Boone, Colorado: An Agricultural Community in Pueblo County


Boone, Colorado is a small unincorporated community in Pueblo County. It has a population of just 339 as of the 2020 census and covers a land area of just 248 acres (less than one-half a square mile). Nearby cities include Pueblo, Fountain, Colorado City, and Colorado Springs.


  • Boone is a rural small town community in southeastern Colorado known for its agricultural heritage.
  • The town was named after pioneer Daniel Boone, though he had no direct connection to the area.
  • Boone's economy is primarily driven by agriculture, with major crops including hay, sorghum, and melons.

Geographic Context and Climate

  • Located in the Arkansas River Valley of southeastern Colorado, about 20 miles east of Pueblo.
  • Semi-arid climate with hot summers and mild winters.
  • The best times to visit are spring and fall, where you'll find mild weather and local festivals on average.

Historical Overview

  • Boone was founded in the late 1800s as a railroad town along the Missouri Pacific Railroad. It is one of the older cities in the state.
  • The community was named after the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone, though he never explored the area.
  • Agriculture has been the mainstay of Boone's economy since its early days when Native American people lived in the region.

Economic Landscape

  • Agriculture remains the primary industry, with irrigated farmland producing hay, sorghum, melons, and other crops.
  • Local businesses serve the agricultural community and travelers along U.S. Highway 50 that runs through the small town.

Cultural and Recreational Activities

  • Boone hosts the Arkansas Valley Fair in August each year. The fair features plenty of exhibits, rodeos, and live entertainment.
  • The nearby Arkansas River offers fishing and boating opportunities.
  • Boone is located on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, which is popular with long-distance cyclists.

Education and Community Services

  • Boone is served by the Pueblo County School District, with approximately 10,000 students enrolled overall.
  • The Boone Volunteer Fire Department provides emergency services to the community.
  • Trash service is arranged through Pueblo County's providers.

Transportation and Accessibility

  • U.S. Highway 50 runs through Boone, connecting it to Pueblo and points east.
  • The town is accessible by car, with limited public transportation options.

Local Governance and Civic Engagement

  • As an unincorporated community, Boone is governed by the Pueblo County Board of Commissioners.
  • Residents can participate in county-level decision-making and volunteer with local organizations.


What is the population of Boone, Colorado?

As of the 2020 census, Boone had a population of 339.

What are the main economic drivers in Boone?

Agriculture is the primary industry in Boone, with crops such as hay, sorghum, and melons being grown in the surrounding farmland.

What recreational facilities are available in Boone?

The nearby Arkansas River provides opportunities for fishing and boating, and Boone is located along the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.

How does Boone’s climate affect its agriculture?

Boone’s semi-arid climate, with hot summers and mild winters, is suitable for growing a variety of crops with irrigation from the Arkansas River.

What are some annual community events in Boone?

The Arkansas Valley Fair, which is held each August, is a major event featuring exhibits, rodeos, and live entertainment that celebrates the agricultural heritage of Boone and the surrounding region.


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