Colorado College: An Overview


Colorado College is a highly selective liberal arts college located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with an acceptance rate of around 16%.


  • Colorado College offers a unique Block Plan academic schedule, allowing students to take one class at a time for 3.5 weeks.
  • The college is situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains, providing easy access to outdoor adventures like hiking, skiing, and mountain biking.
  • Students benefit from small class sizes, hands-on learning opportunities, and a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Destination Overview

While on your college search, you may want to consider this community college within the Rocky Mountain area of Colorado. Located in Southern Colorado, current and future students get a chance to earn a degree while living in one of the most beautiful locations within the United States.

Colorado College stands out for its innovative Block Plan, where students take one class at a time for an intensive 3.5-week period. This immersive approach fosters deep engagement with course material and allows for field studies, research projects, and experiential learning.

The college’s liberal arts curriculum encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and interdisciplinary exploration across subjects like creative writing, music industry, regional cooking, and more.

Beyond academics, Colorado College’s location in Colorado Springs offers unparalleled access to outdoor adventures. Students can hike trails in the nearby Garden of the Gods or Pike’s Peak, go skiing at local resorts, or explore mountain biking routes. The city’s vibrant arts and culture scene, including community service opportunities and cultural events, further enriches the student experience. Be sure to pick up a campus map when visiting the school.

Local Experiences and Culture

Immersing in the local culture is an integral part of life at Colorado College. Students can engage with the Colorado Springs community through volunteer work, attend cultural festivals celebrating regional traditions, and explore the city’s diverse culinary offerings. From farm-to-table restaurants showcasing regional cooking to art galleries and live music venues, there are ample opportunities to appreciate the area’s rich heritage.

On campus, student organizations and events celebrate various cultures, fostering a sense of inclusivity and global awareness. The college’s commitment to sustainability also extends to local initiatives, such as community gardens and environmental education programs.

Outdoor Adventures

With its prime location at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado College offers endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking trails like the Manitou Incline and the trails in Garden of the Gods are popular among students seeking scenic routes and challenging terrain. During the winter months, nearby ski resorts like Breckenridge and Vail provide world-class skiing and snowboarding experiences.

For those interested in mountain biking, the Colorado Springs area boasts an extensive network of trails suitable for all skill levels. Clubs and organizations on campus facilitate campus recreation and group outings while providing resources for planning outdoor adventures. This ensures that the student body can make the most of the region’s natural wonders.

Academic Excellence

Colorado College’s academic programs are renowned for their rigor and innovative approach. The Block Plan allows for in-depth exploration of subjects, with small class sizes and close faculty mentorship. Students can pursue an undergraduate degree in environmental studies, computer science, social science, liberal arts, computer science, and creative writing, among others.

The college’s Student Collaborative Research (SCoRe) Program provides opportunities for undergraduates to engage in hands-on research projects under the guidance of faculty mentors. Study abroad programs offer global learning experiences, while initiatives like the Public Interest Fellowship Program connect students with internships at organizations like the ACLU and local non-profits.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

Colorado College is at the forefront of sustainability and environmental stewardship efforts. The campus itself is designed with eco-friendly principles, featuring LEED-certified buildings and sustainable landscaping practices. Students can get involved in initiatives like the Beaver Restoration Project, which aims to reintroduce beavers to local ecosystems, or the Indigenous Leadership Program, which promotes environmental conservation through indigenous perspectives.

Academic programs like Environmental Studies and Biology offer courses and research opportunities focused on sustainability, conservation, and environmental justice. The college’s commitment to these values extends beyond the classroom, with student-led organizations and community service projects dedicated to environmental causes.

Creative and Cultural Expression

Colorado College fosters an environment that celebrates creative and cultural expression. The college’s creative writing program offers workshops, readings, and opportunities for students to hone their craft. The Music Department provides courses in music industry studies, performance ensembles, and recording studio experiences.

Students interested in exploring regional culinary traditions can take classes in regional cooking, learning about the history and techniques behind local cuisines. The college’s Special Collections and Archives house rare manuscripts, codices, and other historical texts, allowing students to engage in digital text preservation and analysis.

Innovation and Future Trends

Colorado College stays ahead of the curve by offering programs and initiatives focused on emerging trends and technologies. The Computer Science department includes courses in cryptography and cryptocurrency media, preparing students for careers in cybersecurity and digital finance.

The college’s innovative approach extends to fields like medical research, with opportunities for students to participate in human cadaver dissection labs and explore cutting-edge techniques. Programs in digital text preservation and analysis equip students with skills for preserving and studying historical documents in the digital age.

Financial Aid

To start the financial aid process at Colorado College, applicants must first fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This crucial form assesses eligibility for various forms of financial aid, such as federal, state, and institutional grants, scholarships, work-study opportunities, and loans. By completing the FAFSA, students can access a range of support options to help finance their education at Colorado College effectively.

Qualifying will depend greatly on high school test scores and grades or transfer records from another college or university. Visit or call the administrative offices or career center for more information.


What makes the Block Plan unique?

The Block Plan allows students to take one class at a time for 3.5 weeks, enabling deep immersion and hands-on learning experiences.

What outdoor activities are popular among Colorado College students?

Hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and exploring natural wonders like Pike’s Peak and Garden of the Gods are among the most popular outdoor pursuits.

How does Colorado College promote sustainability and environmental stewardship?

The college has eco-friendly campus operations, offers environmental studies programs, and supports initiatives like beaver restoration and indigenous leadership in conservation.

What opportunities exist for creative expression at Colorado College?

Students can engage in creative writing workshops, music industry courses, regional cooking classes, and the study of rare manuscripts and codices.

How does Colorado College prepare students for emerging trends and technologies?

Programs in cryptography, cryptocurrency media, digital text preservation, and human cadaver dissection labs equip students with future-focused skills.


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