Stratton, Colorado: Insights into Its Economy and Community Life


Stratton, Colorado, a small town with a population of roughly 600, is located 150 miles east of Denver along Interstate 70 in Kit Carson County. Established on April 15, 1917, Stratton is primarily an agriculture-based community, with farming and ranching playing a significant role in its economy.


  • Stratton's economy is shaped by agriculture and local businesses, such as the local CO-OP.
  • The town offers a variety of recreational activities and community events for residents and visitors.
  • Stratton is named after Winfield Scott Stratton, a millionaire known for his humble generosity.

Historical Overview of Stratton

The Founding and Early Years

Stratton was founded when the railroad came through the area, and its roots are deeply connected to the railroad industry. The town was named after Winfield Scott Stratton, also known as “Mr. Gold,” who was the first millionaire in the Cripple Creek Mining District. It is a statutory town in Kit Carson County, Colorado.

Stratton Through the Decades

Over the years, Stratton has experienced various economic and social changes. The town once had a famous hotel, the Collins Hotel, where baseball legend Babe Ruth stayed. Despite the changes, Stratton remains a community founded on the right principles, with residents aspiring to be known for their generosity, much like the town’s namesake.

Stratton’s Economy and Local Businesses

Agriculture’s Role

Agriculture is the backbone of Stratton’s economy, with farming and ranching being the primary activities. The town is surrounded by rolling wheat fields and irrigated corn fields, showcasing the importance of agriculture in the region.

Local Businesses and Services

The local CO-OP is a significant employer in Stratton, owning several businesses such as the Ampride fuel station, Ace Hardware store, Car Center, and NAPA. These businesses provide job opportunities for newcomers and contribute to the town’s economic stability.

Community Life in Stratton

Educational Institutions

Stratton School District takes pride in providing a meaningful educational experience for the youth and adults of the community. The town has a public high school and middle school, ensuring access to education for local residents.

Recreational Activities and Events

Stratton offers various recreational activities and facilities for residents and visitors:

  • A pool for kids and families.
  • A park for picnics and leisure play.
  • The Claremont Inn & Winery for a nice night out.
  • An activity building for events of all kinds.

The town also has several dining options, such as Handi’s, American Legion, and Ampride.

Stratton’s Natural Environment

Geography and Climate

Stratton is located on the eastern plains of Colorado, just 30 miles from the Kansas-Colorado state line. The town experiences a typical climate for the region, which impacts local life and agriculture.

Wildlife and Conservation Efforts

The Stratton area is renowned throughout the state for its excellent hunting opportunities, particularly for deer, antelope, and pheasants. Local conservation initiatives and environmental protection measures help maintain the natural habitats and wildlife in the region.

Infrastructure and Transportation

Roadways and Accessibility

Stratton is easily accessible, located right off Interstate 70 at mile marker 419. The commute time to Denver is roughly two hours, making it convenient for residents and visitors to travel to and from the town.


What are the main economic activities in Stratton, Colorado?

The main economic activities in Stratton are agriculture, particularly farming and ranching, and local businesses owned by the CO-OP, such as the Ampride fuel station, Ace Hardware store, Car Center, and NAPA.

How does the community of Stratton engage in local events and festivals?

Stratton has an activity building where events of all kinds can be held. The community comes together for various gatherings, fostering a sense of togetherness and celebration.

What educational facilities are available in Stratton?

Stratton has a public high school and middle school, providing educational opportunities for the youth and adults in the community.

Are there any notable historical sites in Stratton that you can visit?

While Stratton doesn’t have any specific historical sites mentioned, the town itself is rich in history, having been founded when the railroad came through and named after the millionaire Winfield Scott Stratton.

What outdoor activities can visitors and residents enjoy in Stratton?

Visitors and residents can enjoy excellent hunting opportunities in the Stratton area, particularly for deer, antelope, and pheasants. The town also has a pool and a park for outdoor recreation and leisure activities.


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