Exploring Colorado Springs Food Trucks


Colorado Springs has developed a thriving food truck culture over the past decade, drawing locals and visitors alike with its creative cuisine and vibrant community events. From the weekly Food Truck Rally to seasonal festivals held against the stunning backdrop of Pikes Peak, the Colorado Springs food truck scene has something to offer everyone.


  • Colorado Springs food trucks provide a diverse range of cuisines, from BBQ and tacos to vegan and gluten-free options.
  • Food truck festivals and events like the Food Truck Rally foster a strong sense of community.
  • Seasonal locations in areas like Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak cater to both tourists and locals.
  • Legal permits, business tips, and information on food truck laws assist those looking to enter the food truck industry.

Overview of the Colorado Springs Food Truck Scene

The Colorado Springs food truck scene has developed rapidly in recent years, earning the city recognition as one of the top food truck destinations in Colorado. Over 100 locally-owned food trucks serve the area, renowned for creative fusion cuisine as well as specialty diets, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. The trucks frequent popular parks, breweries, and events around town – forming a tight-knit community with loyal followings. Many attribute the success of the city’s food truck culture to the seasonal influx of tourists in areas like Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak, where the trucks situate themselves as visitor attractions. Yet the trucks also cater to locals with daily lunch services, late-night bites and involvement in community fundraising events. Whatever the season, Colorado Springs food trucks have carved out a niche as must-try dining adventures.

Local Flavors and Cultural Traditions

Beyond the postcard-worthy backdrop, Colorado Springs food trucks also let visitors experience local flavors and cultural traditions, from Pueblo chiles to Native American frybread. Family-run trucks like The Perfect Bite blend global spices into time-honored recipes, while Pueblo native Jose Martinez sources heirloom corn for his Mexican street tacos. Other trucks highlight local partnerships, such as Revolution Brewing which serves beer-infused brats from Bristol Brewing Company on tap. Locals flock to events like Territory Days, where historical reenactors, local artisans, and Native American dancers transport you back in time – complete with authentic bison burgers and squash blossom quesadillas from regional food trucks. Through creative cuisine and community gatherings, the food trucks showcase what makes Colorado Springs culture special.

Festivals Spotlight Food Trucks

Food truck festivals spotlight the breadth of mobile cuisine while bringing the community together. During the Colorado Springs Food Truck Expo and 719 Food Truck Fest, over 40 trucks line the streets downtown while live bands fuel the party well into the night. Food Truck After Dark offers late-night bites under string lights during the summer months. Yet the weekly Food Truck Rally draws the biggest crowds – spanning 52 weeks a year, come rain or shine. Every Tuesday and Thursday, locals congregate to share picnic tables, lawn games, and live music while sampling dishes from their favorite food trucks. From Korean barbecue to crepes and coffee, the rally has options for all tastes – not to mention local craft beer and wine. As downtown streets fill with the scents of sizzling satay and smoking tri-tip, you’ll quickly see why it’s considered the heart of the food truck community.

Seasonal Variety and Special Events

The food truck scene shifts with the seasons – migrating to tourist hotspots in summer while still catering to locals year-round. As temperatures warm, favorites like Mountain Top BBQ and Funky Gourmet head to Garden of the Gods to serve visitors fuel for hiking and climbing adventures. Many trucks situate themselves at the base of Pikes Peak for summer events like the Pikes Peak Ascent, where competitors refuel with burgers before attempting the 14,115 ft. summit. Seasonal food and drink specials also entice locals – from cool cucumber gazpacho at Spanish truck Tapas before it gets too hot, to spiked apple cider doughnuts from Neveria Ortiz when the aspens turn gold. As winter arrives, trucks move downtown, and the Food Truck Rally continues inside heated tents. Locals bundle up for late-night fare served at Craft Lounge, Goat Patch Brewing Company, and other downtown bars. And on sunny winter days, you can still find favorites like Falafel Riders serving patrons on south-facing patios.

Special Dietary Options Expand

In recent years, Colorado Springs has seen an influx of food trucks catering to specialty diets like vegan and gluten-free. These trucks not only increase dining options for residents managing dietary restrictions but also drive support for local partners like Revolution Brewing, which serves gluten-removed beer. Trucks like Monkey Business craft plant-based riffs on classic comfort food from mac and cheese to barbecue jackfruit sandwiches so flavorful that their expanding fanbase includes meat-eaters as well. For those avoiding gluten, Let It Fly specializes in fried chicken tenders and waffles using custom gluten-free batter and cooking oil dedicated to avoiding cross-contamination. Other trucks like Urban Cookery tag menu items with vegan and gluten-free labels to guide patrons. By catering to specialty diets alongside traditional fare, Colorado Springs food trucks promote an inclusive dining experience.

Navigating Food Truck Laws and Permitting

Those wishing to join this vibrant food truck community can navigate the legalities of permits, licenses and regulations before launching their mobile business. In Colorado Springs, food trucks must pass health inspections and acquire a Basic Sales Tax License to operate within city limits. Trucks stationed on private property require minimal permitting, while vending on public streets or parks necessitates additional mobile vending and site-specific permits. Fortunately, the city provides a Food Truck Start-Up Guide detailing the step-by-step process for proper permitting, licensing and insurance based on zoning regulations. The guide also covers commissary requirements and restrictions regarding waste disposal. By understanding the permitting procedures, new food trucks can smoothly join the city’s bustling mobile cuisine scene.

Community Gathering Spots

Food trucks also serve as community gathering spots – fostering a spirit of inclusivity through shared spaces and events. Many trucks frequent local breweries like Goat Patch Brewing Company, where families congregate for live music on the weekends. Downtown bars also host game nights where food trucks cater to the crowd with late-night snacks. Farmer’s markets, local fundraisers and holiday events also attract clusters of food trucks, allowing neighbors to connect while enjoying dishes from their city’s diverse dining scene. New events like Food Truck Park on Platte empower smaller vendors by providing rotating rally-style spaces for trucks to showcase specialties. Through these community events and social spaces, Colorado Springs food trucks bring residents together by breaking bread.

Top Rated Trucks and Crowdsourced Reviews

Looking to sample the city’s best food trucks? Crowdsourced food truck reviews from locals and visitors serve up recommendations, including:

1. Funky Gourmet

Funky Gourmet earns high marks for its loaded fries piled high with creative ingredients like green chile mac and cheese, bahn mi toppings, and authentic poutine. Their diverse menu also ranges from po’ boys to banh mi sandwiches.

2. Street Food Institute

This Asian fusion truck scores big for flavorful noodle bowls, bao buns, and specialty drinks like Hong Kong milk tea. Visitors rave about authentic dishes and friendly service.

3. Falafel Riders

Falafel Riders garners loyal fans for its perfected chickpea fritters and customizable falafel bowls filled with fresh veggies. Even skeptics admit this truck serves the best falafel in town.

Other favorites include Lumpia House LLC, Scratch Mobile Kitchen, Ro Sushi, Fiesta Grill, and BBQ Heaven.

Beyond these perennial favorites, locals turn to sites like FoodTrucksIn.com to find daily location schedules and menus updated by each truck. Users can also leave reviews and crowdsource recommendations, giving them the inside scoop on new trucks and menu items. So next time hunger strikes, let Colorado Springs’ top-rated food trucks satisfy those cravings!


Where are the most popular places to find food trucks in Colorado Springs?

The weekly Food Truck Rally downtown every Tuesday and Thursday draws the largest crowds. During summer months, trucks also station themselves in Garden of the Gods and at the base of Pikes Peak for tourists.

What food truck festivals take place annually?

Major annual festivals include the Colorado Springs Food Truck Expo and Food Truck After Dark summer series. Food trucks also have a major presence at events like Territory Days.

Are there any food trucks catering to specialty diets like vegan and gluten-free?

Yes, trucks like Monkey Business and Let It Fly cater specifically to vegan and gluten-free diners with flavorful interpretations of classic comfort dishes. Other trucks label specialty diet options on their diverse menus.

What permits and licenses do food trucks need to operate in Colorado Springs?

Trucks must pass health inspections, acquire a Sales Tax License, and obtain Mobile Vending and Site-Specific permits depending on location. The city’s Food Truck Start-Up Guide provides step-by-step legal and licensing details.

Where can I find updated food truck schedules, locations, and reviews?

Sites like FoodTrucksIn.com offer regularly updated schedules, menus, and user reviews to guide you to the city’s best mobile eats.


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