Discover Apex Center: Recreation and Community in Colorado


As one of the nation’s premier public recreation centers designed by renowned architect Dave Hammel, Apex offers a dazzling array of attractions catering to thrill-seekers and families alike. From its world-class indoor waterpark to the exhilarating rock climbing wall overlooking the plains, Apex stimulates the senses while fostering togetherness.

Beyond the wealth of amenities lies Apex’s soul – its power to enrich lives through community, culture, and a celebration of Colorado’s natural splendor. Apex radiates Arvada’s vibrant spirit, hosting local events and programs that immerse you in authentic traditions. The center also empowers you to pursue fitness and education, with professional trainers and coordinators opening doors to growth. At Apex, recreation, enrichment, and adventure blend seamlessly to create an unforgettable family experience.


  • Apex Center offers unmatched family recreation through its indoor waterpark, ice skating rink, and adventure sports.
  • The center provides access to Arvada's local culture and community engagement opportunities.
  • State-of-the-art fitness amenities and programs promote health, education, and employment.

Arvada’s Crown Jewel for Family Recreation

As the crown jewel of Arvada’s recreational and cultural landscape, Apex Center truly has it all for families. The star attraction is the world-class indoor water park, featuring exhilarating slides, rides, and pools perfect for all ages. Glide down four-story tubes, brave the Stormy River, or relax in the leisure pool during this year-round aquatic extravaganza. When you need a break, bring the kids to the on-site child care center for arts, crafts, and age-appropriate activities.

If water isn’t your element, lace up your skates at Colorado’s only indoor ice arena. With open skating, hockey leagues, lessons, and special events, the rink offers year-round fun. Aspiring climbers can scale the towering rock wall, one of the tallest in the region, while the state-of-the-art fitness center, gymnasium, and track cater to workouts and competitive sports. From toddler programs to senior classes, Apex provides something for every age and interest.

Immersion in Arvada’s Vibrant Local Culture

Beyond world-class amenities lies the heart and soul of Apex – celebrating Arvada’s people, traditions, and natural beauty. Through special events and community programs, Apex offers windows into local life. Attend a concert showcasing Arvada talent or take a weekend art class using techniques perfected by area crafters. The annual Harvest Festival spotlights local cuisine with cooking demonstrations and fresh-from-the-farm delicacies. Children adore Arvada Day, where they learn frontier skills like gold panning.

Apex also connects you to Arvada’s sights and sounds through partnerships with cultural institutions like the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. Appreciate works from area artists or catch a homegrown theatrical production. This blending of recreation and culture – from history to cuisine – provides memorable glimpses into what makes Arvada special. It transforms Apex from an amenity hub into a celebration of community.

State-of-the-Art Amenities to Enrich Family Health

While delivering excitement for adventure-seekers, Apex also provides state-of-the-art amenities tailored to family health and wellbeing. The professionally-staffed fitness center offers strength training equipment, cardio machines with personal viewing screens, and a variety of group exercise classes to meet your needs. For aquatic exercise, enjoy the leisure and therapeutic pools. Youth can also learn the fundamentals of fitness in special kids’ classes.

To further community health, Apex provides personalized services like in-house personal training, private swim lessons, and nutrition consulting. Specialized senior fitness programs are designed to improve strength, balance, and agility. Through this blend of social, recreational, and educational fitness opportunities, Apex effectively promotes wellness for Arvadans of all ages and abilities.

Gateway to Colorado’s Great Outdoors

From thrilling indoor adventures to peaceful nature trails, Apex brings Arvada’s natural splendor indoors and outdoors. Test your mettle climbing the towering indoor rock wall, one of Colorado’s tallest, or take the challenge to new heights on the outdoor bouldering wall. Panoramic views of the Rocky Mountain Foothills provide inspiration along your ascent.

In warmer months, discover Apex’s Aquatic Park, featuring exciting water slides and a lazy river, along with children’s spray features. Adventure outdoors further through Apex’s guided programs exploring Arvada’s plains, forests, and rock formations. From hiking to biking, these sessions cater to all skill levels. Or check out the latest gear at the on-site outdoor shop before embarking on your own expedition. At Apex, the delights of Colorado’s incomparable blue skies and mountain vistas are never out of reach.

Bringing Arvada Together: Community, Events, and More

As Arvada’s central hub for recreation and enrichment, Apex Center fosters community connectedness through programs, events, and social gatherings. As a popular venue for regional tournaments and competitions, the center attracts over 1.5 million visitors annually to its state-of-the-art indoor facilities. Local nonprofits and sports teams call Apex home, further strengthening civic ties.

For memorable celebrations, Apex offers versatile spaces perfect for holiday parties, corporate functions, and special events. The Grand View Room features panoramic vistas of the Front Range, while the Peak View Room opens onto the Center’s soaring rock wall. Their all-inclusive packages and experienced event coordinators simplify planning.

Beyond events, Apex provides opportunities for Arvadans to learn, grow, and build community together. The center offers over 500 annual youth and adult programs spanning sports, recreation, arts, and education. Volunteering also strengthens connections, with positions assisting special events, eco-initiatives, educational programs, and more. At Apex, recreation becomes a vibrant gathering place that enriches lives.

Jobs, Education, and Local Impact

As one of Arvada’s largest employers and community contributors, Apex Center supports economic and educational development through job programs, partnerships, and training opportunities. Sports coordinator roles, park district employment, facility operations, and event planning comprise just a sampling of the center’s 150+ positions. Volunteers can also gain valuable experience assisting programs and administration.

Alongside jobs, Apex provides educational opportunities through its programs, camps, and community outreach. Youth explore science, technology, engineering and math concepts through the center’s STEM-based camps. Adult enrichment classes range from gardening to financial planning, aligning with local college curriculums. Apex also partners with schools and youth organizations on recreation initiatives promoting health and leadership. By investing in Arvadans’ personal and professional growth, the impacts of Apex Center extend far beyond its walls.


What types of birthday party packages does Apex offer?

Apex makes birthdays a breeze with customizable party packages to fit your style, age group and budget. Options span themed events, private room rentals, catering, and activity add-ons from swimming to rock climbing. Splash Bash packages feature reserved space at the waterpark.

How much do ice skating lessons cost at Apex Center?

Group lessons start at $12 per session, while private lessons range from $22 (30 minutes) to $40 (60 minutes). Discounted lesson packages, season passes, and skate rentals are also available.

What amenities are included with an Apex Center day pass?

Day passes provide access to the waterpark, leisure pools, rock climbing wall, fitness center, gymnasium, indoor track, and open skate times at the ice arena. Optional add-ons are available for specialty classes, climbing, and more.

Does Apex Center offer summer camps for kids?

Yes, Apex offers over 100 themed day camps spanning sports, STEM, arts, adventure, and more. The center also hires camp counselors seasonally, providing a great experience for teachers and college students.

What COVID precautions are in place at Apex?

Apex employs state-of-the-art filtration systems, frequent sanitization procedures, social distancing protocols, and mask policies tailored to current public health guidance to ensure visitor safety.


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