Local Breweries in Pueblo: Craft Beer Scene


Pueblo, Colorado, boasts a thriving craft beer scene with four unique breweries offering diverse flavors and experiences. From traditional lagers to innovative ales, these local establishments have become integral parts of the community, providing delicious beverages and serving as gathering places for events like happy hour and live entertainment, and serving food made from local ingredients.


  • Pueblo's breweries offer a wide variety of beer styles, from classic European lagers to experimental IPAs and stouts.
  • These breweries prioritize sustainability and local sourcing, partnering with nearby farms and suppliers.
  • Pueblo's breweries serve as community hubs, hosting events, live music, and collaborations with local businesses and artists.

Exploring Pueblo’s Craft Beer Scene

The Rise of Craft Breweries in Pueblo

Pueblo’s craft beer scene has experienced significant growth in recent years, with four breweries now calling the city home. These establishments have contributed to the local economy and become popular destinations for residents and tourists alike.

Signature Brews and Unique Offerings

Each of Pueblo’s breweries offers its own distinct lineup of beers, with many earning awards and recognition. Some notable offerings include:

  • Brues Alehouse's Exp. 472 Hazy IPA, a pillowy, tropical fruit-forward beer
  • Shamrock Brewing Company's Irish Red, a malty, toasty brew with a dry finish
  • Walter Brewing Company's Original Premium Pre-Prohibition American Pilsner, based on an 1800s German recipe
  • Reservoir Brewing's rotating selection of seasonal and experimental beers

Breweries as Community Hubs

Pueblo’s breweries are more than just places to grab a pint; they serve as gathering spots for the community. These establishments regularly host events, live music performances, happy hour, and collaborations with local businesses and artists, fostering a sense of camaraderie and pride in the city.

Sustainability and Innovation

Eco-Friendly Brewing Practices

Many of Pueblo’s breweries prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Brues Alehouse, for example, utilizes a reverse-osmosis water treatment system to better replicate the water profiles of German and Czech-inspired lagers.

Local Sourcing and Farm-to-Tap Movement

Pueblo’s breweries often partner with local farms and suppliers to source ingredients, ensuring freshness and supporting the local economy. This farm-to-tap approach enhances the quality of the beers and allows for unique, seasonal offerings.

Innovation in Brewing Techniques

Breweries in Pueblo are not afraid to experiment with non-traditional ingredients and brewing methods. From incorporating local Pueblo chiles into beers to barrel-aging and souring techniques, these establishments continuously push the boundaries of what craft beer can be.

Craft Brewery Tours and Tasting Experiences

Guided Craft Brewery Tours

Many of Pueblo’s breweries offer guided tours, providing visitors with an inside look at the brewing process and the history behind each establishment. These tours often include samples of signature beers and the opportunity to meet the brewers themselves.

Tasting Rooms and Taprooms

Each local brewery in Pueblo features its own unique tasting room or taproom, with atmospheres ranging from cozy and rustic to modern and industrial. These spaces are designed to showcase the beers and provide a comfortable environment for patrons to socialize and enjoy their drinks. From the patio of Brues Beer Garden to the live events at Brues Alehouse, every beer lover will find food infused with the flavor of local ingredients and a variety of brews on tap.

Special Events and Local Beer Festivals

Pueblo’s breweries regularly participate in and host special events and local beer festivals throughout the year. These events provide opportunities for visitors to sample a wide variety of beers, meet other craft beer enthusiasts, and celebrate the city’s thriving brewing scene.

Supporting Local Breweries

The Importance of Supporting Local

By supporting Pueblo’s local breweries, patrons enjoy high-quality, handcrafted beers and contribute to the community’s economic growth and vitality. These establishments provide jobs, attract tourists, and foster a sense of local pride and identity.

How to Support Local Breweries

There are many ways to support Pueblo’s local breweries beyond simply visiting and purchasing their beers. Patrons can also:

  • Purchase merchandise and gift cards
  • Participate in local brewery membership programs or clubs
  • Attend special events and festivals
  • Spread the word and recommend the breweries to friends and family


What are the must-visit breweries in Pueblo, Colorado?

The four must-visit breweries in Pueblo are Brues Alehouse Brewing Company, Shamrock Brewing Company, Walter Brewing Company, and Reservoir Brewing.

Can you take children to breweries in Pueblo?

Many of Pueblo’s breweries are family-friendly and allow children in designated areas, such as outdoor patios or dining rooms. However, it’s always best to check with the individual brewery beforehand.

Are there any breweries in Pueblo that offer food options?

Yes, several breweries in Pueblo offer food menus in addition to their beer selections. For example, Brues Alehouse and Shamrock Brewing Company feature a full lunch and dinner menu in the brewery restaurant.

What are some unique beers that you can find in Pueblo’s breweries?

Some unique beers found in Pueblo’s breweries include Walter Brewing Company‘s Pueblo Chile Beer, Shamrock Brewing Company’s Solar Coffee Stout, and Brues Alehouse’s Exp. 472 Hazy IPA.

How can I find out about events hosted by Pueblo Breweries?

The best way to stay informed about events hosted by Pueblo Breweries is to follow them on social media, visit their websites, or sign up for their email newsletters. Many breweries regularly update their online presence with upcoming events and special releases.


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