Logan County, Colorado: An Overview of Its Communities


Logan County, Colorado, is a vibrant agricultural community with a rich history and diverse cultural heritage. Spanning 1,845 square miles, Logan County is home to 21,528 residents as of the 2020 census. The county seat, Sterling, serves as the economic and cultural hub of the region, while smaller towns like Peetz, Crook, Fleming, and Merino add their own unique charm to the county’s landscape.


  • Logan County is a significant agricultural center in Colorado, with nearly 900 farms as of 20122.
  • Sterling, the county seat, is home to 18,211 residents and serves as the main economic and cultural center.
  • The county boasts natural wonders like the South Platte River and the Pawnee National Grassland, offering diverse outdoor recreational opportunities.

Exploring the Cities and Towns of Logan County

Sterling: The County Seat

Sterling, incorporated in 1884, became the county seat of Logan County in 1887. As the largest city in the county, Sterling serves as the primary economic driver, with a strong agricultural presence and a growing retail and healthcare sector. The city is home to several key attractions, such as the Overland Trail Museum, which preserves the county’s rich history.

Smaller Towns with Big Charms

Logan County’s smaller towns, including Peetz, Crook, Fleming, and Merino, each contribute to the county’s unique character and economy.

  • Peetz, located near the Nebraska border, has a population of 2272.
  • Crook, situated along the South Platte River, is home to 110 residents.
  • Fleming, with a population of 408, lies along US Highway 6 in the eastern part of the county.
  • Merino, another South Platte River town, has 284 residents.

These tight-knit communities offer a glimpse into small-town life and serve as important agricultural centers within the county.

Natural Wonders, State Parks, and Outdoor Adventures

Logan County’s natural beauty provides ample opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. The South Platte River, which bisects the county, is a popular destination for fishing, boating, and enjoying the scenic beauty. The Pawnee National Grassland, located partially within Logan County, allows visitors to explore the unique prairie ecosystem and witness the area’s diverse wildlife. The North Sterling State Park is centered around the North Sterling Reservoir, which has excellent conditions for water sports and fishing.

Cultural and Historical Insights

The Overland Trail Museum in Sterling is a must-visit for those interested in Logan County’s history. The museum preserves artifacts and exhibits that showcase the county’s development and the lives of its early settlers. The Logan County Fair, a long-standing tradition, celebrates the community’s agricultural roots and brings residents together for festivities and events.

Economic Landscape

Agriculture has been the backbone of Logan County’s economy since its creation in 1887. With nearly 900 farms as of 2012, the county continues to be a significant producer of crops like corn, alfalfa, and sugar beets. The advent of modern irrigation techniques, such as center-pivot irrigation, has allowed farmers to expand their cropland and increase productivity.

Education and Community Services

Logan County is served by several school districts, ensuring access to quality education for its residents. The county also offers a range of public services and healthcare facilities, including Sterling Regional MedCenter, to meet the needs of the community. Numerous community organizations and volunteer opportunities allow residents to get involved and contribute to the county’s well-being.

Events and Festivals

  • The Logan County Fair and Rodeo, held annually, is a staple of local culture and showcases the county's agricultural heritage.
  • Sugar Beet Days, another annual event, celebrates the importance of sugar beets to the county's economy and history.

Throughout the year, various seasonal events and festivals highlight the best of what Logan County has to offer, making it an attractive destination for visitors and residents alike.


What are the main attractions in Sterling, Colorado?

Sterling, the county seat of Logan County, is home to the Overland Trail Museum, which preserves the area’s rich history. The city also serves as a hub for retail and healthcare services in the region.

Can you explore the Pawnee National Grassland within Logan County?

Yes, a portion of the Pawnee National Grassland is located within Logan County, offering visitors the opportunity to explore the unique prairie ecosystem and observe diverse wildlife.

What are the economic drivers for Logan County?

Agriculture has been the primary economic driver for Logan County since its creation in 1887. The county is a significant producer of crops like corn, alfalfa, and sugar beets.

How does Logan County celebrate its agricultural roots?

Logan County celebrates its agricultural heritage through annual events like the Logan County Fair and Rodeo and Sugar Beet Days.

What community services are available in Logan County?

Logan County offers a range of public services, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions to serve its residents. Sterling Regional MedCenter is one of the main healthcare providers in the county.

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