Pueblo Transit: Bus Routes and Services


Pueblo Transit, the public transportation system serving Pueblo, Colorado, has provided safe and reliable community transit services since 1971. With a fleet of over 20 buses, Pueblo Transit plays a crucial role in connecting residents to work, school, healthcare, and other essential services throughout the city.


  • Pueblo Transit offers 11 fixed bus routes covering major areas of Pueblo
  • The transit system provides accessible services for individuals with disabilities through the Citi-Lift program.
  • Pueblo Transit has implemented eco-friendly initiatives and continues to plan for future expansions and improvements.

Understanding Pueblo Transit’s Network

Pueblo Transit operates 11 fixed bus routes that cover major areas of the city, including downtown, Pueblo Mall, Belmont, and Lake Avenue. These routes run from approximately 6:00 am to 6:30 pm on weekdays and 8:00 am to 6:30 pm on Saturdays.

In addition to the fixed route services, Pueblo Transit offers the Citi-Lift program, a complementary ADA paratransit service for individuals with disabilities who are unable to use the regular fixed route buses. Citi-Lift operates during the same hours as the fixed route service and provides door-to-door transportation within the city limits.

Planning Your Journey with Pueblo Transit

To plan your trip with Pueblo Transit, you can:

  • Visit the Pueblo Transit website for route maps, schedules, and real-time bus tracking
  • Use Google Maps or other transit planning apps to find the best route for your needs.
  • Call Pueblo Transit's customer service line at 719-553-2725 for assistance.

Fares for Pueblo Transit are $1.25 for a single ride, with discounted rates available for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and students. You can pay with exact change on the bus or purchase passes online or at the Pueblo Transit Center.

The Significance of Public Transportation in Pueblo

Public transportation is vital to Pueblo’s economy, environment, and social well-being. By providing affordable and accessible transportation options, Pueblo Transit:

  • Connects residents to job opportunities and essential services
  • Reduces traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promotes social equity and community building

Pueblo Transit has implemented several eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as using biodiesel fuel and installing bike racks on buses.

Staying Informed: Real-Time Updates and Alerts

To stay informed about service changes, delays, or other important information, you can:

  • Check the Pueblo Transit website or social media channels for updates
  • Sign up for email or text alerts through the Pueblo Transit website.
  • Call the customer service line at 719-553-2725 for current information.

Pueblo Transit is continuously working to improve the user experience through technology, such as real-time bus tracking and mobile ticketing options.

Integration with Other Modes of Transportation

Pueblo Transit connects with other regional transportation services, such as Greyhound and Amtrak, at the Pueblo Transit Center. The transit system also partners with local organizations to provide shuttle services for special events and food distribution programs.

Several park-and-ride facilities are available throughout the city, allowing commuters to easily combine driving with public transit.

Community Engagement and Feedback

Pueblo Transit values community input and offers various opportunities for public involvement in transit planning, such as:

  • Public meetings and workshops
  • Online surveys and comment forms
  • Social media engagement

The transit system uses customer feedback to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance its services.

Future of Pueblo Transit: Innovations and Expansions

Pueblo Transit is committed to continuously improving and expanding its services to meet the growing needs of the community. Some of the future plans include:

  • Upgrading the bus fleet with newer, more efficient vehicles
  • Expanding route coverage to underserved areas
  • Implementing advanced technology solutions for enhanced rider experience

Funding for these improvements comes from a combination of federal grants, state funds, and local sales tax revenue.


How do I find the best route for my needs using Pueblo Transit?

You can use the trip planner on the Pueblo Transit website, Google Maps, or other transit apps to find the best route for your specific needs. Enter your starting location and destination; the tool will provide you with the most efficient bus route options.

What are the fare options, and how do I purchase tickets?

Pueblo Transit offers single-ride fares for $1.25 and daily, 22-ride, and 35-day passes. You can pay with exact change on the bus or purchase passes online or at the Pueblo Transit Center.

Are there any discounts available for students, seniors, or veterans?

Yes, Pueblo Transit offers reduced fares for seniors (60+), individuals with disabilities, and students. Please visit the Pueblo Transit website or contact customer service to learn more about eligibility and how to obtain discounted passes.

How does Pueblo Transit accommodate passengers with disabilities?

Pueblo Transit provides accessible fixed-route buses equipped with ramps or lifts for individuals with mobility devices. The Citi-Lift program offers door-to-door paratransit services for those unable to use the regular buses. Contact Pueblo Transit at 719-553-2725 to apply for Citi-Lift or learn more about their services.

What should I do if I encounter a problem or have a complaint about Pueblo Transit services?

If you experience any issues or have concerns about Pueblo Transit services, contact the customer service line at 719-553-2725 or submit a comment through the website. Pueblo Transit takes customer feedback seriously and uses it to improve its services.


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