Top Food Trucks in Colorado Springs to Satisfy Your Cravings


Colorado Springs has emerged as a top destination for food truck dining. With its vibrant food truck culture and variety of mobile eateries, it offers visitors unique culinary experiences alongside stunning natural scenery. This guide explores the diverse food truck offerings, exciting events, and local flavors that make dining at Colorado Springs food trucks an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for authentic Mexican food, a hearty sandwich with crisp fries, or a bite of BBQ heaven, you’ve come to the right place.


  • Colorado Springs has a thriving food truck scene with gourmet, taco, and specialty trucks catering to foodies of all kinds.
  • Major events like the 719 Food Truck Fest showcase trucks and culture.
  • Trucks can be found through social media, apps, and local directories.
  • The ambiance and service create a memorable dining experience.
  • Food trucks contribute to the local business, food, and tourism scenes.

Overview of Colorado Springs Food Trucks

The Colorado Springs food truck scene has grown rapidly in recent years. An estimated 50-100 trucks now operate in the area, serving an eclectic mix of cuisine. From all-American comfort food to Asian fusion, the trucks deliver quick bites with global influences and local flavor.

Food trucks provide a fun, casual way to dine. Their mobility allows them to pop up at breweries, parks, events, and popular hangouts. This accessibility, combined with the uniqueness of the dishes offered, has fueled their popularity.

For tourists, food trucks offer a tasty introduction to Colorado Springs’ culture alongside its natural attractions. They reflect the city’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit. They also enable visitors to conveniently sample high-quality, affordable meals while exploring.

Local Experiences Through Cuisine and Culture

Beyond the postcard-worthy views, Colorado Springs offers authentic local experiences. Its food truck scene facilitates this by bringing communities together and serving as cultural ambassadors.

Many trucks collaborate with local farms, ranches, and purveyors. This connection to the land and sustainable food systems reflects the area’s agricultural heritage. Their menus also feature regional specialties like green chile and Rocky Mountain trout.

Food truck events like street food festivals provide opportunities to celebrate Colorado’s cultural diversity through cuisine. Patrons can discover traditions and flavors from around the world while supporting small businesses. Building connections over meals allows trucks to share the essence of Colorado Springs.

Gourmet and Specialty Food Trucks

A standout feature of the Colorado Springs food truck landscape is the number of gourmet and specialty trucks. These mobile eateries creatively elevate street food and expand the culinary possibilities of dining on the go.

Trucks like Taste of Korea blend authentic ethnic cuisine with modern interpretations, like Korean fried chicken tacos. Dolce Latte serves artisanal gelato in unique flavors like lemon, strawberry, and key lime. The Cupcake Doctor bakes over 50 varieties of frosting-topped treats.

The care and skill applied to preparing each dish transforms expectations of food truck fare. This commitment to quality and fusing cuisines also propels innovation in the local dining scene. It has paved the way for more trucks to experiment with global flavors and upscale offerings.

Tacos as a Portal to Diverse Cuisine

The taco encapsulates the blend of cultures and ingredients showcased across Colorado Springs’ food truck landscape. A taco truck acts as a vessel for creative expression through food.

El Chapin serves a variety of tacos, nachos, burritos, and quesadillas to satisfy all your cravings. At La Tapatia Tacos, you can taste fresh-made family recipes. And, of course, The Original Dr Taco is a can’t-miss favorite of celebrity chefs.

Beyond tacos, trucks serve up tamales, pupusas, banh mi, and other portable ethnic dishes. This diversity reflects various local immigrant communities while expanding the palates of residents and tourists.

The trucks offer flavor-packed tacos and street foods, inviting patrons to explore new cuisines and discover common ground across cultures. They provide culinary adventures that capture the essence of Colorado Springs.

Major Food Truck Festivals and Events

Food truck festivals showcase the breadth of mobile cuisine while spotlighting the city’s vibrant food truck culture. Premier events include:

719 Food Truck Fest:

This weekly Wednesday gathering at a local church is the city’s longest-running food truck event 3. With 20+ trucks and rotating vendors, 719 Food Truck Fest enables visitors to sample fan favorites.

Food Truck Fridays:

Memorial Park hosts this Friday series, bringing up to 15 trucks, live music, beer, and lawn games. Its relaxed, festive atmosphere reflects Colorado Springs’ laid-back lifestyle.

Colorado Springs Food Truck Showdown:

This annual event, held each June, does double duty by offering great grub while raising funds for charity. It features a food truck competition, so come sample some delicious food while rooting for your favorite food truck.

These festivals provide a fun way to experience the city’s diverse food truck landscape. They also foster community building and support within the food truck industry.

Locating Food Trucks in Colorado Springs

One appeal of food trucks is showing up where and when you least expect them. But finding your favorite Colorado Springs trucks is now easier than ever:

Social media:

Most trucks post their location daily on Facebook, Instagram, or X (formerly Twitter). Some also share menus and specials.

Food truck locator apps:

Apps like Roaming Hunger and Street Food Finder pinpoint truck locations on a live map. Users can filter by cuisine or view schedules.

Local directories:

Sites like compile trucks by region, while the Colorado Springs Food Truck Guide lists regular stops.

Word of mouth:

Asking locals and checking in with parks, breweries, or event-hosting trucks can reveal insider tips.

With the right tools, tracking down everything from shawarma to cupcakes-on-wheels in Colorado Springs is a piece of cake!

Dining Experience and Reviews

Beyond the food itself, the experience of ordering dishes from a truck window and enjoying them picnic-style makes eating at food trucks special.

The laidback environment and attentive service from owners who truly care about their craft create a welcoming, communal feel. Patrons can soak up Colorado’s blue skies while savoring a meal. For tourists and locals alike, it’s an only-in-Colorado Springs dining adventure!

Yelper Leslie T. captures the magic in her review: “The best fish and chips I’ve had from a food truck! …The truck is owned by a cute couple who make you feel welcome. It’s more than just a meal. It’s an experience!”

Food truck dining also earns rave reviews for its convenience, affordability, and family friendliness. These attributes reveal why trucks have become culinary institutions and local community treasures.

The Business of Running Food Trucks

While serving up scrumptious eats for hordes of fans sounds glamorous, operating a food truck entails long hours and intensive labor. Success relies on business savvy as much as perfecting recipes.

Truck owners face obstacles from obtaining licenses and commercial kitchens to navigating parking restrictions. Prepping ingredients, manning grills, dealing with mechanical issues, and tracking down customers all come with the territory.

Yet food trucks also enable entrepreneurial chefs and dreamers to launch culinary ventures with lower overheads than restaurants. Some trucks even grow into brick-and-mortar establishments with loyal followings.

The Colorado Springs community bolsters upstart food trucks by supporting events like the 719 Food Truck Fest. Food truck parks offering communal spaces and steady business also assist vendors. These efforts help ensure the future of mobile cuisine.


What are the most popular food trucks in Colorado Springs?

Some perennial favorites include American Seoul Food Truck (Asian fusion), Cluckin’ Chicken Food Trailer (fried chicken), Pizzarte (pizza), and Pork Butt BBQ (barbecue).

When is the best time to visit Colorado Springs food trucks?

The main season runs from May through October when weather permits optimal outdoor dining. However, trucks may operate year-round depending on location.

What types of cuisine are available from Colorado Springs food trucks?

Trucks offer almost every cuisine imaginable, from American and Mexican to Korean and Filipino fusion. Many dessert trucks also serve gelato, cupcakes, cookies, and other sweet treats.

Do I need to make reservations for food trucks?

No, most food trucks operate on a walk-up basis without taking reservations. However, you may want to check truck schedules and locations in advance through their social media pages.

Are food trucks expensive to dine at?

Food trucks offer high-quality food at budget-friendly prices. On average, patrons can enjoy generous, scratch-made meals for $10-15 per entree.

So come experience Colorado Springs’ vibrant food truck culture for yourself! Let these mobile eateries be your guide to savoring the region through cuisine while supporting local businesses. You’ll soon discover why food trucks are quintessential to this city’s identity and appeal.


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