Norwood, Colorado: History, Economy, and Events


Norwood, a small rural community with a population of 535 residents as of 2020, is located 33 miles northwest of Telluride in Southwest Colorado at an elevation of 7,011 feet.


  • Norwood is situated on Wright's Mesa in San Miguel County, Colorado
  • The town was founded in 1885 by Harry Copp, who named it after his hometown in Missouri
  • Norwood is a Certified IDA International Dark Sky Community, making it an excellent spot for stargazing

Geography and Climate

Norwood is located on Wright’s Mesa, a vast grassland area that was once inhabited by the Ute people. The town’s high elevation and remote location contribute to its unique climate, which is characterized by cold winters and mild summers. The weather conditions can be challenging, especially during the winter months, as evidenced by the difficulties faced by builders constructing the Pinion Park modular home community.

History and Culture

Miners first discovered the area around Norwood in the late 1870s while surveying for gold. In 1885, Harry Copp from Telluride settled on the mesa and built a house, naming the area Norwood after his hometown in Missouri. Copp became the first mayor and postmaster, and the house he built, known as The Log Cabin, still stands today as the Norwood Historical Museum.

The town celebrates its heritage through annual events such as the Pioneer Day Celebration in September, which features a chuck wagon meal, parade, and old-fashioned games. Noel Night kicks off the holiday season in December with a festive downtown event that includes a parade, craft market, and carolers.

Economy and Employment

Norwood’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, tourism, and small businesses. The town has a short downtown area with a few businesses, and ongoing efforts are made to support local entrepreneurs and attract new families and small business owners to the area.

Education and Community Resources

Norwood has its own school district, which serves as a valuable resource for the community. The town also has a public library and community center that offers various programs and services to residents.

Recreation and Outdoor Activities

Norwood’s location makes it an excellent base for outdoor recreation, with nearby attractions such as the Miramonte Reservoir, a popular trout fishing spot. The town’s status as a Certified IDA International Dark Sky Community also makes it a prime location for stargazing.

With its mild climate, extensive Bureau of Land Management and National Forest public land, and variety of terrain to explore, Norwood is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, trail running, mountain climbing, rock climbing, and biking are all popular activities in Wright’s Mesa along the Burn Canyon and Thunder Trail systems. Explore petroglyphs in Paradox Valley, climb to Lone Cone Peak and the 14ers within the Wilson massif, or camp in the Uncompahgre and San Juan National Forests.

Throughout the year, Norwood hosts several community events and gatherings that foster local engagement, such as the Pioneer Day Celebration and Noel Night.

Local Businesses and Services

Norwood has a variety of locally-owned businesses, including retail shops selling local goods, dining establishments, and service providers. Supporting local business development is essential for maintaining a strong community and economy.

Healthcare and emergency services are available to residents in Norwood, ensuring access to necessary medical care.

Infrastructure and Transportation

Norwood is accessible via state highways and county roads, connecting it to neighboring towns and cities. The town has recently seen infrastructure developments, such as the construction of the Pinion Park modular home community, which aims to provide affordable housing options for residents.


What is the population of Norwood, Colorado?

As of 2020, Norwood had a population of 535 residents.

How does the climate in Norwood affect its outdoor activities?

Norwood’s high elevation and remote location contribute to cold winters and mild summers, which can influence outdoor activities and events throughout the year.

What are the main industries providing employment in Norwood?

Norwood’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, tourism, and small businesses.

Can you list some of the annual community events in Norwood?

Annual community events in Norwood include the Pioneer Day Celebration in September and Noel Night in December. These events help draw tourists to the area and create a sense of community among residents.

What educational facilities are available in Norwood?

Norwood has its own school district, which serves as a valuable resource for the community.

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