Understanding Paoli, Colorado: A Small Agricultural Town


Paoli, a tiny town in Phillips County, Colorado, is named after the slightly larger Paoli, Pennsylvania. With a population of just 46 residents as of the 2021 census, Paoli is one of the smallest towns in Colorado, if not the United States.


  • Paoli is a small agricultural community in northeastern Colorado
  • The town is named after Paoli, Pennsylvania
  • As of 2010, Paoli had a population of just 34 residents

Exploring the Geography and Climate of Paoli

Paoli is located in the northeastern corner of Colorado, situated in the high plains region. The town experiences a semi-arid climate, with hot summers and cold winters typical of this area of North America. The area receives limited rainfall, which can impact agricultural activities.

Historical Context and Development

Little information is available about the founding and historical evolution of Paoli. As a small rural community, it has likely maintained its agricultural roots throughout its history.

Economic Landscape and Employment

Agriculture plays a significant role in Paoli’s economy, as is common in many small rural communities in Colorado. The town’s location in the high plains makes it suitable for various agricultural activities, such as farming and ranching.

Cultural and Recreational Activities

Due to its small size, Paoli has limited information about specific festivals, events, or recreational facilities. However, the town’s rural setting may offer outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, or fishing opportunities in the surrounding areas. There is a small city park with lighted tennis courts, which residents also use for skating and basketball.

Education and Local Schools

Given Paoli’s small population, it does not have its own schools. A student in Paoli may attend school in nearby larger towns or participate in homeschooling or online education programs.

Infrastructure and Transportation

As a small town in rural America, Paoli has basic infrastructure and services, such as roads and utilities. However, specific details about the town’s transportation network and future infrastructure projects are not readily available. There is a town hall, post office, and a few small businesses. Individuals must travel to nearby urban areas for a supply of food and medicine, school, and work. As a result, many individuals in this community have a daily commute of at least 30 minutes. Car ownership is higher than the national average, with an average of 4 per household in Paoli.

Local Governance and Community Initiatives

Due to Paoli’s small size, information about its local government structure and community-led initiatives is limited. However, like many small communities, residents may come together to address local issues and support one another. There are no advertised plans for land development, and it seems that community members are making every effort to keep that rural country town feeling.


What are the main economic drivers in Paoli, Colorado?

Given its location in the high plains region of Colorado, agriculture is likely the primary economic driver in Paoli. Farming and ranching activities are common in the area.

How does Paoli, Colorado, celebrate its cultural heritage?

Due to its small size, Paoli has limited information about specific cultural celebrations or events. The town’s heritage is likely tied to its agricultural roots and rural lifestyle. This place does not have the infrastructure to host large gatherings, so it does not receive many visitors. Paoli has no formal cultural organizations, and local business development is minimal.

What recreational activities can be found in Paoli, Colorado?

While specific recreational facilities in Paoli are not well-documented, the town’s rural setting may provide opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, or fishing in the surrounding areas. Each person in the community plays an important role, with residents often meeting at the local park to play sports in the lighted tennis courts or participate in the town council.

What educational facilities are available in Paoli, Colorado?

Given Paoli’s small population, the town does not have its own schools. Students may attend schools in nearby larger towns or participate in alternative education options like homeschooling or online programs.

How is the community of Paoli, Colorado, involved in local governance?

Due to Paoli’s small size, information about community involvement in local governance is limited. However, like many small towns, residents actively participate in making decisions and community initiatives. There is a town board and mayor but no law enforcement.

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