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With its natural beauty providing a picturesque backdrop, the Colorado Springs vegan restaurants offer visitors and residents alike a growing variety of plant-based cuisine. Colorado Springs has blossomed into a vegan dining destination over the past decade. From cozy cafes to upscale eateries, vegan options as well as vegetarian restaurants abound.


  • Colorado Springs now boasts over 50 dedicated vegan and vegetarian restaurant establishments.
  • The city's vegan dining scene features cuisine ranging from Mexican to Italian to Southern comfort foods. This family-friendly destination balances outdoor recreation with cultural attractions and a growing selection of animal-free fare.

Vegan restaurants run the gamut from fast casual to fine dining. Bakeries, food trucks, and pop-ups also contribute to the city’s plant-based offerings. Whether sampling vegan versions of classic comfort foods or experiencing global flavors, visitors will discover satisfying meat and dairy-free options.

Local Vegan Culture Sets Welcoming Tone

The vegan community helps cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion in Colorado Springs. Animal rights organizations join forces with small business owners to promote compassionate living. This ethos spills over into the city’s eateries.

Patrons dining at vegan establishments will likely rub elbows with passionate plant-based locals. Staff exude equal parts warmth and expertise as they highlight menu items and make recommendations. Many restaurants also incorporate community bulletin boards to cross-promote special events and services.

This communal spirit reaches its peak during annual vegan festivals. In spring, the Colorado Springs Vegan Festival takes over a downtown park with cooking demos, speakers, and vendors. Attendees can sample bites from food trucks and restaurants while learning about everything from nutrition to animal activism.

Top-Rated Vegan Restaurants Offer Diverse Cuisine

Mexican, Italian, Southern, Asian—no matter the craving, Colorado Springs serves it up vegan-style. Their selection of hearty sandwiches, burgers, and bowls keeps the restaurant bustling late into the evenings.

Over in the Ivywild neighborhood, Santanas Vegan Grill plates vibrant Latin fusion cuisine in a repurposed elementary school. Diners swoon over mole bowls, plantain tacos, and other boldly flavored dishes. It’s no wonder Santanas Vegan Grill takes home the “Best Vegan Restaurant” awards year after year.

For fine vegan dining, the Broadmoor luxury resort’s Natural Epicurean eatery sets an upscale ambiance. Seasonal tasting menus might include mushroom or sorghum risotto, carrot Wellington, or vegan cheese ravioli, depending on the availability of local ingredients. Their dedication to sourcing organic produce shines through in each artful vegan food dish.

Specialty Vegan Eateries Abound

Beyond full-service restaurants, an array of bakeries, breakfast spots, pizzerias, food trucks, and more round out Colorado Springs’ vegan options.

For freshly baked goods, Sweet Elizabeth’s Organic sells cookies, bars, breads, and more that are certified organic, non-GMO, and palm oil-free. Their all-vegan product line uses sustainable ingredients like fair trade chocolate and rainbow quinoa.

Those craving vegan brunch fare can head to Sherpa Garden Restaurant and Bar. This Himalayan-inspired eatery in Old Colorado City serves up breakfast bowls, pancakes, and chai alongside yoga classes.

The Joint Vegan Street Food truck parks around town, dishing out plant-based takes on classic handhelds like loaded hot dogs, burgers, and gyro sandwiches. They also host pop-up dining events to raise money for animal charities.

Pizza lovers can get their fix at Marco’s Pizza location downtown. Their “no cheese” pies appeal to vegans and the lactose intolerant alike. For a fully vegan experience, request a Daiya vegan cheese substitute and stick to veggie toppings.

Vibrant Community Anchors Vegan Lifestyle

Beyond eateries, Colorado Springs offers a supportive network for plant-based living. Local blogs and newsletters like VegColorado keep residents connected to products, services, and happenings of interest to vegans.

Cooking classes at places like Food Lab help novice vegans build culinary skills. Their hands-on courses cover essential techniques, knife skills, batch meal prepping, and more. Students leave equipped to recreate popular takeout meals in the comfort of their own kitchens.

Those who are short on time can look to vegan food meal delivery companies like Homemade To-Go. Their prepped plant-based meals simply need reheating for quick, nutritious lunches and dinners.

Grocery stores like Mountain Mama Natural Foods provide one-stop shopping for specialty vegan products. Beyond produce, they offer plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, supplements, eco-friendly goods, and even wine.

Health and Ethics Anchor Vegan Movement

While taste buds draw many to explore veganism, health and ethical considerations also motivate people to go plant exclusive long term. Fortunately, Colorado Springs offers ample support on these fronts.

As more physicians recommend plant-based diets for chronic disease prevention and management, restaurants respond with nutrient-dense vegan and vegetarian options. Gluten-free, oil-free, and organic options abound for health-conscious diners.

Likewise, animal activism permeates Colorado Springs’ vegan community. From farm animal sanctuaries to street demonstrations, raising awareness of ethical issues remains an ongoing mission. Many restaurants and non-profits unite behind this cause.

Through dining, outreach, and shared experiences, Colorado Springs continues building a compassionate, sustainable, and welcoming community for vegans and omnivores alike.


How many vegan restaurants are in Colorado Springs?

Colorado Springs now boasts over 50 dedicated vegan/vegetarian establishments ranging from restaurants to bakeries and food trucks.

What types of cuisine are represented?

The local vegan dining scene features Mexican, Italian, Southern comfort food, Asian fusion, Himalayan, and many other global cuisines reimagined sans meat and dairy.

What annual festivals celebrate veganism?

The Colorado Springs Vegan Festival takes place every spring with speakers, activities, and vendors promoting plant-based eating and compassionate living.

Where can I take vegan cooking classes?

Check out classes at Food Lab Colorado Springs to gain plant-based cooking skills. Their hands-on courses cover essential techniques, meal planning, and prep.

What grocery stores cater to vegans?

Mountain Mama Natural Foods offers a wide selection of specialty vegan products, from plant-based meat and dairy to supplements and eco-goods.

Do restaurants offer healthy vegan options?

Yes. Many restaurants highlight nutritious options that are also gluten-free, organic, or oil-free to cater to health-motivated vegans.

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