Eagle Tourist Attractions: What to Do in Eagle, Colorado


Eagle, Colorado, is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventures. With a population of just over 6,500 residents, Eagle has managed to maintain its small-town charm while providing visitors with a wide array of activities and attractions to enjoy.


  • Eagle, Colorado, offers a diverse range of outdoor activities and natural attractions for visitors to explore.
  • Accommodations in Eagle cater to various preferences and budgets, from cozy B&Bs to luxurious resorts.
  • Visitors can easily navigate Eagle and its surroundings using public transportation or by renting a car.

Exploring the Natural Beauty of Eagle

One of the main draws of Eagle, Colorado, is its stunning natural surroundings. The town is situated in the Eagle River Valley, surrounded by the White River National Forest, which provides a backdrop of majestic peaks and lush forests.

Hiking and Biking Trails

Eagle boasts an extensive network of hiking and biking trails suitable for all skill levels. Some popular trails include:

  • Brush Creek Trail: This moderate 6.5-mile trail offers scenic views of the Eagle River and surrounding mountains.
  • Haymaker Trail: Perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts, this 6-mile trail features challenging terrain and stunning vistas.
  • Eagle Ranch Loop: A family-friendly 2.5-mile loop that winds through open meadows and along the Eagle River.

Water Activities

The Eagle River provides ample opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and rafting. Anglers can try their luck at catching rainbow and brown trout, while thrill-seekers can embark on a whitewater rafting adventure through the river’s rapids. Local outfitters offer guided trips and equipment rentals for those looking to explore the river.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

In addition to its natural wonders, Eagle also boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage.

Museums and Historical Sites

  • Eagle County Historical Museum: Located in a restored 1931 schoolhouse, this museum showcases the area's mining, ranching, and railroad history.
  • Chambers Park: This park features a preserved log cabin from the early 1900s, offering a glimpse into the lives of Eagle's early settlers.

Local Art and Music Scene

Eagle’s vibrant art and music scene is evident in its numerous galleries and live music venues. The town hosts several annual events, such as the Eagle ARTwalk and the Eagle Outside Festival, which celebrate local artists and musicians.

Stay & Plan

Accommodation Options

Eagle offers a range of accommodation options to suit various preferences and budgets:

  • Hotels: The Comfort Inn & Suites and the AmericInn by Wyndham provide comfortable rooms and amenities.
  • B&Bs: The Hitching Post Bed & Breakfast offers a cozy and intimate stay in a historic building.
  • Vacation Rentals: Visitors can find numerous vacation rentals, from condos to cabins, through platforms like Airbnb and VRBO.

Dining and Shopping

Eagle’s dining scene showcases a variety of local and international cuisines. Some must-try restaurants include:

  • The Dusty Boot Saloon & Steakhouse: Known for its mouthwatering steaks and lively atmosphere.
  • Bonfire Brewing: A local craft brewery that serves delicious pub fare alongside its signature beers.

For shopping, visitors can explore the shops along Broadway Street, which offer a mix of local goods, outdoor gear, and souvenirs.

Transportation Tips

Eagle is easily accessible by car, with Interstate 70 running just north of the town. Visitors can also take advantage of the ECO Transit bus service, which connects Eagle to nearby towns and ski resorts. For those looking to explore the surrounding areas, renting a car is recommended.

Outdoor Adventures Beyond Eagle

Nearby Attractions

Eagle’s central location makes it an ideal base for exploring other nearby attractions:

  • Vail Ski Resort: Located just 30 miles east of Eagle, Vail is one of Colorado's most famous ski resorts, offering world-class skiing and snowboarding.
  • Sylvan Lake State Park: This scenic park, situated 15 miles south of Eagle, features a 42-acre lake surrounded by hiking trails and picnic areas.

Seasonal Activities

Eagle’s outdoor activities vary depending on the season:

  • Winter: Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and ice skating are popular winter activities.
  • Summer: Hiking, biking, fishing, and golfing at the Eagle Ranch Golf Club are favorite summer pastimes.
  • Fall: Visitors can enjoy scenic drives to witness the stunning fall foliage and participate in events like the Eagle Ranch Pumpkin Patch.


What is the best time of year to visit Eagle, Colorado?

The best time to visit Eagle depends on your preferred activities. Winter is ideal for skiing and snowboarding, while summer is perfect for hiking, biking, and water activities. Fall offers beautiful foliage and mild temperatures.

Are there any family-friendly activities in Eagle?

Yes, Eagle offers several family-friendly activities, such as the Eagle Ranch Loop trail, the Eagle County Historical Museum, and the Eagle Ranch Pumpkin Patch in the fall.

How can I experience Eagle’s natural beauty without extensive hiking?

Visitors can enjoy Eagle’s natural beauty through scenic drives, picnics in parks like Chambers Park, or by taking a leisurely stroll along the Eagle River.

What are some must-try local dishes in Eagle?

Some must-try local dishes include the steaks at The Dusty Boot Saloon & Steakhouse and the craft beers and pub fare at Bonfire Brewing.

Tips for first-time visitors to Eagle, Colorado?

  • Pack layers and be prepared for varying weather conditions, especially if visiting during the shoulder seasons.
  • Make reservations for accommodations and popular restaurants in advance, particularly during peak seasons.
  • Take advantage of the free ECO Transit bus service to explore the town and nearby areas.
  • Respect the environment and follow Leave No Trace principles when enjoying outdoor activities.


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