Bicycle Network Analysis provides valuable insights into the most efficient and safe routes, ensuring a seamless cycling experience.

Community and Events

Colorado Springs boasts a vibrant cycling community that actively supports and promotes the sport. Volunteer mapping projects, such as those organized by local cycling groups, contribute to the continuous improvement of the city’s bike infrastructure. Furthermore, events like Bike Month celebrate the cycling culture and bring enthusiasts together for various activities and gatherings.

Safety and Services

Ensuring the safety of cyclists is a top priority in Colorado Springs. The city has implemented various safety initiatives and infrastructure updates to create a secure environment for riders. Additionally, bike-friendly amenities, such as bike lockers and bus transport options, make it easier for cyclists to integrate cycling into their daily routines.

Recreational and Touring Opportunities

Colorado Springs offers a wealth of recreational and touring opportunities for cyclists. Popular trails like the Midland Trail, Sinton Trail, and Rock Island Trail provide breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain for mountain bikers and road cyclists alike. The city’s natural landscapes, including the majestic Pikes Peak, enhance the cycling experience and offer unforgettable adventures.

Incentives and Future Developments

To further encourage cycling, Colorado Springs offers incentives such as e-bike rebates, making it more accessible and eco-friendly. Additionally, the city has plans for future developments and infrastructure updates that will continue to improve the cycling experience, solidifying its position as a premier cycling destination.


**What types of bike paths are available in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs offers a diverse range of bike paths, including off-street trails, bicycle boulevards, and protected bike lanes, catering to cyclists of all levels and preferences.

**How can I find and navigate bike routes in the city?

Cyclists can utilize various mapping tools and resources, such as Google Maps, GIS mapping, OpenStreetMap, and the Bicycle Network Analysis, to plan and navigate bike routes in Colorado Springs.

**Are there any community events or initiatives related to cycling?

Yes, Colorado Springs has an active cycling community that organizes events like Bike Month and volunteer mapping projects to promote and improve the city’s cycling infrastructure.

**What safety measures are in place for cyclists in Colorado Springs?

The city has implemented various safety initiatives and infrastructure updates to ensure the safety of cyclists, such as protected bike lanes, cycling education programs, and enforcement of traffic laws.

**Are there any incentives or future developments planned for cycling in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs offers incentives like e-bike rebates to encourage cycling, and the city has plans for future infrastructure updates and projects to further enhance the cycling experience.


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