Motels in Lamar, Colorado: Where To Stay


Lamar is a charming town in the southeastern part of Colorado that offers a variety of comfortable and affordable motels in Lamar, Colorado, for travelers. With a population of around 7,500 people, Lamar serves as a popular stopover for those exploring the region or passing through on their way to other destinations.


  • Lamar, Colorado, is a convenient travel destination with several motel options.
  • Choosing the right motel is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.
  • Motels in Lamar offer unique amenities and services tailored to travelers' needs.

Understanding Lamar, Colorado

Situated in the southeastern region of Colorado, Lamar stands as the proud county seat of Prowers County. Nestled close to the Arkansas River in the expansive Great Plains, this town, positioned roughly 209 miles southeast of Denver, serves as a crucial center for agriculture and transportation due to its strategic location along vital road and rail networks.

Located along US Highway 287, Lamar is easily accessible by car and is situated about 116 miles east of Pueblo and 134 miles southeast of Colorado Springs. The town experiences a semi-arid climate, with hot summers and cold winters. The best times to visit are during the spring (April to May) and fall (September to October) when temperatures are mild and comfortable.

Lamar offers several local attractions and activities, including:

  • The Lamar Loop is a 7.6-mile hiking and biking trail.
  • The Big Timbers Museum showcases the history of the area.
  • The Lamar Speedway features regular stock car races.

Planning Your Stay in Lamar, Colorado

When choosing a motel in Lamar, consider factors such as:

  • Proximity to your planned activities or attractions.
  • Amenities offered (e.g., free continental breakfast, Wi-Fi, swimming pool).
  • Pet-friendly accommodations if traveling with furry companions.

To budget for your trip, research the average night rates for motels in Lamar and factor in additional expenses like meals, gas, and entertainment. Booking in advance can often lead to better rates and availability, especially during peak travel seasons.

Comprehensive Guide to Motels in Lamar, Colorado

Some of the top-rated Lamar hotels and motels include:

  • Days Inn by Wyndham Lamar: This motel features an indoor pool, hot tub, and free continental breakfast buffet. Rooms are equipped with flat-screen cable TVs and free Wi-Fi.
  • Cobblestone Hotel & Suites – Lamar: Offering a fitness center, shared lounge, and bar, the Cobblestone Inn provides air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi.
  • Holiday Inn Express & Suites Lamar: This upper-midscale hotel features a heated indoor pool, exercise room, and free hot breakfast buffet. Rooms include microwaves and refrigerators.

These motels offer a range of amenities and services to cater to different traveler preferences and are conveniently located near local attractions.

Here are a few more popular hotels and motels in Lamar, Colorado:

  • Quality Inn & Suites
  • Golden Arrow Motel
  • Blue Spruce Motel
  • 3rd Street Nest Bed & Breakfast
  • Historic Cow Palace Inn

Unique Features of Lamar Motels

Many Lamar hotels and motels are pet-friendly, allowing guests to bring their furry friends along for the journey. Some establishments may charge a small additional fee for pet accommodations.

Family-oriented services and amenities are also common, with some motels offering larger rooms or suites to accommodate families comfortably. Outdoor spaces, such as picnic areas or heated swimming pools, provide opportunities for family fun and relaxation. Many offer an indoor swimming pool.

Making the Most of Your Stay

Lamar offers a variety of local dining options near motels, ranging from casual eateries to fast-food chains. Be sure to ask motel staff for recommendations on the best places to eat in town.

Take advantage of the town’s outdoor activities, such as hiking the Lamar Loop or visiting the John Martin Reservoir State Park, which offers boating, fishing, and biking opportunities.

For a dose of culture and history, visit the Big Timbers Museum or explore the town’s Main Street, which features several historic buildings and local shops.

Traveler Tips and Recommendations

  • Book your motel room in advance to secure the best rates and availability, especially during peak travel seasons.
  • If traveling with pets, confirm pet policies and fees with the motel before booking.
  • Pack appropriate clothing and gear for your planned activities, taking into account the season and weather conditions.


What are the best motels for families in Lamar, Colorado?

Some of the best family-friendly motels in Lamar include the Holiday Inn Express & Suites, which offers larger rooms and suites, and the Cobblestone Hotel & Suites, which features family rooms.

How do I find pet-friendly motels in Lamar?

Many motels in Lamar are pet-friendly, but it’s always best to confirm pet policies and fees directly with the establishment before booking. The Days Inn by Wyndham Lamar and the Holiday Inn Express & Suites are known for welcoming furry friends.

Are there any motels in Lamar that are close to major attractions?

Most motels in Lamar are conveniently located along US Highway 287, providing easy access to local attractions like the Big Timbers Museum and the John Martin Reservoir State Park.

What is the average cost of a motel stay in Lamar, Colorado?

The average nightly rate for a motel room in Lamar ranges from $60 to $140, depending on the establishment, room type, and time of year.

Can I book a motel in Lamar, Colorado, directly, or should I use a booking site?

While many motels in Lamar have their own websites for direct booking, using a reputable booking site can often provide access to user reviews, competitive rates, and a wider selection of available rooms.


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