Top Georgetown Tourist Attractions: Outdoor and Cultural Spots


Georgetown, a former silver mining town in Clear Creek County’s Rocky Mountains, has transformed into a premier outdoor adventure destination. With its rich history, stunning natural scenery, and abundance of recreational activities, this charming town offers visitors an unforgettable experience.


  • Georgetown boasts a fascinating silver mining heritage, showcased through historic sites and the iconic Georgetown Loop railroad.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in a wide range of activities, including hiking, gold panning, and exploring the majestic Rocky Mountains.
  • The town's vibrant culture, local cuisine, and craft beer scene provide a unique taste of Colorado's mountain lifestyle.

Destination Overview

Situated at an elevation of 8,530 feet, Georgetown is a true gem in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Originally founded in 1859 during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, the town quickly became a thriving silver mining center, earning the nickname “Silver Queen of Colorado.” Today, Georgetown’s well-preserved Victorian-era buildings and the iconic Georgetown Loop railroad serve as reminders of its rich Rocky Mountain mining heritage and the Colorado gold rush.

Local Experiences and Culture

Georgetown offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the authentic mountain lifestyle. Explore the town’s charming main street, lined with unique shops, galleries, and restaurants serving up delectable local cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of the town’s lively cultural events, such as the annual Bighorn Sheep Festival or the Georgetown Christmas Market, where you can experience the warmth and hospitality of the local community.

Outdoor Adventures

With its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and the Clear Creek County wilderness, Georgetown is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Embark on a hike along the scenic Guanella Pass, where you can marvel at the breathtaking vistas and perhaps catch a glimpse of the majestic bighorn sheep. For a true challenge, tackle one of the nearby 14ers, such as Mount Elbert, Gray’s Peak, or Torrey’s Peak. Alternatively, try your hand at gold panning or take a guided mine tour to experience the area’s Rocky Mountain mining history firsthand.

Historical Significance

Georgetown’s silver mining legacy is deeply woven into its fabric. The town’s historic district, with its well-preserved buildings and the iconic Georgetown Loop railroad, offers a glimpse into the past. The Georgetown Loop, a remarkable feat of engineering, was once a vital transportation link for the silver mining industry. Today, it serves as a popular tourist attraction, offering scenic rides through the rugged mountain landscape.

Seasonal Attractions

While Georgetown is a year-round destination, autumn in Colorado is a truly special time to visit. The changing colors of the aspen trees create a stunning natural display, painting the surrounding mountains in hues of gold and crimson. During this season, the town comes alive with various events and activities, such as fall festivals, harvest celebrations, and scenic drives along the nearby Guanella Pass.

Adventure and Exploration

Georgetown offers a wealth of opportunities for adventure and exploration of the Colorado Rockies. Embark on a guided mine tour to experience the underground world of the area’s silver mining history. Alternatively, challenge yourself with a hike to one of the nearby 14ers, such as Mount Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado. For a more leisurely experience, try your hand at gold panning in the crystal-clear waters of Clear Creek.

Culinary and Craft Beer Scene

Georgetown’s culinary scene is a delightful blend of local flavors and mountain-inspired cuisine. From cozy cafes to upscale restaurants, you’ll find a variety of dining options to satisfy every palate. Don’t miss the chance to sample the town’s thriving craft beer scene, with several local breweries offering unique and flavorful brews.

Conservation and Preservation

Georgetown takes great pride in preserving its natural and historical treasures. Local organizations and state agencies work tirelessly to conserve the area’s pristine wilderness and protect its historic sites. As a visitor, you can contribute to these efforts by following responsible tourism practices, such as staying on designated trails and respecting the fragile mountain environment.


What is the best time to visit Georgetown?

While Georgetown is a year-round destination, the summer and fall months are particularly popular due to the mild weather and abundance of outdoor activities. However, winter also offers its own charm, with opportunities for skiing and snowshoeing in the nearby Colorado Rockies.

How can I experience the history of silver mining at Georgetown?

To immerse yourself in the town’s mining legacy, take a guided mine tour, visit the Hotel de Paris Museum, or ride the historic Georgetown Loop railroad.

Are there any special events or festivals in Georgetown?

Georgetown hosts several annual events, including the Bighorn Sheep Festival in November, the Georgetown Christmas Market in December, and various summer festivals and concerts.

What outdoor activities are available in the Georgetown area?

Hiking, gold panning, mountain biking, fishing, and exploring the nearby ghost towns are just a few of the many outdoor activities available in and around Georgetown.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when exploring the Rocky Mountains?

Always be prepared for rapidly changing weather conditions, carry proper gear and supplies, and stay on designated trails. It’s also advisable to check with local authorities for any advisories or closures before embarking on your adventure.


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